sometimes i wonder what the moores would think of sam now, or what they even thought of him when he disappeared, of this kid, this young man who was force fed so much turkey by jess’s grandmother that he looked about ready to pass out, who accepted ugly sweater contest jabs (“what ugly sweater?”) in stride, who did not speak openly about his family but was welcomed into theirs nonetheless, who let a three year-old stick rainbow barrettes in his hair for the sake of amusing her, who loved their daughter and wasn’t overly subtle about it

but then there was the sam after the fire, stoic and quiet at the funeral with a man they didn’t recognize, who offered them his condolences with watery eyes but declined any offers to stay with them, said he needed time, said they all did, said he and his brother (that’s who he was, the quiet man with the hard eyes and half-nods scanning the room) needed to find their father, said he loved her, said he missed her, hugged her mother and let her cry into his shoulder, said he’d never forgive himself

the fire’s ruled suspicious, the circumstances are unsettling, there are no concrete answers, and there is never any word back from sam aside from the week he and his brother stayed for the service, and after a few months there is some resentment, some bitterness bubbling up, brief moments of you left and my daughter died that they instantly regret, and sometimes they just wonder, wonder about sam, wonder about their daughter

the winchester show up on the news, show up wanted by the fbi, show up in prison, show up dead, show up as a pair of serial killers

the mugshot of the boy who was once sat at their kitchen table over a weekend, spent the new years with them, wished them all merry christmas stares back out at them, murders a man in cold blood, is a wanted killer and they think oh god, think no think you left and my daughter died

seven minutes. deancas, 1.3k

Dean has no idea how he got here.

It started with prom. He and Cas went together, obviously, because they’ve been best friends for six years and it would’ve been dumb to go with anyone else. But then prom was over and they all went to Charlie’s house for the after-party, and some dumbass had the brilliant idea to play Seven Minutes in Heaven. Garth. It was probably Garth’s idea.

So maybe Dean was a little tipsy – okay, a lot tipsy – and Cas was looking really, really nice with his shirtsleeves rolled up, but that still doesn’t explain how Dean got here. Here being locked inside a dark closet in Charlie Bradbury’s basement. With Castiel Novak.

“This is ridiculous,” he says. He shakes the doorknob, hoping that maybe it’ll somehow click open and let him out, out and away from this situation. This horrifying, mortifying situation. “They can’t expect us to– I mean, it’s rilicudous.”

“Ridiculous,” Cas corrects. “You’re drunk, Dean.” It’s too dark to see him, but his voice comes from somewhere near Dean’s knees, like he gave up and sat down on the floor.

“So what if I am?”

Cas sighs. “The door’s locked, Dean.”

“I know.” But Dean quits trying to break down the door. “Dude, how are you so calm about this?”

“It’s seven minutes. Hardly something to get flustered over.”

“Yeah, but seven minutes during which we’re supposed to… y’know.”

“No. Enlighten me.”

“You’re rolling your eyes at me, aren’t you?”

Cas doesn’t say anything. Dean loosens his tie. It’s getting kind of warm in here. He’s probably blushing or something. Maybe it’s better that the lights are off.

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dean/cas fic: catharsis (2.3k)

catharsis: episode tag, 2.3k, angst, alcohol abuse, spoilers for 12x03.

The clock on the shelf won’t stop ticking.

Dean scrubs his hands through his hair and hunches closer to the table. He sucks in a breath, but it catches halfway down, aching there like it’s trying to claw its way out of his chest. A noise shudders in his throat. He reaches for his beer ─ his fourth, maybe his fifth. All that’s left is the bottom of the bottle. It goes down like lukewarm piss.

It’s been about an hour since ─ fuck. Since. He’s having trouble keeping his eyes open. He rubs at them until gray spots buzz behind his eyelids. He sucks in another breath, and then another. Then he pops the cap on a fresh beer. The bottle is wet from sitting out. He wipes the sweat-ring off the table with the palm of his hand.

The clock is still ticking. Dean drains the neck of his beer and replays the last two days in his head. He thinks about the snacks he bought, the music he listened to, the route he took to St. Paul, the greasy spoon he stopped at for lunch. Somewhere in there, he must’ve made a bad decision. Knowing him, probably more than one.

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healthy bromances, ft. gay sex

short drabble based on that hilariously atrocious article on nerd reactor. dean/cas, ~800 words, slightly nsfw

“Dean, I found something on the internet,” Cas calls from the dining room.

Dean sets down the butter knife he’s holding, mayonnaise clinging to the blade from where he’s lathered it into their BLT’s.

“You what?” he asks, wiping his hands on his jeans and making his way from the kitchen to where Cas is seated around the corner. There’s a laptop on the table in front of him and Cas’s eyes are fixed squarely on whatever’s on the screen. From the pinched, frustrated look on his face, it can’t be something good. “What did you find, babe?”

Cas’s eyes only flutter momentarily at the pet name before replying. “It’s an article someone has written about the Supernatural book series.”

“Oh no,” Dean groans. “Cas, don’t look at shit like that, man. It’ll just make your head hurt.”

“Charlie sent me the link. Dean,” Cas pins him with a serious glare, “this man is very wrong.”

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get to know me meme

     ➥ [10] favourite movies: The Avengers (2012)

“It’s what we call ourselves. We’re sort of like a team. ‘Earth’s Mightest Heroes’ type thing.”

Ballet AU

A/N: Cross posted from twitter, expanded on a smidgen. This is literaryoblivion‘s fault. – Single dad!Dean, AU, 500 wc, G. herowords:

Let’s think about Dean signing up his little girl for ballet. It’s all she talks about for a month straight, so he finally researches a bunch of studios before finding one that comes highly recommended by everyone and signing her up.

On her first day the studio tells him he can stay and watch or come back for her when she’s finished. He at least wants to meet the teacher, so he walks his baby girl to class where there’s an array of three and four year olds swathed in pink. 

He doesn’t see the teacher anywhere, but he does spot a man with dark hair standing by the stereo. He’s barefoot, and dressed in loose sweat shorts, and a tank top, so Dean approaches him. 

“Hey,” Dean says, “my daughter’s new here. Do you know where I can meet the teacher?”

The man turns to him, eyes bright blue and face like a freaking angel. “You can meet him right here,” the man says.

For a moment Dean thinks it’s a joke. Greek gods don’t teach preschool ballet classes. But there’s no trace of laughter in the man’s eyes, only an easy smile that makes Dean melt a little on the inside. 

“Oh,” Dean says, if not breathlessly, and the man extends a hand.

“Mr. C,” he says. “Or Castiel if you prefer.”

Dean swallows hard, doesn’t miss the other man tracking the movement, and reaches blindly for his daughter.

“This is Charlie,” Dean says, because he has to say something, “and I’m Dean.”

The man smiles, with his mouth this time, and crouches to Charlie’s level. “Hello, little bird.” He says gently, eyes twinkling. 

Charlie looks up at Dean for reassurance - he’s taught her, dutifully, not to speak to anyone she doesn’t know. (Though he meant when he’s not around, but it’s good to know she’s listened.) - and he nods. 

“Hello,” she says back.

“You look very pretty,” the teacher, Castiel, tells her, and maybe Dean beams a little because he did that perfect bun all by himself, thank you very much. “Are you ready to learn ballet?”

Charlie nods enthusiastically. 

Castiel’s smile deepens. “We’re going to have a lot of fun,” he tells her, and then he’s sending her off to sit with the other girls and standing to meet Dean’s gaze again.

Dean offers him a weak smile, heart pounding and stomach a mess of butterflies. 

“Will you be staying to watch?” Castiel wonders, and Dean nods.

“Yeah,” he says, “yeah, I think I will.”

And he does stay, for the first class and every one after that. And maybe he spends half the time watching Castiel teach, but that’s just to make sure his daughter’s getting a proper ballet education, right?…

sam sneaking up behind jess to snake his cold hands up her sweater and she shrieks and tells him to oh don’t you dare, go aWAY SAM HOW DARE YOU STOP IT and he just laughs and presses his palms against her belly while she squirms and says but you’re warm before she grumbles and ducks away from him

later that night jess rolls over in bed and gets her revenge when she sees that sam’s shirt has ridden up in his sleep and so she grins and presses her cold feet against the small of his back and sam yelps and rolls out of bed fully prepared to defend himself, only to spin around to find her cackling

jess is still laughing when sam flops back down on the bed and bundles them both up in the blankets and calls a truce

1.2k of dumb 11.04 coda for @leknope​ who is a terrible enabler and should not be trusted with dumb twitter conversations. s/o to @beenghosting​ for engaging in this nonsense with me. this is a tiny bit of h/c, a lot of fluff. I’m sorry. (ao3)

In the end, Dean doesn’t let him heal the soreness in his muscles.

He lets Cas heal the bite and the scrapes and scratches from the day but stops him before he does anything else. Cas lets him and ducks his head a little bit to hide his small smile.

He’s just glad Dean let him help at all. 

Dean pushes himself up from the bathroom counter with a groan and rolls his head from side to side, trying to loosen up the muscles. 

Cas watches him a little bit awkwardly, unsure of what to do. 

“Well,” Dean clears his throat after a beat, “I think I’m gonna turn in for the night.”

He pauses in the doorway, his hand hesitating over the doorframe for a moment, “You comin, Cas?” 

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the archangel, seraph, the righteous warrior, 
hailbringer and soldier of the lord almighty
cast from the heavens and unto the earth, we angels 
are going home for are we not our father's children?

i. we move lightly // dustin o’hallaran ii. lúppulagið // sigur rós iii. fok // ólafur arnalds iv. dream of flying // brain crain v. redeemer // paul cardall vi. river flows in you // yiruma vii. arrival of the birds // the city of prague cinematic orchestra viii. clair de lune // claude debussey ix. your hand in mine // explosions in the sky x. adagio for strings // samuel barber xi. the call within // dario marianelli xii. naval // yann tiersen xiii. the swan // camillle saint-saëns xiv. daydreams // abel korzeniowski xv. divenire // ludovico einaudi xvi. hope // paul cardall xvii. ekki múkk // sigur rós xviii. nothing it can // helios xix broken // ólafur arnalds xx. palladio // karl jenkins xxi. time // hans zimmer xxii november // max richter xxiii. london calling // michael giacchino xiv. dance of the knights // sergei prokofiev xv. mhysa // ramin djawadi xxvi. what do the skies see? // dario marianelli xxvii the double // clint mansell xxviii. come my son // x-ray dog xxix. turbine womb // soap&skin xxx. “this is my choice” // alan silvestri

“Hey, you know I love you, right?” 

Castiel looks up at Dean after a beat and frowns, tilting his head to the side, “Yes, Dean. I… am aware.” 

Dean blushes and rolls his eyes a little, anything to avoid making eye contact, “No, I just -” He huffs and rubs the back of his neck, “You know that. Right?” 

“That you love me?” Cas is wearing a small, slightly teasing smile (because he’s an asshole).

Dean can feel his cheeks blushing, the blood turning even the tips of his ears bright red as he glares at Cas.

“That doesn’t feel like love to me, Dean,” Castiel teases gently. 

“Your face doesn’t feel like love,” he grumbles petulantly, kicking a leg on the chair Cas is in.

Castiel laughs quietly, warm and melodic and it makes something in Dean’s chest swell with a stupid amount of love and affection for the dork next to him.

Neither one of them say anything for a few minutes, both pretending to read the books in front of them. 

Eventually Cas murmurs without looking up from the book, “For the record, Dean?” 

He glances up slowly, almost like he’s expecting to be startled. 

“I love you too,” Castiel hums with a small smile on his face.

Dean ducks his head to hide how much he’s smiling though it doesn’t do much to hide the blush that’s spreading all the way down his neck. 

“And red is a very good color for you, Dean.” 

“I take it back. I hate you.” 

Castiel huffs, a small grin on his face, “Okay, Dean.” 

Mshenko AUs Fics list

for “what  might have been” mass effect theme (find more by tag meflashfanwork)

  1. Downtown Eastside by @renlyslittlerose: Awesome Moder!AU with rich Kaidan and gang banger. Still WIP (30 chapters from 33), but absolutelly must read!
  2. A Most Unexpected Man series: Omegavarse!AU. It`s probably the best AU I`ve read. 7 works wich you fall in love from the first sight. A true masterpiece!
  3. Citadel Five-0 by @trippingelves: AU with Detective!Alenko and Criminal!Shepard. It`s really cute and makes you smile.
  4. Captain Of My Soul by @willowdeville: AU where Alenko have  became a Spectre, but where he`ve never meet Shepard before. A WIP too, but believe me, this story worth to wait!
  5. Long Train Running by @captainshakespear: Shepard is just a guy Kaidan sees sometimes on the subway home from work. It`s a canon ME universe, but with Detective!Shepard and Teacher!Kaidan.
  6. Mass Effect:Broken Universe :Au with Subject Zero!Kaidan. What could be better?
  7. Suffocate by @arcticlucie: Shepard Twins!AU. Honestly, I could write a book about how good this work is, but it would be still not enough. Description of Mshenko is really sweet and Possessive!Jane is icing on the cake.
  8. Burn Down The Sky by @jupiterjames: Firefighter!AU A perfect cocktail of Love,Drama,Mistery and Fire.
  9. Under Investigation by @missannaraven Detective!AU with thrilling plot and “enemies to loves” relationship between Shepard and Kaidan.Perfect!
  10. Feels Like Home by @ltleflrt: Modern!AU Good story started with Kaidan,who was trevelling aroud the country by bike, stopped in little town called Citadel. Herehe met a mechanic, Matthew Shepard, who had a PTSD (Posttraumatic stress disorder) +BONUS Home Away From Home  is an official crossover Feels Like Home and Burn Down The Sky.
  11. Gunpowder And Cinnamon: by @antivanrogue Cutest Bakery!AU with soldier Shepard and bakery owner Kaidan, who makes the best steak pie in Vancover.+ here is the best Ashley ever.
  12. Heels On Fire: Biker!Shepard AU with really great illustrations!


Fic Recs

These are some of my favorite m!Shenko fanfics of all time. I’ll try to keep this list updated as I come across new stories. Also, just in case the original link goes down for whatever reason, I have the fics saved here in my Calibre library in ePub format.

Gunpowder and Cinnamon by januarys & PetitAvocat

Modern day AU. Kaidan and Ashley own a bakery in Vancouver. Shepard’s on shore leave and wants to try one of their infamous steak pies.

Tumblr: @onceuponafrancine (januarys) & @antivanrogue (PetitAvocat)

Feels Like Home by Ltleflrt

Modern day AU. Matthew Shepard is a mechanic in the small town of Citadel. Kaidan’s bike breaks down while he’s on the road.

Tumblr: @ltleflrt

Burn Down The Sky by Jupiter_james

Firefighter AU. Shepard and Kaidan are both part of Virmire’s House 5.

Tumblr: @jupiterjames

Long Train Runnin’ by captainshakespear & illiaedeum

Modern subway AU. Kaidan, a teacher at the biotic high school, spots “hot subway guy” on the way home from work one day. Over the course of months, their relationship goes from strangers to friends to something more. Comes with an accompanying playlist!

Tumblr: @captainshakespear (captainshakespear) & @jokerondeck (illiaedeum)

The Synthempathy Outcome by Imperator

Post-war synthesis. Starts with the Citadel date and extends through its own storyline years into the future. Features OCs and technology unique to this story. My personal headcanon.

Textbooks & Football by Dexterous_Sinistrous

High school AU. Kaidan has a crush on the new football captain, Leon Shepard.

Tumblr: @dexterous-sinistrous

Finding Peace by MagicMage

Post-war. Shepard wakes up from his coma with PTSD from the events of the past 4 years and Kaidan’s there to help him sort it out.

Tumblr: @magicmage

The Legacy of Sacrifice by Lanfear

Post-war. Another enemy threatens the galaxy, and this time Shepard isn’t able to be involved in the capacity that he once was. (I’m sorry! That’s the best summary I could write without giving away spoilers!)

Tumblr: @lanfear

The Difference between the Sea and Sky by bagog
140k WIP

The story of Ben Shepard in Mass Effect 3. It’s set during ME3 but it narrates the times in between missions, how the characters are affected by them, etc.

Tumblr: @bagog

Soldier’s Heart by Lemon
26k WIP

Post-war. Shepard’s having trouble with PTSD and he goes to a therapist to help.

Tumblr: @renlyslittlerose

Wish You Were Here by potionsmaster

ME1. Shepard accompanies Kaidan home during shore leave. Both are interested in the other, neither realizes the other feels the same about them.

Tumblr: @nightmarestudio606

Suffocate by ArchLucie

AU. Kaidan was grieving after losing Jane Shepard to the reapers. Then he meets John Shepard, her bother. The Normandy (with two Shepards) then proceeds to go through the events of ME2 and ME3.

Tumblr: @arcticlucie

Citadel Five-0 by synergy

AU. Kaidan and Garrus are C-Sec officers. Shepard shows up and starts causing trouble.

Always by Mareel60k WIP

A large collection of one-shots and drabbles set during ME3. Currently there are 43 works in this series.

Tumblr: @mareel

Bonus Fic!

Caught Looking by draco_illius_noctis
78k WIP

Baseball AU. In which Anders is a major-league pitcher for the Kirkwall Champions and Hawke is a baker who also happens to be Anders’ #1 fan. (Not mShenko, but still totally worth mentioning.)

Tumblr: @draco-illius-noctis

OK, I hope you’ve enjoyed the fics on this list, and if you have any suggestions that aren’t on here, please message them to me so I can update this!

(for captainshakespear, who is having a long day)

Let’s talk about Dean calling Cas while he’s on the road. He doesn’t know why he does it; Cas is busy doing angel things, and god knows he booked out of the bunker as fast as he could the night they patched up Dean’s soul, but Dean is stuck in a shitty motel outside Springfield, trapped indoors because of the rain, and Sam off somewhere hustling pool, and Dean can’t make himself settle, even after two beers.

Cas answers on the third ring, his voice slow and quiet and gruff, and for a split-second Dean worries that Cas had been sleeping, then remembers that Cas is all juiced up again. That doesn’t stop him from imagining it: Cas rubbing at his eyes, and at the pillow creases on his cheek, his hair disheveled, curling wildly behind his ears.

“Where are you?” Dean asks.

“Logan, Utah,” Cas replies, and that’s over a thousand miles from Missouri, too far drive to out there on the pretense of a hunt, but he wants to – Jesus Christ, he wants to. He and Sam came to Springfield for a job that turned out to be bogus, and Sam figured they’d might as well stay the night and make a few dollars since they already charged the room, but Dean would hit the road in an instant if he thought Cas wanted him around.

He sighs instead, and mumbles, “Sorry,” into the phone, because Utah is the worst, easily his least favorite state. “Are you having any luck, at least?”

“No,” Cas admits irritably. “Locating these angels is proving difficult, likely because they do not want to be found, and – I’m not sure forcing them to return to heaven is still the best course.”

“Then stop,” Dean blurts, and heat flushes across his face, but now that the words have started he can’t make himself stop. “Come back h – come back to the bunker. Sammy and I are heading there in the morning.”

“Dean, I – ”

“I miss you.”

Cas is silent for a long time, long enouh that Dean almost hangs up, embarrassment a living thing in his gut. They’ve been friends all these years, but Cas has his mojo back, and is making plans to go back to heaven and maybe stay there, and Dean is just a dipshit human who keeps getting himself marked for hell. Then:

“I miss you, too.” Cas sighs into the phone, the sound rattling in Dean’s ear like the wind. “Of all the things I have done on earth, I much prefer hunting with you to anything else.”

It takes a second for that to sink in – to really sink in – but when it does, the cold weight that has been in Dean’s gut for weeks starts to warm and ease away. “Then do it. Come back.”

“Yes, all right. I – I will.”

“Okay,” Dean says, smiling. “I’ll see you at home.”

When the Bough Breaks || DCBB15 || captainshakespear & deanisthesun || art by glossostiel || graphic by (x)(x) ||

Years after the Darkness has been defeated, Dean and Cas are living the apple pie life in small-town Kansas. They don’t hunt anymore, and would like to keep it that way, but a few young hunters who come knocking at their door have different plans.

Dean, Cas and Sam reluctantly agree to help out, but what ought to be a simple case becomes far more complicated and dangerous than they first counted on. And when the hunt starts to invade the normal lives they’ve carved out for themselves and their kids, Dean and Cas begin to wonder if escaping the hunting life altogether, might have been wishful thinking after all.

…Coming October 2015