"Jean looks positively ghoulish in the dim light of what’s essentially a broom cupboard, sharp features cast in shadow and tawny eyes wide with unspoken warning. I open my mouth to ask him what’s wrong, and he claps a hand over it just like he did in the infirmary, staring at the door. Outside, the sound of footsteps draws closer, then fades away."
The Gifted Chapter 4: Prayers To Broken Stone

Commission for the wonderful Morgan, cherished friend and author of this amazing, enthralling fanfiction! Magic stored in places you wouldn’t expect, children snatched up from their families and kept hidden away to ‘hone’ their skills. So what’s Jean so adamant to warn Marco about in secret? Why is Marco there? Who else is with them and what kind of stories do they have to tell? You’ll have to find out yourself.

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Captured - Chapter 11

Harry is the photographer for the school news paper, Louis is the  Captain of the Soccer team. Harry has never been able to understand why the schools star jock hates him. He is constantly at the mercy of Louis’ ridicule, desperate to avoid the humiliation. So why is it that sparks begin to fly when Harry is assigned to photograph the Soccer team for their big upcoming tournament



thirty days of narnia | anything you want- polly and digory

                 Polly spent every holiday of her youth with Digory after 1900. Ever winter, every summer. Rain or shine, they were together. Their main activity was looking for magic. The children hoped of meeting a talking animal or finding a pool to take them to another world. It never happend though. Years passed and one day they stopped asking animals if they could understand what they were saying. And one day they stopped jumping in water only to find they were soaking wet. But neither Digory nor Polly stopped remembering Narnia. And they never stopped being the others best friend.

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look at this video of Albert rescuing a pup. ur welcome.

Some Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood headcanons

Because after hundreds of years of fighting we need more of these two helping each other out and being comrades and getting along!

  • Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood have an exchange program where ten to twelve campers from each camp spend a month at the other one
  • Of all the people at Camp Jupiter, the Lares take the longest o get used to the new peace.
  • It takes the a long time for the Senate to convince Terminus to allow Greek demigods inside the Promerian Line. Before that Greeks didn’t get to see New Rome at all.
  • It is against the rules for any Capture the Flag or War Games to feature exclusively Greek vs Roman teams. No one wants any more bad blood. Instead they use the opportunity to learn how to work together.
  • Whenever the Romans are staying over at Camp Half-Blood, the Greeks make it a point to invite the Hunters of Artemis for Capture the Flag. The camp’s win rate has gone up 40%
  • Romans are always surprised by the satyrs’ helpfulness even if they don’t approve of guiding demigods to camp instead of letting them figure it out on their own as a test.
  • As a sign of goodwill, Camp Half-Blood built Camp Jupiter a small trireme. It is still the only ship in the Roman Navy and Reyna realized that it would soon fall into disrepair. So a law was established that the losers of the War Games are the ones that have to maintain the trireme for the week.
  • In exchange for the ship, the Senate decided to donate two unicorn foals to Camp Half-Blood. The Apollo Cabin was ecstatic to find out about their medicinal properties. 

And there you have it! Some of my personal headcanons!


So love month is 99% done? I can’t remember what I have done this February. Prolly most are just shenanigans..I guess. So here I am, praying the same prayer yet again that the next month would be great. More productiveness too, I’m becoming to idle (NO).