captive killer whale

This is how you get a real experience with complex wildlife, not by disrupting them and putting them into tanks as money-making pets.

There are so many animal and environmentally friendly ways of seeing these animals in the wild, whether it be land-based watching, kayaking, or taking a tour with a reputable whale watching company that uses the least invasive and most eco-friendly methods.

There’s not need for marine parks anymore. Please make the ethical decision.

Today was a day of sketching! So I’ve been doing some character studies and poses, as well as a few animal studies. From left to right, we have Lan (my deep-sea mer OC), Kale and Steele having a hug <3, and a rather sexy Damen. At the bottom, I decided to add the orca doodles I had been doing while watching movies this afternoon. Orcas are my favourite aquatic animal, I swear they’re so gorgeous and intelligent <3 <3 <3.

It really irritates me when pro-captivity advocates dwell on the “what ifs”

“What if there’s an oil spill? We need them in captivity or we’ll never see them!”

“What if they all go extinct in the wild? We need them in captivity or we’ll never see them!”

I have a what if for you - what if, instead of focusing on having cetaceans in tanks, we work to prevent and solve these issues in the wild so we don’t need to worry about them going extinct and only being able to see them in tanks?

And again, I’d like to reiterate something I’ve said a million times before - You. Are. Not. Entitled. To. See. A. Wild. Animal. Ever.


“One of the issues that orca face is that they are such remarkable animals, and because of that people want to see them up close and personal…so there are other people who want to make a profit from that. They capture the orca from the wild, and they rip them out of their families and they dump them into these concrete tanks and make them perform tricks. People pay to go and see that, they’re brainwashed into thinking that this is a really good thing to see and a good thing to do, it’s “family entertainment”, and they  just don’t seem to realize how much these animals suffer.” - Dr. Ingrid N. Visser

One of the videos I took on Tuesday, to show how close they were getting!

The wake at the beginning of the vid is from when they popped up right underneath us 🌊

And I kept the sound on, despite the bits of chatter, so you can hear that distinctive blow 💨 

Reminder that a wild Orca called Granny died this week (well most likely she’s missing presumed dead) at the grand old age of 105. Tilikum died at 35. Captivity kills.