captive bead ring

White Opal Gold Feather Charm Ear Cartilage Hoop, Body Piercing Jewelry, 18g 16g or 14g, 316L Stainless Surgical Steel, Captive Bead Ring

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I have these and a lot more gorgeous body jewelry in my Etsy store :) Please reblog and take a look! Thank you :)

Purple Stone Cartilage Piercing Hoop, 14 or 16 gauge 10mm, Rose Gold 316L Stainless Surgical Steel, Tragus Helix Daith Nose Septum Captive Bead Ring

I have these and a lot more gorgeous body jewelry in my Etsy store :) Please reblog and take a look! Thank you :)

Attention Piercing Clients

If the ball falls out of your captive bead ring, please do not pinch the gap “closed” and leave it in your piercing (especially for an extended period of time). Here’s why:

1.) This distorts the circular shape of the jewelry, sometimes to the point that it can’t be made round again. This sucks, especially when the ring in question is a difficult metal to manipulate like titanium.

2.) Captive bead rings are meant to hold a bead, not for the ends to meet. No matter how hard you try to press the ring closed, there will be a (usually sizable) gap left in between the two ends of the ring.* This gap WILL rotate into your piercing, your piercing WILL close or at the very least shrink due to there being no jewelry in the hole. Getting this gap rotated back around the right way is uncomfortable, sometimes challenging, and many times results in the jewelry being bent beyond usability in the process. If you leave this gap in your piercing long enough, it is even possible to lose your piercing entirely.

3.) Replacement beads are usually one of the cheapest items in stock - if not THE cheapest item in stock at any reputable piercing studio. Go buy a new one. Most studios will even be willing to put it in for either free, or for a nominal fee. Seriously people - it doesn’t take very much time, and it’s damn near always less than $10 out of your pocket.

I’ve had a recent influx of people with hastily crimped together captive bead rings stuck in their nostrils or ears or *whatever*, and it breaks my heart to tell people that the piercing they’re so fond of is now closed because they waited too long to come back and get adequate replacement jewelry.

I understand that sometimes this can be a permissible temporary solution for a lost ball, but that’s the most it should be – An EXTREMELY temporary solution.

*Note: If you want a ring that does not have a bead in it, most reputable piercing studios offer seam rings for healed piercings. These are designed to safely show off the “seamless” aesthetic.

Cats Eye Cartilage Hoop, Body Piercing Jewelry, 16g 16 gauge, 316L Stainless Surgical Steel, Captive Bead Rings, Tragus Helix Daith Nose -

I have these and a lot more gorgeous body jewelry in my Etsy store :)

We didn’t do this lovely lady’s piercings, but she did visit us to get them fancied up with these beautifully sparkly cubic zirconia beads from industrial Strength. Sometimes during winter you’ve got to create your own sunshine!

Remember that beautiful 18 karat yellow gold captive ring with synthetic White Opal and cz cluster we ordered for a client from Anatometal a short time ago? Well she was great enough to send us a couple photos of her wearing her fancy new jewelry! She says she gets compliments all of the time, and we are so happy we got to help her in starting her jewelry collection.

This lovely client contacted us via email to custom order this piece, and we can do the same for you! Check out our online store or drop us a line and we can help you get the good stuff!