“ Where are the rites of passage? Initiations of the young to endore. How can they ever become true adults?We live in a world full of people wearing middle aged bodies. Yet they stumble to a crawl in their minds.We all must go through a rite of passage.It must be phyiscal. It must be painful. And it must. Leave. A mark. ”

-CaptHowdy of horror flick “Strangeland”

You think your badge is power, it’s not; knowledge is power. Your badge isn’t even permanent. My badges, I can never take off. They set me apart from others until the day I die. My badges are forever, yours is a convenience.”
“Your badges have no meaning. My badge represents the law.”
“How much law is that, Michael? The law that found me not guilty? Or the law that allowed others to take matters into their own hands?”
“That was wrong.”
“You were wrong, you were all wrong…