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I've noticed from a while back you posted a picture on one of oc's Saras. Can you tell me what they're like bc they look pretty cool :)

You know that saying ‘when all u have is a hammer every problem looks like a nail’… well all Saras has is a gun, so do ur best not to become a problem, especially considering she’s such an excellent shot. I’d like to say she shoots first and asks questions later but questions in a language outside her own are tiresome, the lack of lips on accountant of her reptilian face makes most words a laborious effort so it’s likely she won’t ask u any questions at all while u bleed out on the deck. She pronounces Shepard as 'Shard’, Felix as 'Helix’ and Captian as 'Cat-Tan’. She’s aware that this doesn’t make her look terribly sophisticated so for the most part she just keeps to herself and her gun. This is with exception to Felix who’s bilingual skills allow him to have long in depth convocations with her about any variety of subjects including her spirituality which firmly instills the belief of holding no dirt to ones self both physically and metaphorically. Saras takes the physically sense as far as not wearing any clothes even when typically her species (the Zahar) do wear thin veil sashes and wraps and would love to know why she’s wandering about naked. Metaphorically she lives without guilt, forgets the past and will not be loyal to what she deems dirty people or people that make her dirty. She cleans herself, her gun and her living spaces every morning when she wakes up and every night before she goes to bed. She rises and sleeps with the sun and right after her cleaning routines will bask and clear her mind in the morning light, the crew will usually leave her alone during this time. Cold climate do her no favors and can sometimes render her from lethargic to near senseless and unconscious, in these times she is often put in a hammock by the ships furnaces and in extended journeys through frozen climates Felix has been know to sleep on her to keep her warm enough.

Saras also has a fondness for small cute animals that she may try to befriend, unfortunately they’re all terrified of her. Saras is one of the very few if not the only non human that the Captain has any begrudging level of respect for.