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Meet or Greet 

[p1: Welcome to my meet or greet, motherfucker. You gotta choose!
p2: Hello, I-
p1: That’s it! 
p2: but-
p1: You made your choice!] 


【他来了,请闭眼】 Love me if you dare 04 - 薄靳言的沉默

If Seventeen had instas
S.Coups: Unnecessary amount of baby photos, doesn’t really understand Instagram, Dadgram, posts about sports 

Jeonghan: Has a very established aesthetic, Pictures of his coffee/breakfast, Makes everyone wait so he can take pics of food first, has dino take aesthetic pictures of him

Joshua: Translates posts into English and Korean, Makes “rap” captions, Lots of tiny hand heart boomerangs

Jun: Every picture has him in it, Lots of filters so many filters, Lots of serious selcas, Suggestive captions ;)

Hoshi: Lots of dance choero, Lots of cute SC filter videos, Captions things with puns, Has multiple videos of him waking Woozi up

Wonwoo: only book suggestions, Pictures of art, low key art snob, Sometimes Mingyu will hack his account and post pics of Wonwoo reading

Woozi: Videos of his song recordings, Last post was multiple months ago, No selfies, Hoshi always comments with way too many emojis

DK: Likes his own pictures, Product review videos, Tons of hashtags, Blurry memes

Mingyu: Posts lots of v serious selfies, videos of other members sleeping eating and without them knowing, emo wonwoo pics with deep quotes

The8: Pictures of nature, Videos of him dancing, Captions everything in Chinese and Joshua has to comment subs, Follows accounts that post pictures of puppies

Seungkwan: SO MANY SINGING VIDEOS, Rant captions, Likes to take selfies with Vernon, Lots of Boonan appearances

Vernon: Look at these dope clothes I brought pics, Uses lots of words like dope lit fire, Posts rap albums he’s listening to

Dino: Scoups won’t let him have one, Just doesn’t have an instagram, He’s a child guys come on


Ehh, polished up some old doodles for my Pixiv dump and figured I might as well repost ‘em here. There was another image but I honestly don’t have the heart to finish it so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I’m still thinking way too much about the Audio Drama and X5 bad ending lately, THEY’RE SO MESSED UP, honestly wtf Capcom, what do you have against this poor kid (and Zero) being happy? I mean, I know I put them through hell sometimes in my fanfic or sketchdumps but yeesh, compared to canon that’s nothing.

ANYWAYS, long time no see tumblr. I feel like every time I post something I either apologize for not posting more, I promise to stop talking myself out of posting things, or I apologize for cONSTANTLY BEING BEHIND ON MESSAGES. I’ll try to break that cycle (eventually). Thanks for sticking with me everyone.

I don’t actually think that Kent does anything ironically.  If he’s listening to Britney Spears, he means it.  If he wants his team to go on a spa retreat as a team building exercise, he means it.  If he’s posting pictures of Kit on instagram at 3:00 AM on a Wednesday with captions full of puns, he means it.