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Jaycee Lee Dugard was a victim of kidnapping and was kept a prisoner by her captors Phillip and Nancy Garrido for 18 years. Jaycee left home and made her way to school in South Lake Tahoe, California on the morning of June 10, 1991. She noticed a vehicle slowing down behind her and eventually a van pulled up beside her and the driver was a middle-aged man. Jaycee thought the man would ask her for directions but, instead, he shot her unconscious with a stun gun and quickly got out of his van, pulled Jaycee inside and sped off. The man, Phillip Garrido, laughed and said “I can’t believe we got away with it” as his wife Nancy pinned Jaycee down in the back of the van. Heartbreakingly, Jaycee’s stepfather Carl Robyn witnessed the whole event and attempted to pursue the van on his bicycle but eventually lost sight of them.

During her time in captivity, Jaycee was repeatedly abused and raped by Phillip Garrido, who kept her as his sex slave. Jaycee eventually became pregnant and gave birth to two daughters, named Angel and Starlet. Jaycee gave birth to her first child, Angel, at age 13. She and her daughters lived in squalid conditions in a makeshift home hidden in the large backyard located behind Garrido’s house. The living quarters were made up of a series of tents and shacks which Garrido had cleverly built and disguised beneath the thick trees and shrubbery surrounding his compound. Garrido’s wife Nancy was fully aware of the situation and tried to play the role of a mother to Jaycee, bringing her books, toys and chocolate milk. But gradually, Nancy became jealous of Jaycee and blamed her for what had happened.

The subject of much controversy and frustration was the fact that the opportunity to rescue Jaycee Dugard was missed multiple times. Garrido was a convicted felon on parole at the time he kidnapped Jaycee and the police made trips to the Garrido home many times but never discovered anything was amiss. At one point during the time Jaycee was living with her young children in the backyard, a neighbour looked over the fence and noticed the girls and contacted 911 with her concerns as she was aware of Garrido’s mental state and criminal background. A policeman made a visit to the house and spoked with Garrido but never bothered to check the backyard.

All About Bettas: The Unimaculata Complex

Our next segment of All About Bettas was recommended by @sans-vertigo! Send me an ask or a reply to let me know what complex you want to hear about next! The unimaculata complex consists of 8 separate species.

Image sources listed at the bottom of this post. Please let me know if you own one of these photos and wish for it to be removed or credited differently.

All unimaculata complex bettas are paternal mouthbrooders, meaning the male holds the eggs in his mouth until they hatch.

Betta compuncta
The binomial of this fish comes from the latin term “to prick or puncture” referring to the distinct, tattoo like black pattern exhibited by females of this species. They are around 6 centimeters in length, and inhabit slow flowing acidic rivers, generally in Borneo and surrounding areas.

External image

Betta gladiator
The gladiator betta is a small species endemic to the Maliau basin of Malaysia. 80-90 millimeters in length, these are much larger than any specimens of the splendens complex. Typically a brown color with a bit of iridescence, they are quite striking in the typical blackwater aquarium.

External image

Betta ideii
This intriguing fish is quite large, some specimens attaining a length of 110 millimeters. They prefer water between 70 and 78 fahrenheit, with a middle number of around 74 being best. They are found in southern Indonesia, where leaves litter the river floor and release tannins.

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Betta macrostoma
Also known as the spotfin betta or the bruenei beauty, this is one of the more commonly known members of the complex. It is endemic to Borneo. The IUCN lists this fish as vulnerable, therefore most specimens in the aquarium trade were captive bred or collected in areas where they are not protected by law. They are 90-100 millimeters in length and the males are a vibrant orange that makes them a coveted species for home aquaria.

External image

Betta ocellata
These 80-90 millimeter fish are found in Malaysia, mainly in the state of Sabah. While they may be found in flowing rivers, they prefer sluggish and stagnant ponds and streams. They are somewhat difficult to come by in the aquarium trade.

External image

Betta pallifina
This stunning species is found in densely planted streams in the upper Barito River basin of Indonesia. They are popular in home aquaria and quite easy to find, having been bred somewhat extensively in captivity.

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Betta patoti
Paler members of this species may sometimes be confused with the less common Betta compuncta, but patoti tends to be a darker shade of tan and lack the distinctive black markings of the compuncta. They are most commonly found in the Mangar river in Indonesia, but may be found farther north as well. 90-100 millimeters in length, they look impressive in a home aquarium.

External image

Betta unimaculata
Last but certainly not least is the howong betta, endemic to eastern Borneo. They are the largest of this complex, averaging 100-115 millimeters long. They are frequently maintained in breeding pairs or groups, where they display interesting social and courting behaviors.

External image

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Captive Prince Big Bang Day 8: Captivated

In your mind, is Laurent more of a sneaky gold snake? Or a pissy golden cat? Debate ends today with the most recent addition to the Captive Prince Big Bang Collection: sunrow’s very first foray into the Captive Prince tag with their story ‘Captivated’! It stars cat hybrid Laurent (imagine those fluffy ears if you will) escaping from his absolute fucker of an uncle and running into our boy Damen. Will he prefer to have his ears scratched or the base of his tail? Only time will tell ;)

The 1st chapter out of 5 is up now for you all to read and big shoutout to the beta @artmaniaa!

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May I hear about some muddy baby?

CAN YOU EVER ok so for right this second we’re gonna diverge from reptiles to talk about a salamander.

This is a hellbender salamander, or Cryptobranchus alleganiensis when she’s in trouble- and boy is she in trouble a lot. The hellbender is the only member of Cryptobranchus and only has one other genus in its family- Andrias, which is the genus of the giant Japanese and Chinese salamanders. Hellbenders are the largest salamander in North America and have fill both a predator and prey niche. They live east of the Mississippi River and can be found in New York, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Georgia, and Arkansas. 

They have extremely demanding water requirements- they need fast-ish water because otherwise they won’t get enough oxygen. They have a unique respiratory ability- they take in dissolved oxygen in the water through their skin- and prey mostly on crayfish. Also, they are extremely flat. This allows them to move easily in the fast water. Other names for the hellbender include: snot otter, devil dog, mud dog, Allegheny alligator (that one’s my second-favorite), and grampus (that one’s my favorite).

The hellbender used to be common throughout the eastern United States, but you guessed it, people have once again ruined everything.  Damn those dams- damming the waterways these guys live in and diverting the course of rivers has really taken a toll on their population. They’re in decline literally everywhere, and captive breeding has been extremely difficult. There are two subspecies- C. a. alleganiensis and C. a. bishopi. The bishopi are the Ozark subspecies, and there’s only about 590 of them left in the White River and Spring River systems of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. Ore mining, sedimentation in the rivers, loss of water quality, and collection for the pet trade have taken a huge toll, as well as the fungal disease chytridiomycosis. Chytridiomycosis is present in all Ozark populations and is devastating. It is also present in some captive populations; at one point, it wiped out 75% of the St. Louis Zoo’s captive collection, which was a huge problem because St. Louis Zoo is one of the facilities that has figured out how to breed them. 

Hellbenders are really important to their river systems. Like any amphibian, they’re an important indicator species- when something goes wrong with their populations, it’s a sign that something is wrong with the river. Captive breeding efforts and egg collecting and nurturing with release at a less vulnerable stage have been slow to get going (these critters mature slowly!), but for now at least alleganiensis seems to be ok. However, the Ozark subspecies won’t be without help. If you want to help the hellbender, you can report sightings of them here or have a look at Purdue Extension’s “Help the Hellbender project. If you live in the Ozark Hellbender’s range, you can report sightings of it here

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the March 2015 collection... is available. <3

Lost Queens is an accessory boutique designed to make women feel like royalty while promoting sisterhood. We also present examples of Black excellence and display the strength, magic and divinity of women through beautiful photo stories.

Every month, we release unique collections with captivating pieces named after Black women we call Muses, such as Angela Davis, Eartha Kitt and Maya Angelou, to name a few. These women have inspired us at one point in our lives and it is our hope that the wearer can take some of that energy and go out into their daily lives feeling beautiful. Our motto is that every woman should feel powerful beyond measure and we take great care to project this message through our social media and branding.

The best part about us is that we are engaged in our community and we take special care to give back. Proceeds from each collection benefit social issues such as domestic violence, police brutality and currently helping a college student complete their degree abroad.

For this photo story below, Lost Queens studied pages of an incredible book called “Vintage Black Glamour” by Nichelle Gainer. The book curated tons of photographs featuring both known and underrepresented classic celebrities and public figures celebrating their excellence and it simply captivated us. With Women’s History Month this month, we thought it would be appropriate to honor the Queens that have gone before us.

The founder dollfaced-killa really strived to put together a concept that bridged the gap between that time period and today. We wanted to celebrate classic, timeless beauty but in a way that was relevant to our life stories. And honey, we’re diverse, young and hot. We want to celebrate our bodies and our beauty. We’re not really rocking ball gowns on a Tuesday afternoon.

Lost Queens new collection is released NOW.

Twitter: @LostQueens

Instagram: @Lost.Queens




Bondlock (Sherlock & Skyfall) fic recs

In celebration of the famous HLV mention of a third Holmes brother, I’m making a rec list of Bondlock fics because Skyfall’s Q (Ben Whishaw) is often portrayed as the third Holmes brother, so yeah. Some of these fics are more Skyfall-centric and some are more Sherlock-centric. All fics listed here are completed. Click on links to find summaries & fics.

Bondlock (with Q as the third Holmes brother)

Strontium Chloride Red and Other Colours by BootsnBlossoms

00Q. One of my favorite fics featuring Q as the youngest Holmes. Lovely characterization and writing, with hilarious interactions amongst the Holmes brothers. The 00Q pairing is sweet and sexy.

The Issues of Dating a Holmes by Jen (ConsultingWriters)

00Q and Johnlock. I recommend this for its comedic value. Q and Sherlock are feuding brothers trying to one-up each other during a double date dinner. Their boyfriends’ reactions are hilarious.

M is for Mummy by MoiraiThanatoio

In which not only is Q the youngest Holmes, but M is the Holmes family matriarch. It’s an interesting read, and we get to see John in BAMF mode.

Lost of Flown Away by winterhill

00Q. A Wingfic with excellent character moments and details. Focused on Q and 007, but plenty of Sherlock moments in the second half. 

Comes in Threes by Verbyna

00Q and implied Johnlock. Also implied Irene/Sherlock. This is a well-crafted study of Q and his relationships with his brothers as they grow up. I really like this one.

Bondlock (in which Q is not a Holmes)

First Came Pride by AnnieCard

In which James Bond meets Sherlock Holmes, and both of them are dead. At least, they’re supposed to be. This is a short but well-written fic, with a dash of humor and wit. The last line is an absolute clincher (for me).

The Thing About Disguises by Abby Normalitis

00Q. Irene Adler meets James Bond. This is a great short fic to see Irene in a new environment, the Woman and the Womanizer. Bonus points because Irene and Q turn out to be siblings.

Consultants and Constructs by heartslogos

00Q and Johnlock. Q is Jim Moriarty’s brother. NO WAIT, DON’T LEAVE. This is a good fic! It’s a captivating collection of vignettes featuring Q and Jim’s love-hate relationship and the eventual impact of their brotherhood on others (namely, Sherlock, John, and James). It’s beautiful.

Moving On by bravofiftyone

00Q. A well-constructed fic featuring Q and 007 as MI6’s power couple. The build-up is fairly well-done despite the short fic length, and the ending is quite marvelous, especially for us Sherlockians.

Sherlock/Skyfall fusion (AU) 

hurry home by augustbird

So I made this category just for this fic. It’s the sequel to us against, which is one of my favorite Johnlock fics and I will always fangirl over augustbird’s fic when given the choice. Both fics are great, with “hurry home” being a more solid James Bond AU. John is 007 and Sherlock is Q. It’s angsty, fun, sweet, and smolderingly hot. I am reccing this fic so hard.

Bonus Mentions

The Barton Family Series by KuriKuri

00Q (implied) and Johnlock. This series is a crossover of a whopping 8 universes, primarily focusing on the Barton siblings. Six incarnations of Jeremy Renner are all siblings (ranging from Clint Barton to William Brandt to Aaron Cross), with James Bond and John Watson being their oldest brothers. Sherlock and Q are also brothers. Basically all the brothers and their significant others are thrown together for Thanksgiving (and an eventual action plot) at the Avengers Tower. It almost verges on crack!fic. 

Kryptaria has written several noteworthy Bondlock fics, ranging from fics wherein Q is a Holmes to AUs to whatnot. 

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“Kiss the Girls”

My muse is a serial kidnapper/killer collecting a captive harem. Your muse is my muse’s latest victim. Send “Kiss the Girls” for a starter. @agentaislinnoconner

Kurt had found himself quite liking the presence of the human woman around him, no, selected human women. Sure, Emily helped though she didn’t quite quality as the sort he wanted in his human harem. But he knew Emily didn’t complain, it was a source for food and pleasure for her as well. 

Most of them, he liked to have his venom coursing through them, keeping then happy to be here, happy to be touched, happy to be fed from. Docile.  Though today, he decided to go out for a new girl since Emily had slipped up and drained one of the five he had.