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Imagine: Tom can’t get over how you pronounce the word ‘croissant’. 

A/N: I’m supposed to be packing for a music festival but i just love me some good quacksons !!!! :~) I h9 myself for this ENJOY!! PS i love this gif a lot thank Q ALSO SORRY IF ITS A BIT SHIT

Word Count: idk it’s short (maybs 800??)

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Ahhh!!! He’s such an innocent lil bean!!!

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  • Steve: So, Wade, what are your interests?
  • Wade: Your son in my room.
  • Steve: What?
  • Wade: The sun and the moon. Astrology.

Watch until the end you probably might like it

(Yes I know very low quality but Tumblr only allows 100MB and this video reached the limit)

*a little bit in the beginning the volume is high so turn your sound down
*some parts have low volume so turn your sound up to hear it

Steve and Tony are working out their custody of Peter Parker

(And it seems they’re forgetting something)

Steve: Just do every other week!

Tony: I can’t do every other week, I need go to Hong Kong once a month.

Steve: Then I can switch with you until you come back

Tony: Then what’s the point of organizing a time sheet if we’re just gonna toss him back and forth like a tennis ball?

Aunt May steps in

Aunt May: Excuse me. I’m his Aunt, and he needs to stay with me!

Tony checks his clipboard

Tony: I guess we can pencil you in for the last weekend of the month…