With nobody else but me
I wanna make up my mind
But I don’t know myself
No I don’t know myself

I’m still so hooked on music video to Genghis Khan [x] by Miike Snow that I /had/ to make someone to write this Steve/Tony au for me. RBB was such an amazing opportunity!

I got two amazing writers, go and read their work!
Carlen, @captrogers-carter was such a delight, she wrote a big angsty, but oh so good. Read it on ao3: This Thing We Keep
and Amonae@amonaewrites! Such a wonderful person, her ff made me giggle so many times! Read it on ao3: Nobody Else But Me 

[the first two drawings are supposed to be memories, that’s why colouring is different]

captrogers-carter-deactivated20  asked:

Re: that post on Dalish being anti-lgbt+ people, I was thinking the SAME thing. Like....I'm queer, and have a child. Lots of queer people want children. Lots of queer people HAVE children. Also, 'refusing to have kids' and 'being unable to have kids' is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. By the same logic, a cis m/f couple unable to conceive is 'refusing' to have children. I wonder if anon thinks that the Dalish have a systematic bias against them, too? (and you can publish this if you want.)

Referring to this post. 

Yes, yes, yes!

Agreed and same here. Shockingly, my ovaries work and have produced three wonderful kids. 

I think northstar fan alluded to the real issue with anon’s comments - they reflect a heteronormative PoV. Even more, something modern and Western. There’s so much to unpack in that post but the biggest thing for me is an utter failure in imagination.

Why assume that the Dalish would see any connection between sexuality (or binary views of gender) and procreation? Just…Why? As both of us pointed out, queer people can both procreate and want children. So my Alim and northstarfan’s Jael will never be able to produce children between the two of them. Big deal. What if the relationship turned polyamorous? What if Alim gave the nod to Jael knocking up an elf in the clan who was in possession of a nice, capable uterus even without the polyamory? Heck, the clan is likely the fundamental social unit (that bonded relationships serve and not vice-versa) with the Dalish, not a modern nuclear family, so Jael and Alim could have kids and share parenting duties with another clan member or couple without even needing to be in a bonded relationship. 

Also, what if a certain Antivan was bringing the odd young orphan into the clan to dump in Jael’s lap? Is that not having children and adding to the clan as well? There doesn’t even need to be procreative sex involved!

So why assume the Dalish would tie having children so closely to heterosexuality that they’d be exibiting a bias or coming up with unflattering terms for their LGBTAI+ clan members (which is where this all started)?

And of course, all of this dismisses the value people who DON’T have children might add to the lives of families and children in a clan and pretends the Dalish wouldn’t understand that. Clan members who don’t have children have more time to hunt, to trade, to craft, to help share child rearing duties and even take on children who may have lost parents. Childless clan members can add so much value that while their choice not to have children themselves might net the occasionally frown I highly doubt feelings would be so strong that there would be a working bias against them. 

Anyhow, I could go on all day about this. It irritates the bejeezus out of me. :D