"안녕" - Axel & Nina

He frowned, lips pursed as he scanned the area. “No, I’m serious. I’m tired of seeing all the same girls. There’s gotta be someone here worth fucking.” Axel muttered the words as he crossed his arms, Lips parted as he caught sight of an angelic little being sitting at one of the tables. Who the fuck is that?“ He asked Jamie, cocking a brow. He was thoroughly impressed with what he saw. 

"Oh boy. You don’t wanna fuck with that. I’m pretty sure she’s wound tight and won’t even look at you. Let’s face it dude. You’re trash.” Jamie snickered, patting Axel on the back to which he received a glare.

“Fucker. Just for that I’m gonna go talk to her.” Giving one last glare, he made his way over to her. Without hesitation– or a hint of shame for that matter, Axel pulled out a chair and sat himself in front of her. “Hey there,” He punctuated his words with a sly, charming smile. “Can I ask your name?”

"Flesh" - Jayde & Rami

“You were the one that came up with the brilliant idea to use each other for sex and not have any strings attached. Am I right?” Her voice was raised slightly and she gave him a look showing that she knew all too well that she was right. Licking his lips and clenching his jaw in an agitated manner, Rami looked away from her. There was no room for him to speak. What could he say? She was, indeed, right.  “This was never just about me. It was about us and what we both wanted from each other. So stop making me seem like I’m the one that calls of all the shots. You had a hand in this too.” His expression hardened—darkened as he swallowed. In the end, it all came back to him. The way he looked at her—the way her wanted to have her no matter what the condition. Now it was biting him in the ass and there was no one to blame but him. Even still, it was easier to place the blame on someone else, as it always was.

“I don’t want to find anyone else. I don’t want someone else in my bed.”

Lips parted as he looked down at her. Her words, they softened him. He didn’t know if he’d ever hear something like that come out of her mouth. Darkened, tired eyes looked down at the woman, who, despite being tall, he staggered over. I want you. I don’t want you to go and I don’t want to fight about this anymore. So please. Just stop it so that we can go back to how it was.” It would have been easy to listen to her first sentence and ignore the rest—but that would have made Rami a fool. He knew better than that—he knew that she was only telling him what he wanted to hear so that she could continue getting her way. The man remained quiet, his countenance contorted with confusion and irritation but deep inside him something else was brewing. Was it contempt? An urge to get back at her? At the same time, the closeness of their bodies made his flesh feel hotter.

If she wanted to use each other then so be it. He would use her until there was nothing left. Rami would make her see just what she had to lose. Consumed by these thoughts, he held her face in his hands suddenly. Without warning his lips crashed violently into hers. It was almost painful, the way that their teeth and lips met—like they weren’t matched at all but forced together anyway. Hungrily, he tasted her mouth as if he had been starving for her. God, she tasted good. Her mouth was—sweet. And he moaned harshly as the feel of her tongue working against him was sending shivers radiating throughout his entire body. “Take off your fucking clothes.” His voice was hoarse and thick with lust. Of course, Rami wasn’t patient enough for her to comply with his demands and pulled the thin fabric of her shirt over her head. He was going to ravage her tonight. If she wanted to be fucked then he would do just that. All of the anger and pent up emotions he felt would be channeled into thrusts into her tight cunt. Seizing her hair suddenly, he pulled her head back. He didn’t want to talk to her. He barely wanted to look at her because doing so made him feel things that he didn’t want to feel. “I want you naked and on all fours on that bed, bitch.” Releasing her, he spun her around and shoved her in the direction before stalking toward her bedroom himself.


relentlesscharm’s click and drag game

This took a long time. I can only imagine how long the one you made me took. LOL. Speaking of, why does it have so many notes?! People are trying to steal you from me, I swear.

I kept it simple ‘cause I have to leave soon. I only used our most current ships. Also my PS crashed midway ;___; I hope you like it boo. Hehe. I love you ♥

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“what is happiness?”

i don’t knowprobably something where no one cries or gets yelled at–where no one gets hit or has stuff thrown at them. something like that. am i wrong?”

i don’t know.

“what’s up with that?”

“then.. why don’t we go searching for our own happiness?”



i love u