captains are better than everything else

I think I will only accept a lion shuffle if it’s literally everyone ends up with a different lion.

Like, oops, Allura was actually TOTALLY FUCKING WRONG about EVERYONE because she had literally just met them 20 minutes ago.

Black - Lance (sure okay why not let’s give it a shot I’m down to clown, develops leadership qualities, this is reminding me of the pirate captain from Stardust for some reason, ‘the heart of the team’, Will listen to everyone and make the right call (eventually))

Yellow - Keith (Really works with his impulsiveness tbh?, The yellow lion makes him slow down and think b/c he can’t just bolt in, Will pull back and make everyone think twice, Sees the Big Picture better than everyone else on the team, No your family/Allura are not more important than the rest of the entire universe guys)

Green - Hunk (nosy, interested in learning, wants to touch EVERYTHING, will steal and read your diary and go through your files, crazy smart and eager to question)

Red - Pidge (I’m gunna BREAK INTO THE GG and SIT AT YOUR COMPUTER AND READ YOUR FILES then SCREAM AT YOU, openly impulsive and quick to temper, often takes the bullheaded approach, Will do her own thing regardless of what others think)

Blue - Shiro (The one that keeps the group together and calm, Moral support and there to listen, Will encourage you and make you feel like you can do anything)

5 Ships I’ll Go Down With

1. Steter

I mean obviously.

2. UraIchi

Love the potentially complicated dynamics between these two even while they click so well together.

3. R27

It’s sort of hilarious how much better a person fanon!Reborn is than canon!Reborn. I like R27 after Tsuna’s changed him.

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4. Hardison/Parker/Eliot

The OT3 to end all OT3s. I mean it’s practically canon.

5. McDanno

These two are just so compatible together. Steve does what he wants, Danno bitches about it, but at the end of the day, they still make the best partners in everything from crime-fighting to Grace.

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And one more just because it hits my inner romantic heart:

6. Captain Swan

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you hear of alpha girls,
and veil-clad girls,
and girls with metal in their skin.
all of them would be so easy to love.

but you love a girl
who is none of those things.

she is not an alpha; she does not
have to manipulate you in order
for you to love her; her skin is
soft like satin. she anchored
herself to the slim hope that
you would be a better man than
you thought you were, and somehow,
she made it come true.
she fell out of the sky for you.
and if this is not love, then you
don’t know what is.

and you’ve heard of girls who
are guiding lights, who are so pure
that they can be seen where
everything else is dark.
that’s what she is, you think.
your very own guiding light.

—  a lighthouse for the captain

Okay so this is the thing I just can never get over, right from the beginning Killian knew everything about Emma, on the beanstalk he saw right through everything and could read her like a book! Since then he’s always the one calling her out on her crap or making her admit what’s really going on. And it’s the same thing with Emma! She always knows when there’s something more going on than he’s telling her, if he’s holding anything back, she knows it! They honestly know each other better than anyone else and know how to talk to each other like no one else does. Don’t anybody tell me those two aren’t meant to be together! I will fight you!