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Kuroko no Basuke 15 Questions!

raulgonzalezblanco7 tagged me in this!

First Some Favorites:

1. Five of Your Favorite Characters

kiyoshi teppei, kise ryouta, midorima shintarou, takao kazunari, hayama kotarou

2. Your Favorite Ships

kiyohyuu, midotaka, aokise, kagakuro, momoriko 

3. Favorite Match

Seirin vs Touou 2

4. Favorite Opening and Ending

i’ve not seen these enough to have an opinion : <

5. A Favorite Quote

“Let’s have some fun!” - kiyoshi teppei

Now A Little More Personal:

6. If You Were One of the Generation of Miracles, Who Would You Be?

honestly… kise. i’m not quite as flirtatious or not nearly as pretty but i… im really gregarious and often i feel like i act a lot like a puppy. like… really excitable and really excited about my friends and i care about them a lot and want to show them off. at the same time im really competitive and want to win

7. Which High School Do You Think You Would Go To/Play For?

kaijou – not because i think i’m like kise, but i really value their worth ethic. as a point guard i’d get a chance to learn under kasamatsu, but’d also get a chance to start once he’d graduate

8. What’s a Scene That Really Struck You Personally?

the one with kiyoshi and wanting to protect seirin against kirisaki daiichi. of the miragen i’m a lot like kise, but in reality im probably the most like kiyoshi of all of the characters. i’m willing to put myself in physical harm’s way if it means that my friends prosper and are happy. so that scene hit me really hard.

9. Which Character Do You Think You’d Be Good Friends With?

mostly kiyoshi, for the reasons i stated above, but also takao! like im super gregarious and love to make jokes with my friends and i feel like we’d get along really well. i just really wanna be friends with takao

10. Why Do You Love KnB?

first and foremost: it got me into sports anime, which has made me countless friends. to that, i owe a lot

secondly: as cliche as a lot of the tropes in kuroko are, they’re still a ton of fun to think about and to watch. i also absolutely adore basketball, so i really enjoy watching it for that reason too. i can see bits of my playstyle in everyone’s play, and it’s really fun to see those reflected in the show

mostly it’s a lot of intangible things that i cant point to. i just have a lot of emotion about knb

Now Let’s Talk Fandom!:

11. How did you start reading/watching Kuroko no Basuke?

someone on my dash started watching it and i was like… hey i like basketball i should give it a try

12. Do you own any KnB merch?

oh god. oh god
i have a teppei and a midorima jersey, a poster of aomine, a poster of kise, a poster of kuroko, a commission of seirin, a picture of miragen at teikou, a picture of kuroko with nigou, a picture of kuroko doing ignite pass kai, a taiga kagami vs the world poster, a picture of kuroko with kagami and aomine as a tiger/panther respectively, official art of shuutoku, official art of kaijou, another picture of the miragen at teikou, i have a midorima keychain, a broken midorima keychain, a broken kiyoshi keychain, a kiyoshi phone strap, a hayama phone strap, a set of kuroko stickers…

i think im missing stuff I DONT HAVE A PROBLEM

13. Have you listened to the character songs? If so, what are your favorites?

nope… i have them all but i should listen to them

14. If you are a cosplayer, which character(s) have you cosplayed/would like to cosplay?

i cosplay midorima and… im planning on cosplaying teppei… i have everything to do it i just need to finish the cosplay…

15. Do you create fanworks at all? (Fanfiction, fanart, doujin, etc.)

i write fic but my fic tendencies are spread out across all sports anime so i’ve only really written one fic for knb : < i should rectify that. my ao3 is hurristat, though!

my favorite tidbit about rome is that in the mid-1800s one of the popes didnt like the statues in rome having dicks so he ordered them knocked off. fast forward to the last decade or so and art historians in conjunction with the vatican are trying to erm. restore. the statues. but the dicks were just. kept in a box. so art historians are going around rome, with a box of dicks, trying to match them up to their owner.

if you ever have to watch one american football game please watch the lions/eagles game going on right now. they’re playing in 7/8 inches of snow and they’re not allowed to clear the snow off the field