captian jack harkness

IF WE GET A MALE COMPANION *which i think we will but still who knows* Please dont give us a male companion who will be with the doctor because of the looks, dont give us a male companion who will sexualize the doctor , give us a male companion who has no love interest in the doctor or if you want the love interest give us a male companion who falls in love not even noticing it after a couple of years Or give us captian jack harkness who will be show regular and who will make 11th season even better that it actually will be AND JACK COULD HAVE A KEY TO A TARDIS AND HE COULD SENSOR THE RIFT ACTIVITY AND FIND THE TARDIS AND WAIT FOR THE DOCTOR THERE AND WE CAN HAVE THIS ICONIC SCENE AGAIN AND HE COULD FLIRT WITH THE DOCTOR AND HE COULD GO AND VISIT IANTO AGAIN AND I AM CRYING THERE COULD BE SO MANY STUFF PLEASE GIVE US CAPTIAN JACK HARKNESS AS A COMPANION AND I WILL GIVE YOU MY SOUL AND MY KIDNEY AND MY LEFT ARM IF YOU WANT IT THAT BAD LIKE.I.NEED.JACK.AS.A.COMPANION.PLEASE

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9th Doctor Appreciation Post

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There aren’t enough of these tbh

See you in hell
  • Jack: It's been fun...but I guess this is goodbye.
  • Rose: Don't talk like that! The Doctor's gonna do it, you him.
  • Jack: are worth fighting for. [kisses her passionately, turns to the Doctor] Wish I'd never met you, Doctor. I was much better off as a coward. [kisses him as well] See you in hell.