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3rd Eye Vision Is Broke


such a sick song

R.I.P Steez


I owe a lot to these four men right here. Their music has inspired me on so many levels. 

Aesop taught me that it’s okay to be weird and to like weird things. My whole life I tried to figure out where I belonged as an individual. He taught me that I am not in the box like everyone else. I am my own person in my own box. He also taught me how to appreciate the English language through his vivid poetry. 

Ab-Soul really made me appreciate the gift of being able to function one a higher plane than others. Astral Projection is a real thing and he opened my eyes to such knowledge. He also taught me the importance of learning. Ignorance is never going to help our nation grow. Control System really turned my life around. I am a more confident and more outspoken person because of him.

Steez, although his career was short lived, taught me to always question the people who are above us socially and economically. Never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. No matter what the cost. Free the Robots still sends chills down my spine whenever I listen to it. RIP man.

Finally, I owe my love for rap music and hip hop culture to Kendrick. At a time where I was beginning to dislike the road hip hip was taking, he came in and changed it for the better. He gave kids like me someone to look up to. He music was a friend to be when I didn’t have any. He has been a role model to me for the longest time and I really do appreciate his contributions to rap music. GKMC and Section 80 will forever be embedded in my heart and my soul.

 No matter what age, sex, race, sexual orientation, political party you are, music will move you. It might not move you in the same way it moved me, but that’s what makes music so beautiful. Next time you listen to your favorite artist, just take a moment to appreciate them and what they’ve done for you.

It’s just the simple things, just seeing a bee take pollen from a flower. It’s like, that’s life, you know? And to a three-year-old child, that’s still life. But the thing is, as you grow, this world makes you take your eye off of things like that.
—  Capital STEEZ