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Gift Fic: Blood and Snow


Rated: M


Blood and Snow

Requested by @jadeoccelot

Survival Gajevy

Council Fic

Canon Divergence



Honey eyes looked forward, they were clouded with disorientation. It wasn’t supposed to be like this!

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this…

She was freezing and she hurt. It was December, so she wasn’t surprised that the snow was falling, pretty heavily.

“Ga…jeel…” She muttered, trying to find the large male, a wince passing her lips as she looked towards her side. Her arms were only clad in some dark fabric. Her coat, symbolizing her job in the magic council was tied around her middle section.

It was rapidly staining red.

“He’s hurt too… I have to find him… I have to.” Her thoughts were clouded with worry and pain, as she took step after step. Red mingling in with the snow below her feet with each step.

Her mind went to the mission they were on…

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