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For the "make me choose" meme: OG!Tifa or AC!Tifa?

Gee, this was a tough choice.

Okay sarcasm aside, I prefer AC!Tifa. While there’s nothing wrong with her in the game, I admire her for being more open and forward with Cloud in AC. In OG, she knows there’s something wrong with Cloud but then she starts to wonder if maybe it’s her that’s messed up. Her hesitation may or may not be viewed as intentional but she had a lot on her plate and she didn’t know what to do or who to go to for help. 

But in AC, there is so much at stake and Tifa realizes that she can’t afford to make the same mistake. You saw the movie? She was obviously hurt and confused that Cloud left the family but she had the kids to worry about. She wasn’t going to sit around as the kids–her kids–get kidnapped, and she wasn’t happy to see Cloud had resolved to give up and die. She still remains as an emotional support to everyone but AC shows just how much she has to support herself as well. 

Tifa’s just awesome >,< She has her flaws but that’s what makes her character beautiful. 

Bonus: Drawing I made two months ago

Make me Choose

I decided to create this list that new people in the fandom should (and truly a must) follow! I swear. I have enjoyed this simple ( & hella crazy) fandom. Everyone is great and awesome in their own ways, everyone is giving and respectful. These are the people who knows how to talk to you. Like knows how to sit their ass and be subjective with their thoughts and stuff. I tried my best to look and not to miss people in this list. I have categorized into 3 groups according to what I really know about them by my dashboard and prince of tennis tags.These peeps are cool they make your dashboard lively with tenipuri craziness and be sure to approach and make friends with them. You wont regret a single thing.

Awesome People

(Great Headcanon Peeps, Artist,Writers, & Tenipuri / Tenimyu Bloggers. Bonus: Anime blogs)

akayahasclaws, animeobsessedgirl1, atsushikisarazu, balkonzwerg, choutaroubaby, echibrat, fairfei, forget-the-rules-iam-the-rule, genichirousanada, hyougay, kenyaoshitarii, kikigabriella, kunimitsuchin, knisterkyuukahikari, lastmimzy, logicandfeels, luffypatch, midnightxxstars, nuisancehelicopter, ohime-sama, piyotan, plaidshirtdazeandknights, princeofidiots, pupinapuri, renaissanceass, shay–sama, shishido-ryou, shy-ghost, stormew, stormy-maya, kiyosumisengoku, thelastperformer, thelaziesthufflepuff, turnandinabauer yuushioshitari


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Prince of tennis dedicated blogs

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Graphics! Graphics! Graphics!

aokinsight, brandonsenpai, dressrosashikaruzaizenvevo, mofochika, manuelaggm, rikkaidais tenimuhou

I know I have missed some but dont worry as the Tenipuri fandom grows this follow forever list will not stop, I will continue to spread other awesome blogs to follow! Thanks everyone! & Stay tuned! Peace out
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Since the year’s coming to an end, I wanted to make a follow forever to celebrate it, and well, I always wanted to make one so hey! I’ve been here for about over a year now, so i felt like making one would be appropriate. Anyways, these last few weeks have been really busy, so this is a bit rushed orz

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