captive cluster

In the words of Tom Haverford- “TREAT YO SELF”

So I did. With custom made anatometal captive clusters! Ordered these babies back in November and they finally came in last week. Ordered at saintsabrinas in Minneapolis (such nice and helpful people working there! and yes, I washed my hands before touching the jewelry!)

4mm sapphire, 2mm white opal, 3mm champagne CZ, 2mm CZ on 14g forward facing circular barbell

A gorgeous daith Adam did for our client Marjorie. 

Marjorie put together this lovely @anatometal captive cluster combination consisting of CZ’s, a teal opal, and a light purple opal. A perfect choice to compliment her other piercings. 

Thank you as always, Marjorie! 

Monterey, CA 

Here is a healed conch piercing we did for Margie a little over a year ago.
She had us custom order her this lovely @anatometal captive gem cluster.

She chose this gorgeous combination of light purple opals and teal opals surrounding a genuine moonstone.

Great choice, Margie. It looks amazing on you!

Monterey, CA


We got in more of those fantastic captive gem clusters from Anatometal! These are a great way to spruce up a wide variety of piercings, and we can also do custom orders for just about any size and color combinations. Come by and get in on this action!

Cody got to do this lovely daith piercing for Amy. 

She picked out an @anatometal 4 gem CZ captive bead ring cluster, as well as a 5 gem threaded cluster for her helix (not pierced by us) to put together this stunning look for her ear. 

Thanks so much, Amy! 

Monterey, CA