Rex hates anything that has to do with dental work–dental cleaning, mouth surgery, even just a regular check up where nothing is touched. He does his best to avoid any sort of teeth-related meetings until the very last second, when it’s absolutely necessary.

Unfortunately, “the very last second” happens to be in the middle of a mission, when there’s no clean utensils and Novocain to knock him out. A molar has been bothering him to the point where he could barely handle brushing that side of his mouth (so he had avoided doing so for over a week now).

When Kix sees that Rex is having difficulty with his ration bar, he attempts to think back to the last time he saw Rex in the medbay for a non-concussion related checkup: over a month. Not wanting to startle the captain (who has taken to gently massaging his gums through his cheek), Kiz quietly pulls the necessary tools out of his medpac and calls on roughly six clones to gather around Rex (Jesse who felt like it was the right thing to do, Hardcase who just wanted to pin Rex because he could never do it on the mat, and four shinies who were a little too eager to “help out”).

With his eyes closed and all mental faculties focused on not screaming every time he hit his gum wrong, Rex doesn’t notice at first how quiet the camp has gotten or how still everything is until the back of his head feels a few degrees cooler. He opens his eyes to see a ground that is noticeably shadier than it was before. When he turns around, he sees a shiny standing above him; nervous, more than guilt-stricken, and with that same stupidly eager look on his face that all shinies sported. 

“Can I help you?” Rex asks, more than a little annoyed. 

The shinie only looks up uncertainly to the clone in front of Rex–Kix. “Sir, I wish  I didn’t have to do this.”

Rex blinks. “Do what–” then he sees the four other clones, the drill and pliers in Kix’s hands, the way he’s crouched in front of him. 

Rex almost bolts, trying and failing to escape before six armored bodies are crushing him into the dirt. Someone’s hand is in his mouth holding it open. Before anything even happens, Rex is screaming, screaming through the shiny’s hand and screaming even as Kix apologizes and says something like “I wish I didn’t have to do this, Captain”–then he’s absolutely shrieking in terror once the drill comes on and enters his mouth.

The whole thing doesn’t even take a minute, but Rex’s pain-filled shrieking and the tears in his eyes makes it horrible for everyone. When Kix uses the pliers to pull out half the tooth, Rex passes out.

When he wakes up again, his face is throbbing but there’s no pain– he can’t feel half his face. He wants to sit up but is’t sure he even knows how. When Rex is finally able to roll his head over and examine his surroundings, cool saliva runs over his face. Then, he remembers.

“Kith!” What the hell? Why can’t he talk? “Kith–wha…wha thith you thoo?!” He feels like an idiot because he’s obviously drooling all over himself and he can’t talk and he’s pretty sure the shinies are laughing at him (and that Hardcase is encouraging them to do so). “Kith, wha…?”

“Finally took care of that bothersome tooth, Captain.” He actually has the nerve to smile. “You’ll be feeling normal in no time.”

“Puck you, Kith!”

Kix chuckles. “Not in front of the shinies, sir.”

Rex lunges–or tries to–at Kix. It comes off as more of a lazy arm swing. “Immunna courth-marthal you, you thupid methic.”

Rex has half a mind to actually do it, too. At that moment, he doesn’t care that his tooth no long bothers him or that he’d be pain-free for probably the rest of his life; he wants to see Kix burn. “Imunna get you, methic…”

“Right, right–sure Rex.”

part of steve and bucky’s ‘yay we didn’t die’ post-mission routine 


winter soldier steve and bucky cap for airafleeza

I know I make these a lot, but I just wanted to say thanks for all of my followers, as of a few minutes ago I now have 150 of them. As all of you know I like to make head cannon posts when this happens, so here they are! (If any of you are wondering these will be the ‘captains sharing a flat college au’)

  • Oikawa is the one who suggests sharing an apartment with the other captains, his only condition was not telling Ushijima about it
  • Daichi was the one who told Ushijima
  • Although Daishou doesn’t room with them, he’ll stop by from time to time with baked goods and other confectionary items. He only does it because it annoys the fuck out of Kuroo 
  • Daishou and Terushima share the apartment across from theirs
  • When Bokuto told the others that he was dating Akaashi no one exept kuroo believed him. Even Ushijima had his doubts. That was until Bokuto showed them all a picture of a sleepy Akaashi wearing one of his stupid owl shirts
  • Daichi has a bunch of stupid graphic t’s that Suga bought for him. He thinks they’re absolutely horrendous but keeps them bc they remind him of Suga. (He also may or may not have a shirt with Suga’s face on it)
  • Imagine all of them trying to get Oikawa to accept Ushijima as a friend, but Oikawa constantly refusing. They finally reach a break through when Oikawa gets drunk and asks Ushijima if he thinks Iwaizumi likes him, to which Ushijima replies with an “Isn’t that obvious?” and tells Oikawa that he should confess to Iwaizumi 
  • spoiler alert: Oikawa confesses to Iwaizumi
  • Ushijima is IwaOi shipper trash number 1
  • Imagine the entirety of Nekoma going to visit Kuroo and bringing him a bunch of food/video games and such bc they’re all convinced that he isn’t able to take care of himself on his own. (His favorite part is when Kenma kisses him goodbye and Yaku slips him some money)
  • Daishou doesn’t do drugs or alcohol or smoking at all, which surprises everyone. What doesn’t surprise everyone is that Terushima is willing to try just about anything
  • Terushima and Daishou are the kind of guys who make weed brownies. One time Daishou accidentally eats one and gets completely fucked. He goes to Kuroo for help, but all he does is laugh at him, so he goes back to his apartment and passes out. Kuroo follows him and watches him until Terushima returns.
  • Terushima felt really bad afterwards and Daishou had the worst hangover
  • Ushijima going to the Shiratorizawa third years for love advice bc he wants to ask Tendou out but none of them have any clue on how to give advice. So he goes to Oikawa, but the thing is Oikawa gives absolutely shitty love advice 
  • Ushi ends up following his advice and sneaks onto Tendou’s apartment complex and stands outside of his room with a boombox over his head playing some Taylor Swift love song, and it totally works, like, Tendou runs down and JUMPS into Ushi’s arms with tears running down his face and they kiss in the moon light and all that romantic stuff
  • Semi takes a video of the entire thing and sends it to everyone
  • the other captaines are just like “Is it just me or does their individual cutness intensify when they’re together?”
  • Terushima has a crush on Daishou and it’s literaly the most awkward thing ever bc he can flirt with his teammates and he can flirt with strangers, but for some god forsaken reason every time he tries to flirt with that snake he slips up and embarrasses himself
  • but it’s okay bc Daishou thinks it’s cute
  • When they start dating people think it’s gonna be complete sin, but it’s literally the most awkward yet overly sweet thing anyone has ever seen
  • Makki and Matsun are the type of people who make unannounced visits and will just burst through the door at three in the morning, but it’s okay cus’ they always bring the saltiest of snacks and the dankest of memes
  • Just the captains being bros and going out for drinks at some old fashion bar, but it’s not just the “main” captains, but Daishou, Terushima, and Moniwa
  • speaking of Moniwa, this kid is so responsible that he has his own apartment that’s always neat and organized. His fridge is always full of a bunch of vegetables and his pantry is stuffed with snacks
  • Just the captains in the collage au makes me really happy 

You know I just love this au so much, even if it is overdone. I was actually thinking about making these head cannons any way, so when I saw that I reached 150 followers I thought “what perfect timing” and just wrote them down here. I wrote the Terushima x Daishou in here because I think it’s such a cute underrated ship, and I put Moniwa in because sometime people forget that he’s a captain too. 

Any way, thank you to all of my followers hope you enjoy!!!:) (also sorry about any typos/grammer mistakes, I’m not good at either to begin with also it’s like 3 in the morning as I write this)