caption contest winners

IV. Random Caption Contest Result


1st Place: “Tim: Yes! I have discovered Alfred’s secret cookie recipe! Jason: Why is the manor on fire?by wherethereisbeauty

2nd Place: Jason: Oh God, what fresh fucking hell has Bruce let you bring to life…? Tim: I like to call it… THE BIRD NEST!…The title is a work in progress… Jason: I’m glad your parents are dead. By zgxiii

Other Acknowledgements 

Tim: “We did it! We finally gave demon spawn a taste of his own medicine!” Jason: “Oh shit. This will not end well.” by gingerbob97

Oops! Forgot to post this a few weeks back. Congrats to FB caption contest winner Korrine Rindlisbacher!

Side note: Any death related to any type of diabetes is no laughing matter. Please take this meme with the grain of salt! Thanks!

Congrats to this week’s caption contest winner Jamie Start Finger!

(We know both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are serious medical conditions, and hard work. But sometimes you can’t help but think that some people who can control it with diet alone just don’t quite understand what it’s like to have type 1..)