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“I had to dare myself to [make my lyrics clearer] because when it’s something as fluid as what we do, every step towards directness is also a scary step to take.”
- IAMAMIWHOAMI (Jonna Lee) via @dazed @dazedfashion c. 2014
Love this quote🎤 @iamamiphotos
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The Red Turtle (2016), Michaël Dudok de Wit

Simply an 80-minute, silent, animated film exploring the circle of life, nothing more, nothing less, and it succeeds in a glorious fashion, capturing the most basic of human emotions, from fear to sadness, obvious and necessary for any lost-at-sea tales, and then the filmmakers allow those basic elements to exist in a space with infinite room to breathe in order to reveal more sophisticated challenges and instincts for our nameless heroes, tasks which need perseverance, patience, trust, and, perhaps most importantly, love in order for them to just get through it, and it’s all very, very beautiful. 

Metacritic: 86, RT: 93%, IMDb: 7.6