captivating face

Ok but how come no one is acknowledging the way Barry is looking at Iris in the scene? He’s literally staring at her like she’s the only woman in the world. There could be an earthquake going on and Barry would still be so captivated by her face. He’s so in love with her omg, i’m wheezing so hard 😭😭. Get you somebody that looks at you the way Barry looks at Iris.

I have this horrible, wonderful headcannon that Laurent at one point breaks down into tears in front of Damen, thinking that he’s dirty after what happened with him and his uncle… and that Damen just tilts his head up gently and says that he loves him… no matter what happened in his past.

I’m not crying. You’re crying. I’m headcannon trash. I know. Goodnight. 

Prince of Egypt Appreciation Week Day Two: Character Appreciation 1

Typically for a character appreciation post I would like to see underappreciated characters get to shine in the spotlight a bit; however, I don’t think that any characters in POE are underappreciated. I’ve seen tons of posts about all the characters! So instead of picking an underappreciated character, I’m gonna go with who I want, if that’s okay with everyone :) With all that said, it’s time to appreciate Tzipporah!

Reasons why I love Tzipporah:

1. Her name is freaking cool. like A+ name!

2. She’s so graceful! just look at her dance

3. She is kind and helpful to the Hebrews!

4. She is so incredibly supportive to her husband Moses. She goes with him on his mission to free his people even though she knows from experience how dangerous going up against the Egyptians can be.

5. Even when faced with captivity in Egypt, she still has her fighting spirit. Tzipporah is one of the strongest characters in the whole movie.

6. Her character design! Her head is a square shape which is so different from the typical animated woman. I love that they didn’t give her European features to make her “prettier.” She is gorgeous and no one can convince me otherwise!

7. The way she freaking ROCKS that blue dress!

8. She gave Moses a second chance, she didn’t close herself off to him just because they met under less than ideal circumstances the first time.

9. Haha when she just stands next to Moses when he’s naked and is just cool as cucumber, as if he’s not completely naked!

10. She’s so freaking tall! you go, girl! reach the sky!

11. Correct skin tones!

12. When Moses comes back from the palace after Rameses frees the Hebrews, and she doesn’t say anything and just hugs him. She knows that this has been so hard on him, and she knows that she needs to be there for him.

13. Gorgeous hair!

14. “But, Moses, you’re just one man.” She doesn’t want to see him get hurt if he goes to Egypt so she tries to convince him not to go.

15. Then she realizes what this means to him and is fully supportive.

16. Tzipporah as a big sister.

17. Her singing in “When You Believe”=GOLD

18. Tzipporah being so crafty and intelligent to escape from Moses’ chambers.

19. Tzipporah hugging Miriam at the end like she already thinks of Moses’ family as hers.

20. “Look, look at your people, Moses. They are free.” Tzipporah reminding Moses why he did all this in the first place.

The Dance

The duo danced their hearts out
Twirling and stepping together amidst the crowd
As they forgot life’s fears and mistakes and doubt
The sounds of other people faded away as the music grew loud
The only thing that mattered was the movement of the dance
Eachother’s elegance and grace
A dip, a turn, a prance
Peering into eachother’s eyes, captivated despite the masked face

Jord said, ‘You coward, you left him to—’
The words were abruptly cut off as Nikandros took hold of Jord and slammed him back against the wagon.
‘You will not speak that way to our King.’
—  signed, sealed, delivered, aPPROVED AND SHIPPED

A concept: Damen and Laurent slow-dancing.