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CaptClare (Image & Video Curator)
A fantastic collection of illustrations that are perfect for a RE: SCHOOL HitRECord on TV season 2 bumper or great inspiration for the angle RE: THE 1st DAY OF SCHOOL. Do you remember your first day of school? What was your child’s first day of school like, for you and your child? Grab a camera and contribute a video testimonial to the RE: SCHOOL collab


I don’t think we could have done an episode of HIT RECORD ON TV about Guns without talking about these tragic mass shootings that have been happening far too many times, especially in the United States where I’m from. But it doesn’t only happen in the U.S.

CaptClare, who’s from Australia, RECorded herself telling a story about a massacre in her country and how her family reacted to it. And we made this short film about it.

Thanks again <3

This is a really good book -- SCRIPT


ILLUSTRATORS: Create a Storyboard based off this script. Feel free to write down direction and ideas for Filmmakers.

FILMMAKERS: Cut together an Animatic with these storyboards and voice over performances.




This is a really good book – SCRIPT

A monologue:

So there was this book I was reading which was fucking amazing. I could not believe how into it I was. I’m not a big reader, you know, but this book was just blowing my mind. It was a-maze-ing. Amber over at The Sugar Lounge gave it to me after I broke up with Ed for the third time and she said it would change my life. I totally didn’t believe her, ha, another fucking self help book right?! but Ed stopped paying the cable after he moved out so I didn’t have anything else to fucking do. It wasn’t even really a self help book, not in the strictest sense. It was a kinda autobiographical, mystery, adventure, romance, awakening, horror story, you know? Anyway it was a-maze-ing.

Then, like 8 days ago, I was at Friars Coffee House on 4th, you know, the one with the amazing chai? Yeah, anyway I was just chillin’, reading this book when I got up to order another chai. Totally left the book on the table, like, didn’t even think about it, its a fucking book right?! Whose gonna take someones book - mid read?!

Yeah, someone totally did. They fucking stole my book! I was just livid. I looked all over that god damn coffee house and went off on the staff like some automatic weapon. “Where the fuck is my book?! Did you see who just left?! What kinda place is this - a coffee house for book theives?!” Yeah, they weren’t too impressed and asked me to leave and I was like, fine, fucking book thievery racket hangout.

So I’m devastated right? I really wanted to finish that book and then read it again - it is that a-maze-ing. I told Amber, she was really upset too and I couldn’t just go to the store where she got it and get another copy either. She had found it at a bus stop so I went all book detective and checked online, called every store, every library - even snuck into the high school library to check there! I know right?! I fucking loved that book but it was no where. It was like I had the last copy on the face of the planet. It was really upsetting. I thought I would never get to finish that amazing book and then, fuck me, you will not believe what happened yesterday - it turned up in my mailbox.

Whoa, right? It was in a padded envelope addressed to me. My address! Street, name, everything. So weird. No, it didn’t have a return address, just some scratchy handwriting on the back that said This is a really good book and I was like, I fucking know right?!



EVERYONE: Contribute Character ideas, names & descriptions for this collab.

WRITERS: Write a Script of a Sidekick answering the following questions:

  1. Why are you leaving your current superhero?
  2. What’s your greatest weakness and strength?
  3. Describe a difficult work situation and how you overcame it?
  4. What was the biggest accomplishment / failure in your last sidekick role?
  5. What are your passions outside of work?
  6. Would you be willing to undergo a rebranding if required?
  7. What are your superpower/s and how would they benefit this partnership?
  8. Do you have any questions? (Where the potential sidekicks can ask mundane things like the parking situation and health benefits)

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Easter Eggs

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CaptClare (Image & Video Curator)
Does our future mean going beyond this planet, this galaxy? Or will what lies beyond come to us? This illustration, a ‘study on Moebius’ style’, is a fantastical scene that could play out in a number of theme angles such as RE: TIME TRAVEL, RE: DESTINY & FATE and RE: NO CONCEPT OF THE FUTURE. Illustrators, this style lends it’s self really well to RE: THE FUTURE and writers, this image begs the question - what does our future hold? 

“Above it All / SPACE [DVD BOX SET]”

REmix by CaptClare

HERE on hitRECord


Marke (Creative Director) / Featured Comment

Fantastic double-page spread layout for the Season 1 Box Set. DESIGNERS, this is a great example of a piece that illuminates a piece of the TV show, but also stands on its own as a beautiful graphic piece of design and art.


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