Fetch Modi (according to survey)

Will update this post as I receive responses.  (Currently 69 responses.) 

Canon modi

  • Array x2
  • Pictionary x3
  • Match
  • Stack 
  • Miracle

Game modi

  • Dartboard - When an idem was wanted, a dartboard will appear, and darts will have to be thrown at it. The different squares on the dartboard represent different items, and throwing the dart at a specific square gets that item. Less important items take up the larger sections, and more important ones the rings and the bullseyes
  • Rubix Cube - In order to access an item, I need to match the all the colors together. In that time I can grab whatever I need, but I do have a timer. Once I am finished it scrambles in a new form. The solution to it is never the same.  
  • Rhythm Game - The user must tap out a rhythm using any means possible to retrieve the item. The more important the item, the more complex the rhythm.
  • Tetris - a certain number of rows must be cleared the larger the item the more lines
  • Connect the Dots - You have to connect a certain amount of dots in a certain way to unlock your object.
  • 52 Card Pickup - Each item is assigned to a card in a deck (whether it’s a standard playing deck, or a tarot deck, or etc. is to be determined). To pull an item out you must draw that card from the deck. You can play “52 Card Pickup” to release all the items. Jokers are wildcards.
    Magic Eye - Items placed in the sylladex are converted to magic eye pictures. They must be seen in order to be removed.
  • Kaleidoscope -  It is a kaleidoscope, so she rotates it until she can see the item she needs.

Art modi (visual art, music, writing, etc)

  • Photoshop - Each item you captchalogue gets pasted into a photoshop image on its own layer, unlabeled of course. You have to search through every single layer until you find the one with your item on it, then select it.
  • Notebook -  To retrieve an item, I have to write a description of it. If I get it wrong, I have to try again.
  • Scale -  Each item is assigned a note and to release the item you have to hum the right pitch
  • Scenario / RP -  I need to come up with a scenario involving the item I want to retrieve, or I need to act out a scenario it gives me, that somehow relates to the object.
  • Palette -  Each object is assigned a color palette based on its colors, when you need to retrieve all that appears on the card are the three most prevalent colors of the object. 

Skill (?) modi (need better categorization)

  • Shuffle Time - all inventory cards float about the person, backwards. they must keep an eye on the one they want and grab it as it flies about
  • Pun (1) - Once I store something, it cannot be taken out unless I make a pun of said item. It doesn’t matter if it’s bad, it just has to happen.
  • Pun (2) - make a pun relating to the object wanted. For further note, if a pun is made that can relate to another object, it ejects them both. Unlimited space.

Knowledge or Memory modi

  • Mind Palace - Stores items in a mental map modeled to look like a place from your imagination or memories. Remember where you left the item and navigate the palace to retrieve it.
  • cmd - Store an item in a location; to fetch, recite the entire file path to that location
  • Dictionary (2) - you say the definition of the object to access it
  • The Rap-crunching Deluxe Special Limited Edition BeatMaster - BeatMaster is the meister of all things cool, and sick raps are no small deal for him; he’s released over 50 albums in his lifetime, and it’s been estimated just over 7/8 of the English language has made an appearance throughout his songs. To celebrate this, a new kind of modus has been released for all you hip youngsters out there with a serious passion for BeatMaster’s hit jams. To retrieve an item, simply recall the line of the song that this item made an appearance in- either with an instrument, voice or tapping out of rhythms. This modus relies heavily on your intense love of BeatMaster’s songs; only the best of his fans can quickly identify which line they must recall at the speed they most likely need the item at. But what if my item doesn’t appear in a song, you ask? Well, it’s easy, really! Just take a few lines that contain words which describe the item and wrap (or should I say, rap?!) it all together to form your own unique-but-still-copyright-of-BeatMaster Mini Groove Bar!

Knowledge or Academic modi

  • Chemical -  I have to balance a chemical equation to access my item. The bigger/more important it is, the more complex the equation.
  • Language - The person using the modus sets the language to something they can’t understand. They then must learn the name of the item in that language, and speak it properly to retrieve it. Once a language has reached a certain level of proficiency, it will automatically change. Limited to languages from the user’s homeworld.

Organization modi

  • Library - Every item becomes a book, which goes into the ‘returned’ bin, in a 'fetch modus world’ sort of thing. In that place, there is a library. I can access any book I want, but I have to find it first. If I keep the place organized, it’s easy, but if I don’t…
    The limit is how many books I can fit on the shelves (including if I can fit the ones in the bin in) and the size of the book changes depending on the size of the object. I just have to open the book and read out what it is to get it.
  • Collector - My modus is represented by a card collector’s case. The captchalog cards go into the sleeves on the pages of the book. Identical or similar cards stack into the same sleeve, i.e. The Wrinklefucker stakes with the Pogohammer but not the Warhammer of Zillywhoo.
  • Alphabet Tree -  Everything is ordered in alphabetical order. It’s similar to Rose’s modus, in that there is a tree for every letter.

Miscellaneous Task modi

  • Cat - every item turns into a cat. make the cat happy to get your item. 10/10 modus.
  • Forecast -  One must describe how and in what scenario they will use this object, and it will not appear until the forecast comes true. Very inconvenient.

Random (or Externally Determined) modi

  • Roulette - The item you want and one will be flipped over and cloned once. A random third and fourth item will be put into the mix. Then select of the cards. 50% chance of being right.
  • Coin - flip a coin, it’s not rocket science
  • Ghost - If something dies near you, it’s ghost will follow you around until you need to fetch something or other, and it will choose which thing you get to fetch.
  • Satchel - semi-organized bag of garbage, reach in and hope you get what you were aiming for
  • Tarot - Draws a card. The card contains the item most needed at that particular time, or may be more importantly needed in the near future. 

Basic Storage modi

  • Pack - Similar to inventory from many mmo’s; main inventory has a set amount of slots, which cannot be added to or subtracted from. Instead, Pack Cards can be added to the deck, which add new inventory tabs.
  • Alphabetical Order - everything gets sorted in alphabetical order pretty simple really
  • Backpack (1) - There are multiple stacks of cards, a main pouch, front pouch, two side pouches, and an inner hidden pouch. The main pouch stack requires top cards to be pulled first, unless the object is particularly small. The inner pouch stack cannot be accessed until the main stack is at least half empty. The side pouch stacks can carry one or two small items that can be accessed at will. The front pouch stack can only carry small items, can carry many, but are accessed randomly, so have fun digging around.
  • Backpack (2) - If the individual item can fit into a backpack, I can carry it.
  • Dictionary (1) - I have nearly infinite space, but each card can only be used to store one item ever. For example, a card that stored a pen in the past can only store pens in the future as well, even if it is empty currently. All cards are alphabetised and must be individually selected.
  • Pipboy - instead of requiring cards to carry thing everything has a weight value and if you go above the amount you can carry you move dreadfully slow, works as a computing device so you can communicate with your allies and it wont get lost cause it’s always attached to your arm, you can view your current weapons and clothes in it as well and listen to music from it if you’d like

Whether or not a soldier has some kinda captchalog plays a role in what kind of rations they get, methinks. They can obviously carry a lot more, and depending on if it’s digital storage or some extradimensional space, food can keep for a long-ass time.

It offers them some kind of flexibility when it comes to storage.

Fuck though now I’m picturing some kind of “Convoy Fetch Modus” that works like the convoy system in Fire Emblem where several members of a unit act as an access point for the group’s collective stock. Weapon break? Get to the convoy (who may or may not actually be named Convoy). Need more food? The convoy has a ton of it stored away, sometimes literally. Lost your stuff? No you didn’t, it’s in the convoy.


Karkat Vantas x Reader

Only Mine

Okay welcome to my first request here on tumblr!! I’m happy to day bue with this story actually! It was a fantastic idea and a wonderful treasure to write. Finally let’s cross this of my damn requests list !

Karkat still hasn’t forgiven me for sharing his true feelings with the internet…

it was an ordinary fucking day. You yawned and stretched and smiled to yourself as the sun began to shine in your window. Sure alternia was a fucked up place, filled with fucked up animals and people. Hell there were even plants that wanted to eat you. But you had Karkat. You stroked a hand over his shaggy hair to comfort yourself the troll’s eyes flickered open breifly before he grumbled and flopped back over onto his other side.

“Don’t fucking touch me, fuckass,” he murmured softly,

“Fuck ass… what a term of affection,” you grumbled getting up and leaving in a huff. There was never anything more lovely than your boyfriend calling you fuckass. Nothing more soothing than the troll whose supposed to be your matespirit shove off your affection as if you were nothing more than a piece of dirt. The troll who had just shagged you through the night hours until you had been too out of breath to scream and your body too weak to cum anymore.

“That’s it,” you muttered and sheer and utter fury. Your voice could barely come through. You shook in your anger… you flew about the room finding your clothes you couldn’t find the shirt you had been wearing. You remembered it has been torn apart by the over eager cancer. Growling to yourself you shimmied back into a pair of panties you were glad were still intact. Followed by your black skinny jeans. You threw on one of karkat’s t shirts, hating to be embossed with a symbol that said it was his and head for the door, you threw open the door to his hive when Karkat sat up slowly and stared at you.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going dipshit…?”  you threw you hands in the air in utter annoyance and flabbergasted horror,

“Ugh!” you gaped the word out in a clipped monotone, your voice quivering in rage. You had completely had it!

“I’m going to Gamzee’s!”

“What the fuck are you talking about you’re going to that fucker’s house? Why do you wanna spend time with that bulge banger! You’re always there! You’re hardly ever fucking here with me! Ever since we’ve been together, you’ve hardly spent time with me for shit!”

“I’m leaving Karkat… and I’m not coming back…” you didn’t even to turn to see his expression as you walked out the door and headed towards the long walk for the Capricorn’s house.

“Fuck you Karkat Vantas,” you murmured one time in a parting manner and you took off in a run for your best friend’s house.  It took longer than you liked, as it always did. It was nightfall when you reached the high blood’s house. Your feet were so tired, and your head was pounding. You thought your stomach was going to chew itself into digestible bits! But you were at Gamzee’s… that’s all that mattered.

You banged on the on the door to his hive loudly, the deep sadness settling deeper and deeper in your chest. The half stoned clown opened the door, casually his long lithe frame filled the doorway, as he settled to lean against the left side of the door jam,

“What’s up motherfuckin’ best friend…?” the rest of his sentence trailed off as tears began to stream down your face in fast order, Gamzee’s casual smile crumbled and you were quickly ensconced in long gray arms.

“Woah, my wicked sis, what’s up with all the tears…” his slender thumb swiped away the tears as his arm clutched you tight to his sleekly muscled frame. Indigo eyes blazed down at you, filled with concern and worry.

“Karkat…” you murmured before bursting into another round of tears. You were scooped up off your feet and pressed to his chest tightly, his shoulder length tangled mane of raven locks tickled your cheek as he nuzzled your shoulder. Slowly he turned and carried you inside. Kicking the door shut, he then moved and sank down onto a couch, pulling you up against him and soothingly rubbing your back.

“Just chill out best friend, it’s gonna all up and be alright, just tell this motherfucker what he did and let all that nasty feeling right out,”

“Erg,” you grunted and soothed slightly as he pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“Just he’s.. terrible. He treats our matespritship like a god damned war! He always accuses me, always calls me these nasty names. And he’s soooo annoying about when I spend time with you! I just can’t take it anymore, Gam! He pailed me all damn night last night and scratched me to the point of pain and bruising! Then this morning I wanted to cuddle and he bitches at me not to touch him! Not to mention he destroyed my clothes!” you snapped angrily,

“I had to take one of his fucking shirts! I don’t want anything to do with this hunk of erg.. disgusting nastiness!” you growled and stripped out of it throwing it far away, only realizing then that you were seated on the Capricorn you called our best friends, his mouth was slightly agape and a delicate purple blush brightened his cheeks, his hand left you as he seized one of his shirts off the couch arm and gestured that he’d put it on. You held your arms over your head and he very ceremoniously slid his shirt onto you. His hands softly carresed your sides and back, now however, it wasn’t quite in the same way. A heat began to burn in your lower tummy as you shifted into him he leaned forward, until your forehead pressed to his.

“I know what the bro was all up and jealous…” his voice was a hot dusky whisper.

“I’ve wanted you a long time before he all up and did, I just didn’t wanna take the chill out of the three of us, so I let him.. and it was motherfucking stupid of me, seeing you here this upset, I thought he’d make you happier than me. I thought I was just a motherfucker who you know just,” he shrugged before continuing…

“But knowing that motherfucker can’t do this, can’t make you happy, that’s the only thing that makes me so fucking angry. Seeing you here, feeling you motherfuckn’ hold me and wearing my shit, is the biggest miracle I could fuckin’ ask for, I flush so hard for you,” you held your breath as he leaned close to you, it was a featherlight touch at first, as his lips pressed against yours, a million thoughts ran through your head but now there was nothing but the highblood and yourself.

“Ah,” you squeaked as you leaned into his kiss, slowly he moved his lips against yours, your hands automatically slipped onto his horns and you rubbed them slowly, earning a low growl from your best friend, the kiss deepened as his tongue began to slip past your lips and his hand slid to the back of your head pressing you close. The arm around our waist ensnared you tight to his body refusing to let you go. This was the kiss you had wanted had been waiting for.. this was all you had ever wanted from Karkat. A shameless expression of his love. Gamzee gave you everything you were missing. You closed your eyes completely, losing yourself in the heat of him, in his love.

A loud crash jerked you out of your revre, there in the doorway stood a half naked and very angry Karkat Vantas. Teeth bared, hands curled like talons.  He shook in an ominous rage. Gamzee protectively pulled you to his chest and slide you off his waist, curling to place you next to him he stood up and faced the other troll. They snarled aggressively at each other, loud feral noises ripping from their diaphragms.

“I’m not gonna motherfucking best friend you now,”

“No one asked you to fuckass! What the fucking shit cake of hell are you doing with my matespirt! Fucking trying to pail her when i’m not looking? Jegus Gamzee! It’s bad enough she always has to run to you when she’s upset and it’s like she loves you more but now what you suddenly magic shit poof love her back ! You’re not my best friend you’re just.. arg! We’re so not going to hug this one out FUCKASS!”

you watched in utter horror as Karkat shoved Gamzee and Gamzee did nothing much as flinch.

“You stupid subjugulator sissy ass nookstain!” uselessy Karkat punched at Gamzee and he put his hands on the smaller trolls shoulders and easily flipped around over in an acrobatic flowing motion to land behind him, his momentum and grip on the smaller troll propelling the cancer backwards now to land with a loud thud on the floor. The groaning mess on the floor was supposed to be your matesprit…

“You’re problem, best friend, is that you’re always all up and talking too much, you don’t know how to all up and let anyone be themselves, you’re always so fucking busy trying to tell them how to be or you’re all up and insulting their wicked shit for no good motherfucking reason. You might think, my think pan is all rotten, but at least I have a motherfuckin’ feeling or two!”

With an awful snarl Karkat was up and captchalogged his sicles. He swiped at Gamzee angrily, red tears pouring out from the corners of his balefully glaring eyes. …

“Well your problem is that you never understand shit! You don’t understand how I feel you idiotic bulge banger! You don’t understand shit what it’s like to be on your fucking own nothing but to wallow in your own self party pity mud beast pen of shit! To kick you’re coward mutant ass for no reason other than you’re not fucking good enough!”

Each tactful swipe with the blade was averted with a lithe movement, a graceful twist, an acrobatic flip or contortion, Gamzee didn’t seek to hurt him now, he was still just listening.

“Karbro, you’re motherfucking wrong. I do know what that shit is, I know what it’s like to be fucking alone. I’m the motherfucker that grew up without a lusus. Yours was with you. Mine couldn’t be fucking bothered to slam a wicked elixr and shoot the shit for a few, that fucker wouldn’t give me the time of day,”

“Fuck you, Gamzee, I just want all the attention on me! There you go fuckass, make me feel even more like shit,”

“Shut up, Karkat,” Gamzee roared, his hands shooting around his neck, and your matesprit beginning to turn a very interesting shade of gray,

Before the larger troll had anything else to say, you interjected immediately, roaring stop and throwing yourself between the two of them, you pushed your hands against Gamzee’s chest, and begged him to set down your matesprit,

“Please, Gamzee, please don’t hurt him,” large crodile like tears began to plop against the floor of the highbloods hive, slowly he set Karkat down and embraced you, once again he was wiping your tears away when you had no right to be comforted.

“You really do motherfuckin’ love him don’t you?” he shushed you calmly and smoothed your hair allowing you to sob and nod your head furiously up and down.

“Then I’m going to let you fuckin’ go,” He tilted your chin to look up at him, softly he brought his lips to yours,

“If he doesn’t love you anymore, I’ll kick his ass again for you my wicked sister, and I’ll always love you the motherfuckin’ most, Honk,” he said softly as he pinched your nose.

You ran to Karkat’s side and helped him up, dejectedly he wrapped an arm around your shoulders and you began to make your way out of Gamzee’s hive and back to Karkat’s. The highblood stood in the door with a sad grin, and a lackadasical wave as you wandered back to your residence. Karkat flopped onto the couch and muttered a deep sigh.

“That was fucking horrible, I hate you both,”

Stunned by his cruel words you smacked his already sore cheek and screamed in frustration,

“Karkat Vantas, if that’s really how you feel about he, then I should go back to Gamzee, he know how to be sweet and compassionate! He honestly loves me!”

Karkat stood looking so angry it put a tremor down your spine, what he did next was an even bigger shock, he grabbed handful of your hair and pulled you close, kissing you roughly, hotly, just as passionately as Gamzee, with that same edge of claim, his hands found your ass as he lifted you and wrapped your legs about his hips, he broke the kiss after a few moments and bowed his head into your shoulder…

“It’s not that I don’t love you fuckass, it’s that I don’t always know how to share it, I do. I love you more than anything. You give me a reason to not hate myself, and give me something to love. I never feel like I used to.. unless I think of losing you. That thought of losing you scares me more than anything in this world ever could. I don’t want you to fucking leave me, because without you I would be absolutely nothing,”

You held him tightly, and everything clicked inside you, you understood what love meant. It wasn’t just about him caring about you or showing his affections, it was about you taking care of him and loving him, and not only being his lover but truly his friend . That cantankerous troll holding you, you knew you could never live without.

“Karkat.. “

“I love you,” he murmured simply as he sniffed you,

“You fucking smell like him,” his growl was of jealously, and instantly, Gamzee’s shirt went flying off of you and he carried you to the shower, quickly he stripped himself, keeping his eye contact with you, his bulge already awake and squirming as he leaned and ran the hot water, he barely bothered to close the curtain as he stepped in and shoved you against the wall kissing you passionately, you moaned softly and smiled as he continued his assault. He stopped found the soap and lathered his hands. His touches were intimate rough and possesive, yet so soothing at the same time.

His hands stroked your breasts and pinched your nipples forcing you to keen softly, his hands skimmed farther down rubbing your pussy softly, sliding his fingers between the wet lips,

“I know that’s not just for me…. But I’m going to make sure it’s only me you’re thinking off,” You blushed realizing he was talking about Gamzee… any thought was jarred from your head as Karkat softly pushed two fingers into your aching passage, you moaned softly as his slow but deep and rough strokes stimulated every nerve and tissue, he hit just the right spot as his thumb found your throbbing clit. It massaged gently circles as his fingers pumped in and out. With his free hand  he lifted you against the wall under the spray, his fingers were removed now but the massage of your clitoris never ceased…

“You’re mine, mine, no one else’s ever…!” he thrust his bulge into you and pinne dyour arms over your head laying kisses along your neck and cheek, your collar bone, your lips, as his hips thrusted against yours and his fingers rubbed your clit. You could feel the pressure building and his loud calling of your name, and staccato movements told you he was close as well.

“Karkat,” you cried out as you began to come undone in his arm, his teeth sunk deep into your should to muffle his own cries as his genetic material, a hot cherry red, pulsed out for what seemed like forever, each twitch of his bulge brought about another tremor for you. Slowly he set you down and hugged you to him. Allowing you to stand on your own, he softly kissed your forehead and you closed your eyes enjoying the moment.

  “I love you,” he repeated again, “And I always will,”

  “I love you too Karkat,”


Open starter/backstory

*Your name is Michelle Zaveri, you’re 5'7, female, have shoulder-length, dark brown hair that’s dyed purple on the ends, you have greenish-blue eyes, have a stick-like, hourglass figure, several beauty marks (two on the tip of your nose and one above the left corner of your mouth), and you’re wearing a female page of breath’s god tier outfit as you sit, panting, at the edge of a hold you just dug yourself out of using a small vortex of wind, you also appear to be on one of your land’s small islands, a few of your purple snake consorts slithering up to you to make sure you’re ok as you tiredly chuckle and finish crawling out of the hole*  “I’m fine guys, don’t worry."  *You then check your wallet captchalog to make sure you still have all your stuff, which you do, but what’s this? You pull out a small glowing rock that you don’t recognize and start examining it until it suddenly flashes brightly and seems to teleport you to an entirely new world*

Open starter/About (kinda)

*Your name is Michelle Zaveri, you’re 5'7, female, have shoulder-length, dark brown hair that’s dyed purple on the ends, you have greenish-blue eyes, have a stick-like, hourglass figure, several beauty marks (two on the tip of your nose and one above the left corner of your mouth), and you’re wearing a female page of breath’s god tier outfit as you sit, panting, at the edge of a hold you just dug yourself out of using a small vortex of wind, you also appear to be on one of your land’s small islands, a few of your purple snake consorts slithering up to you to make sure you’re ok as you tiredly chuckle and finish crawling out of the hole*  “I’m fine guys, don’t worry.“  *You then check your wallet captchalog to make sure you still have all your stuff, which you do, but what’s this? You pull out a small glowing rock that you don’t recognize and start examining it until it suddenly flashes brightly and seems to teleport you to an entirely new world*

==> Bel: Reunite with your matesprit.

You’re in such a rush to see him, you almost forget about the grue pop he asked for. You’re out the door when you remember it; you dash back in and grab one from the thermal hull, and a chili chocolate one for yourself. Captchalog those, dash out again – tell yourself sternly not to run on the stairs – run on the stairs anyway, and vault the turnings. Leap from dock to Carla, skid on wet decking but catch yourself, take the companionway two steps at a time. Run right past the open mediablock door before you register that you saw him in there, catch yourself by one arm on the doorframe and try to reverse direction – which is when your luck and grace desert you. Your feet go out from under you, and you land on your ass.

Moving with just a little bit less haste, you pull yourself upright and stumble in, out of breath and grinning. God it’s good to see him.

==> Bel: Finish what you started.

It’s another half hour before you get down to the Binsense. First you have to start a load of laundry, and dig through your closet for something clean and halfway warm to wear. You end up in a pair of night-camo fatigues that were too small for you a perigee ago (have you really lost that much weight from stress? Galley and Pancho are right to be on your case about eating!), a brown t-shirt with a faded red star on it (you don’t remember buying it and have no idea where it came from; possibly a freebie with some video game?), and a peacoat that is too tight in the shoulders and won’t button over your chest. If you try to cross your arms you’ll rip the back out. You’ll give it to Galley as soon as it stops raining, you decide.

Then you have to log in through various layers of security on one of the husktops cluttering the dining room table so you can give the whole crew viewing permissions for all the cameras you’ve got littering the landscape, add a note to that effect to Pancho’s memo, log back out and captchalog a couple of the computers so you can work from the Binsense if that ends up being a thing you want to do.

Then, because you’re completely starving, you go through the kitchen collecting whatever leftovers and snacks come to hand. The pickings are annoyingly slim thanks to that care package you had Pancho put together for Aspera. God that was a dumb idea. (It was totally not a dumb idea. The look on his face!)

And then you need to swing by your little cave-boathouse-shed-thing and pick up a half dozen jerry cans of diesel.

But at last you step onto your little boat and knock on the companionway door.

“Ahoy the jam! I come bearing snacks!”