"안녕" - Axel & Nina

He frowned, lips pursed as he scanned the area. “No, I’m serious. I’m tired of seeing all the same girls. There’s gotta be someone here worth fucking.” Axel muttered the words as he crossed his arms, Lips parted as he caught sight of an angelic little being sitting at one of the tables. Who the fuck is that?“ He asked Jamie, cocking a brow. He was thoroughly impressed with what he saw. 

"Oh boy. You don’t wanna fuck with that. I’m pretty sure she’s wound tight and won’t even look at you. Let’s face it dude. You’re trash.” Jamie snickered, patting Axel on the back to which he received a glare.

“Fucker. Just for that I’m gonna go talk to her.” Giving one last glare, he made his way over to her. Without hesitation– or a hint of shame for that matter, Axel pulled out a chair and sat himself in front of her. “Hey there,” He punctuated his words with a sly, charming smile. “Can I ask your name?”


“what is happiness?”

i don’t knowprobably something where no one cries or gets yelled at–where no one gets hit or has stuff thrown at them. something like that. am i wrong?”

i don’t know.

“what’s up with that?”

“then.. why don’t we go searching for our own happiness?”



i love u

bambina1x1  asked:

What kind of Nana are you reeeeally craving? Personality wise.

LOTS. I just hate that I don’t have enough ideas for the men to keep up with them. I really really want the Nana in the Bokura verse. Your Japanese is good, right? Like.. speaking? Um.. I definitely want Angel’s little student. I kind of want a bitchy Nana. I mean.. I’m not that into bitchy chars but maybe someone who’s too good for my boy and she knows it? Sorry I just can’t wait for her movie to come out. ;___; Her role is gonna be perf. Or maybe someone who’s got a boyfriend. hehe.