have you ever wondered what it’s like to be that girl? or maybe you are that girl; the girl that tried, the girl that yearned, the girl that wanted to be adored. the girl that would put on an extra coat of mascara just so he’d look twice, paint her nails blue to match his eyes and hitch her skirt up a couple of inches just to be noticed. trying her best to stand out by fitting in. where’s the sense in that? the girl that hurt to dream because it made her wish for things she could never have, things she yearned. she scolded herself for doing so. how dare she create an alternate reality? hunger overtakes and starvation changes her, throwing herself at the dominant sex in the hopes that perhaps one day, one damn day, she’ll receive it in return. having sold herself to the devil for the realisation of a figment of her imagination driven by the fairytales her mother told her as a child, the absence of adoration remained. [written by me/ @smells-like-teensluts

You weren’t a sunrise, you weren’t a beautiful piece in a museum, you weren’t the ocean on the first warm day of the year, but somehow I couldn’t take my eyes off you. Your eyes weren’t like the sky in the morning but rather like a galaxy and all its stars. Your smile didn’t remind me of warmth, it reminded me that there was good in this world, and maybe all of it was only inside of you. The way you looked at me didn’t only make me feel loved, it made me want to push everyone else that ever looked at me away because they weren’t worth it when you were there.
You weren’t a sunrise. You weren’t a beautiful piece in a museum. You weren’t the ocean.
You were everything— the whole universe in one person.
—  at least to me

Tegan: Stacy (Sara’s girlfriend) came to the studio, it was the first time in a recording studio, and she watched us trying to write lyrics. We finally got the melody for the chorus of “closer” and we were trying to write lyrics and she was just sitting on the couch and then after like 10 minutes was like, “I’m gonna leave this is awful. This is not fun in any way”.
Sara: That’s what she said the first time we were intimate too. [x]