[Text, “No More Craptions” followed by an image of the Closed Caption logo in the shape of the “Pile of Poo” emoji, crossed by the red symbol for “No”. Annie with lavender hair and a button up denim shirt]

#NoMoreCraptions is a campaign by Rikki Poynter for Deaf Awareness Month in her continuous effort to make YouTube equally accessible to all users, as well as to highlight the injustice of the lack of captions and inaccurate captions (or “craptions”) that mock the need for access.

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For the last fucking time

YouTube Closed Captioning is not your chance to get your comments and jokes into a video 

D/deaf, Hard of Hearing, and people who have auditory processing issues (like me!!) need subtitles to be able to enjoy the content at it’s fullest

It’s not funny, annoying, and distracting. 

On top of that it’s p fucking ableist

And you know what? YouTube Content Creators also need to stop with this shit because these “joke captions” get made? But who has to accept them to get it on the video?? The channel owner that’s who!! Markiplier has done it quite a bit.


His video Relax

Unless Mark intended for “relax” to be in quotations, they shouldn’t be there and in the way he said it? He does not. And your “Sure you will” is not welcome here

Again, your commentary is not necessary. The previous caption right before this being 

“*Markipler’s voice becomes intelligible as the background noise grows increasingly sinister*” was all you needed. Maybe fucking comment on the splashing or the music or the kids laughing but not inserting your own commentary

This isn’t the first time this has happened and I doubt it’ll be the last. 

Edit: I’m aware now that Mark actually doesn’t like it and you know what? That makes this all the worse because not only are these joke captions ableist as fuck, the people who are putting them there are actively doing something that Mark dislikes and going against his wishes for his content. 

@markiplier closed captioning is an important part of how I and many of your viewers are able to enjoy your videos, please realize that this doesn’t add to our experience and don’t accept these “Joke Captions” when they’re submitted