New video!! I got to meet CaptainSparklez!!

a description of a few letsplayers: by urs truly
  • markiplier: yells??? a lot??? is probably a small dog because he's so cute but i dont know idk you didn't hear that from me. also is blue. very blue. many much blues.
  • jacksepticeye: probably bleeds green??? i mean idk he's irish. he looks like he gives rly gud hugs and thats all that matters?????? i mean hugs are great who doesn't like hugs
  • pewdiepie: has an obsession with ducks?? maybe thats his final form. or his fursona. has a fist dildo??? what the fuck has he been doing with it?? do i want to know?? probably not
  • cinnamontoastken: he's literally??? a giant cuddle bear?? i can't handle this he is way too cute and has hella tattoos and a sick as frick beard
  • cryoatic: literally has an eargasm-worthy voice, he's got such a cute giggle too man i trust cryoatic with my life idk bout u
  • cr1tikal: liTERALLY WHAT THE FUCK HIS EYEBROWS ARE NATURAL AND THEY ARE MORE ON FLEEK THAN MY ENTIRE LIFE WHAT THE HELL IS THIS. also his face?? does not match his voice what the hell
  • captainsparklez: he's actually a valuable shitpost i cannot believe it, he's so cute and the way his cheeks turn pink when he giggles is when i slowly die from cute
  • syndicate: turnt. as. hell. he's such a party animal and i love him bc he looks like he gives such good hugs and probably cries when there are baby puppies in the same room as him i cry