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For the "make me choose" meme: OG!Tifa or AC!Tifa?

Gee, this was a tough choice.

Okay sarcasm aside, I prefer AC!Tifa. While there’s nothing wrong with her in the game, I admire her for being more open and forward with Cloud in AC. In OG, she knows there’s something wrong with Cloud but then she starts to wonder if maybe it’s her that’s messed up. Her hesitation may or may not be viewed as intentional but she had a lot on her plate and she didn’t know what to do or who to go to for help. 

But in AC, there is so much at stake and Tifa realizes that she can’t afford to make the same mistake. You saw the movie? She was obviously hurt and confused that Cloud left the family but she had the kids to worry about. She wasn’t going to sit around as the kids–her kids–get kidnapped, and she wasn’t happy to see Cloud had resolved to give up and die. She still remains as an emotional support to everyone but AC shows just how much she has to support herself as well. 

Tifa’s just awesome >,< She has her flaws but that’s what makes her character beautiful. 

Bonus: Drawing I made two months ago

Make me Choose

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Hello! Umm for the DA meme: 49, 58 & 99?

Something you do in EVERY DA playthrough, no matter what?

Hmm, that’s tough because I like to switch things up and explore all my options. I always have multiple “special” saves for all the romance scenes. DA:I makes that difficult though since you can only have 25 saves…

Who has the best character arc overall?

I might sound biased, but I’m gonna say Cullen. It’s actually his character arc that made me love him so much. I was initially not even really interested in his romance for DA:I, but after my first playthrough and seeing how far he’s come as a character from blind hatred towards mages in DA:O, to actually admitting he was wrong in DA:I, is a huge thing to me when people can step back and say “I was not right in my previous opinion, and it may’ve hurt people, and I am actively trying to better myself, and my way of thinking.” It takes a strong individual to admit they were wrong and actually own up to it, and I respect the hell out of him for that.

Where would you live (Ferelden, Orlais, Free Marches etc?)

I would probably live with the Dalish, I’m discovering lately that the nomadic lifestyle seems to suit me, plus I’d get to see so much beautiful scenery, and halla!

Thank you so much for the ask! I really do appreciate getting these. :D

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Edward Elric?

thank you!!

1.) Three things I like/dislike about that character.

  • How feisty he is, i mean come on he attacks picks fights with strangers for calling him short 
  • how kind he is? he went through so much but he’s still willing to help out people he barely knows
  • his underhandedness, it’s a really nice change from the typical righteous protags 

2.) A ship involving that character.

ed x milk 

3.) One headcanon involving that character.

roy didn’t actually grow a mustache at the end of brotherhood, ed just drew that on his picture with a permanent marker

Put a character in my inbox!

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Don’t get my opinion as Helena bashing, because I think she’s an awesome character;

I think she really believed Leon would arrest her because that’s what she would do? she’s a person with very strong morals, and she acknowledges that she broke the rules for her sister, and she was fully ready to suffer the consequences.

then again, there’s Leon, who we see game after game ready to sacrifice himself to save anyone and everyone he can. And we can see that huge contrast in their personalities in the beginning of the their campaign where Helena was getting annoyed by how many times Leon sidetracks to save random people (even though, if Leon wasn’t his selfless and trusting self, he wouldn’t have gone along to the church with her in the first place).

Yes yes! My thoughts exactly! And that’s also what I meant with all the exclamation points after Leon’s name! xD Because at that point, she should know better that Leon does not give on anyone! He simply does not! And he showed this all the time. And also especially with her! ;w;