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I have to confess something: The reason I submitted to the Smash Art Collab is so I can make a full body drawing to feature on my commission sheet. I’m glad I ran into shelzie, great dude and good motivator.

Now  I can make another info sheet to compliment my portrait offer. All i have to do is make a couple of more samples and I will have a full info sheet. Hopefully I’m not too late in case anyone in interested.

Come to think of it, this Falcon drawing would make a cool poster for conventions….YESH!

Obligatory commission plug here

Laying on the roof of the flat, Sal quietly watched the watched the dubstep-pounding ship– the S.S. SplatterStomp –slide by through the sky. His face was filled with a mixture of emotions eventually contorting into confusion and concern.

Finally, he pulled himself to his feet and hoisted his Nautishot up from beside him. Sighing, he snapped off his headset’s communications. He doubted that there was much chance the agents had failed to keep track of the unusual event, but as things were, he didn’t want them following him where he was going.

Pulling himself off the roof and using the window sills as temporary footholds, he brought himself to the ground. Only shortly letting himself in to leave a note, he soon made off down the street and along the path he’d so often traveled.

His destinations wasn’t one he’d traveled to before, but during his time there, he’d spent enough time to get a figuring on how to get there. And that was enough for him. He stepped in and gave a short glance around at the near-empty night plaza before approaching off toward the side of Inkopolis Tower.

Crouching down, he wrapped his fingers around the grate to lift it up and, shifting into his nautilus form, descended down below.

With so much on his mind as he walked through the streets, Sal hardly realized how far he’d walked when he looked up and found the sun falling and himself standing across the street from the flat. He was far from tired but all the same he felt as though he’d dragged himself through days of sleepless nights.

He could see the lights on inside as he looked across to the flat, but he didn’t move to head in. He shut his eyes with a sigh, rocking on his heels a little. He didn’t wanna head back in yet. Soon enough, he found himself sitting up at his familiar spot on the roof with his headset’s communications flicked on.

Staring across the city aimlessly, he couldn’t help but sigh again. He could see the tower of Inkopolis far across the skylights and even more noticed the additional billboards rising above the plaza. Of course, he’d almost forgotten about the festival…

He rested his hands on his shell and dug his palms into his eyes to rub them. Ugh, good god, what kinda of hellish timing was this? While the festival went on and the Inklings fought each other in blissful ignorance, who knew what sort of things were going on on the other side of the bay.

Drawing in a deep breath, he dug his phone from his jacket pockets and stared at it.

Sal kept trying for each of the different numbers in his phone, hoping at least one of them would work and a message would go through, but he just kept getting the same failure message over and over. Finally he just set it aside, squeezing his eyes shut.

He wasn’t making any progress like this. Really, at this rate, his best bet was to go straight to the heart of the festival. If he couldn’t contact Agent 4, his only other option really was… He groaned quietly. An option that wasn’t even viable throughout the festival.

Abruptly, the sound of a far off bang echoed through the skies. He tensed up for a moment but grew relaxed when he looked up and saw the fading embers of fireworks. Looked like the festival had begun. He snatched up his phone, quickly glancing at it. No new messages…

Quickly, he snatched up his gear and made his way down from the roof and back to the ground. Turning about, he looked back to the flat again. The lights were out now. Swearing, he started off down the street, quickly tapping away on his phone.

Down the Magellanic Highway. Captains Flat near Canberra, Australia. My Magellanic Cloud photos always seem to get lots of likes & comments, so here’s another.
Those blobs of light toward the left are the Large (lower) and Small (upper) Magellanic Clouds. They are companion galaxies of our galaxy, the Milky Way and are between 160,000 (Large) & 200,000 (Small) light years away. 🌌📷 Canon EOS 6D, Samyang 14mm @ f/4.0, 20 sec @ ISO 6400. (at Captains Flat, New South Wales)

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So embarrassing crush story: One Fourth of July, I had my crush over for dinner and fireworks with my family. We were getting dinner ready and we were talking and having a great time, when I cut my finger really bad on a potato slicer. I almost passed out from the blood (which was a lot) and it was really awkward for him because my family was looking at it and saying "I can see the bone!" And things like that. Ever since, he has referred to me by the nickname "captain flat finger." So yeah.

Awe babe, do you still like him?

Galactic gateway. South of Canberra, my nation’s capital.
The green tint to the sky is airflow, caused by oxygen in our atmosphere being excited by cosmic rays. (at Captains Flat, New South Wales)

Out for a spin around the Galaxy.
The foreground was lit by a torch (flashlight) put inside a white plastic bag to diffuse the light (thanks @roycebairphoto for ideas like that). The sky was lit by the masterful hand of the maker. (at Captains Flat, New South Wales)