So #AskColin trended #1 Worldwide today....

- He only answered questions for about one hour. (I counted 67 replies)

I know of at least 3 or more of us in the tag that had our questions answered….

Brittany, Milly and I did… Anyone else?

Let’s take a count.

I know he also answered a ‘captainswanning’ although i don’t know this person on Tumblr. Anyone know them?

Plus a lot of the questions were just about his interests: favorite instrument, favorite movie, that sort of thing. I think our questions were great. Good job, beanies. I’m proud of you guys!

That sure seems like a high volume of Captain Swan to me. :D ?

Prompt #5

Captainswanthief asked: Emma refuses to let Neal go and saves both of them from the portal then has to rush to save his life. 

Note: Bless you for sending this prompt in. It was amazing to write and fluffy as hell. Which I think we all need. So enjoy!

“It’s over.” Emma said, pointing the gun at Tamara. 

“No,” Tamara replied from her place on the floor, reaching into her pocket and pulling out one of the beans. “It’s not." 

She tossed the bean in their direction and Emma gasped as she took a step back, watching as the bean glowed a bright green and then started to open into a portal. She quickly grabbed onto a metal pipe, already feeling the portal start to suck her in. 

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Kailee’s Follow Forever 2013.

Well I finally decided to do one of these…So here is my current follow forever list! All these blogs are flawless and amazing and give meh so many feeeels. Love you all!

I probs forgot like a million of my favorites so I will be updating this throughout the year!

A-D: amyjpond | amypond | amysgoneaugwins | byebyemyponds | captainswanthief | chroniclesofpanem | clara-oswald | comealongswan doctorwho | donnanobless |

E-H: eternallyromantic| faithfulpond| fredweasley | frostingpeetaswounds | gillanfrey | houseofhawthornes |

I-L: jackhardnesss | ladyofpanem | lazoey |

M-Q: mattandkaz | mockingjayiscatchingfire | msynergy | muhlrk | nearlyheadlessfinnick |  nowenteringfairybrooke | oistupidface | painterpeeta | peenisseverlark | pondelia | pondory | pondsandbeyond |

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