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This is the story of a fourteen year old boy named Danny Fenton. His parents created a quite odd machine, designed to peer into a realm that no mortal has ever seen. Little did the child know, he will be destined to capture and release the beings that dwell within it.

The couple switched on the machine, only for it to fail in the process with only a small spark appearing, but nothing more. In their disappointment, they left the room with sorrowful expressions imprinted onto their faces, deciding to quit the project after the failed attempt. Young Daniel seeing their depression, decided to get out a jumpsuit that fit for his small size, and decided to investigate.

Stepping inside, he looked in awe at the exposed wires webbing the inside of the cave like structure, trying to figure out, using the best of his abilities, what went wrong. Skimming his hand against the wall, he felt something being pressed down, but before he could see what he pressed, a large flash of green light surrounded him, enveloping his whole being. Screaming in utter agony, the energy from the light was changing him, rearranging every molecule of his DNA.

He passed out from the pain the shock gave him, but when he woke up later, he found himself in shock and horror. His hair was no longer pitch black, but white as pure as freshly fallen snow, and his eyes changed from a sky blue, to an acid green. It wasn’t until later that his shock gave him more than an appearance change. He found himself able to phase through walls, become invisible to the naked eye, and be able to soar in the air. He knew that because of that accident, he wasn’t like any normal person, but more unique.

Trouble began stirring in his town with calls of ghost attacks, and it was at that moment, he knew what to do. He could use his newly acquired abilities to catch these ghosts that were swarming out of the man made portal. He will let the people know that he has arrived in his time to fight the beings for the towns people and you.

He’s willing to capture them all, cause he’s a phantom. He will capture them cause he’s become a phantom.

He going to capture them cause he’s, Danny Phantom.


A police photographer, furious with a Rolling Stone magazine cover photo he says glamorises the surviving Boston Marathon suspect, has released gritty images from the day Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured. The photos released to Boston Magazine on Thursday (in August 2013) by Massachusetts State Police tactical photographer Sgt. Sean Murphy - who has been relieved of his duties and ordered not to speak to the media as a result - show a downcast, dishevelled Tsarnaev with the red dot of a sniper’s rifle laser sight on his forehead.

Murphy said in a statement to the magazine that Tsarnaev is evil and his photos show the ‘real Boston bomber, not someone fluffed and buffed for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.’   

The photos were taken when Tsarnaev was captured April 19, bleeding and hiding in a boat in a suburban backyard.

You know I was thinking more about the AU. Like writing the small bit I did earlier, I had an idea that Danny started feeling bad about ghost being caught because he doesn’t want to see them dissected. I kinda wanna expand on that a bit.

It could be because he’s a kid and he’s not heartless despite his parents always saying the whole ‘Ghosts are out to destroy everything and has no ability to feel complex emotion’ speech, but it could also be that PLUS the connection to Phantom. Even if he doesn’t know Phantom exists (or vise versa the other way) at that time it’s already proving to be pretty powerful.

So about half the reason he keeps going behind his parents back and releasing captured ghosts is subconsciously bc of Phantom to put it simple Phantom basically is a large part of the ghost zone condensed into his core. (You gotta remember he was created from a damn black hole beginning to form :p)

So yeah Danny is gonna be affected by something that big.

Also I should point out that in this AU Danny does still have a bit of a hero complex, it’s just without being a halfa it shows itself in different ways- which is actually helping ghosts instead of fighting them. 

An Arrangement

This is part of my Drabble Game and is written for the lovely @memories-of-happy-times

Notes: This is longer than intended and will likely have a sequel to wrap things up.

Also, I made it NSFW because I didn’t look at the request thoroughly so…if you don’t like smut, I will rewrite your request. My apologies if I screwed up.

Prompts: “Shooting are bound to fall. You’re a shooting star.” and “You remined me of the starlight. You’re lonely.”


Imagine catching Thranduil’s eye when the Company is captured. He offers to release everyone if you’ll spend one night with him, infuriating Thorin who had fallen for you.

NSFW WARNING + Consensual Sex with slight reluctance. I hope it doesn’t offend anyone and hope this is warning enough.

You sat in your cell, back against the stone wall as you stared into the darkness outside the rusted bars. How many days had it been? Three, four? Perhaps even a whole week. You had not thought to keep count, but it would have been rather difficult in such a grim place. Even with your companions sending up the occasional shout of rebellion, there was little hope to be found in the dank prison.

Thorin, however, would not stop growling. Curses droned from his lips and you wondered how he could do so endlessly. He was even more stubborn than usual when he was angry. You did not know the exact reason, but he had been irate since he had been dragged back to his cell that first night in Mirkwood. You had asked and so had the others and all he responded with were khuzdul swears about elvish swine.

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Mutually Assured Destruction

Their last year at Watford reimagined.

Warnings: the Mage continues to be a dick, Baz continues to be angsty, and some actual plot happens

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20

 Chapter Sixteen

Days tripped into each other, months breaking down as they smashed together. Time was crashing by at its usual reckless pace, pulling everyone along behind it. Outside, the air was getting colder.

People were panicking. The Magickal Record was calling it “a dark time in the World of Mages”. Student attendance continued to drop.

It was clear what they thought: this was the beginning of the end.

The end of what, however, no one was sure.

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One Night

Imagine catching Thranduil’s eye when the Company is captured. He offers to release everyone if you’ll spend one night with him, infuriating Thorin who has fallen for you.

“Get your filthy hands off of me,” You spat at the elf, “I told you I can walk on my own.”

You fought against the elf’s strong grasp as he dragged you forward. He had finally grown tired of you causing trouble in the cells as you had not stopped talking since your arrival. Finally, you were brought upon a tense scene between Thorin and the elven king Thranduil; the two of them seemed angrier than even you.

“What is this?” Thranduil turned from his glare aimed towards the dwarven king, “Why have you brought her?”

“Because she has demanded to see you for the last hour,” The elf pushed you forward, “Unlike her companions, she hasn’t seen fit to be quiet.”

“Why?” He turned to you and you steeled your expression.

“Well, it may have something to do with being stuck in a cell,” You replied dryly and Thorin gave you a look of warning.

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This is what a knight in shining armor really looks like: not some huge hulk of a man clanking around with exaggerated swagger and a huge sword on his hip, but this boy with the dancing eyes and laughter in his every movement. He’s the one who captures and then releases the spiders outside rather than kill them, the one who lets you fight your own battles but knows when to step in, who has shielded you from paparazzi and is currently giving you a piggyback ride home in the pouring rain because you twisted your ankle. There is no other knight who could win your favor like he has. Inside your apartment, you both drip on the floor, rivulets of water streaming down your faces from your soaked hair, but neither of you cares. Laughter turns to fervent kisses pressed against a wall as you both strip off your clinging, wet shirts which did little but accent curves and hard lines beneath. Once your legs are tight around his waist, his hands supporting and clinging to your dripping skin, he rolls his hips up to grind against you teasingly. “We should get that ankle elevated.”

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I just learned about a capture and release technique where you paint the nails of small animals so you can easily identify them later without hurting them. Would it be alright if I painted yours? I'm conducting a count of the local Tiny population.

Can we talk about Matthias’ character development though? At first he was tryna kill Nina and trying to fight he’s feelings for her and shove them away and he even went with his boss or whatever (he isn’t important enough for me to remember his name) to torture Nina once captured then he releases her and when she’s going through withdrawal he sits with her and says, “Nina. Little red bird. Don’t go” AND MY HEART SHATTERED THANKS LEIGH BARDUGO HAHA



Schammasch is a Swiss experimental black metal band based in Basel. The band was founded in 2009 and started off with playing a mixture of black and death metal, but started to have a more avant-garde influences as time went by. While they are not the most known Swiss metal band, their unique sound as well as spiritual approach to black metal has quite a few people captured.
Schammasch has released three albums so far, the second was a double release while the third one contained three releases