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My questions were:

1)  have you shown some love to your parents today?

Yes, I made my mum pancakes, and my dad coffee this morning.

2) what is the worst sickness or injury you’e ever had?

I ate a bad tilapia once, and had to have my stomach pumped, and drink carbon solution. The most horrible hospital visit I’ve ever had. I now avoid tilapia at all times. 

3) American or british english?

I speak with an American accent. But I wouldn’t mind a English accent.

4) which accent do you think is the hottest?

British accent is nice, I find a French accent sounds cute when they speak English.

5) what do you usually boast about?

I like to boast about my friends to other friends. Not so obnoxiously though.

6) what do you want to achieve?

I don’t know actually. Maybe to feel accomplish or whole or something.

7) when you meet a person, what do you look at first?

Their height. I like taller people, but I get jealous when theres someone smaller than me who is my age.

8) who was the first person that made your heart beat fast? (for what reason ever)

This girl in fifth grade. Her name was Alyssa.

9) do you like partying?

It’s alright, I’m over my partying days. I don’t enjoy that type of company now a days.

10) was your day nice so far?

Yeah, pretty nice. Ate pancakes YUM.

11) is your clothing more colorful or more monochrome?

Hmm, I guess colourful. I don’t like to have too much colour and look busy.

Questions from me:

1. What universe would you live in from a show/movie/book etc.?

2. What is your favorite pizza topping and/or ice cream flavor and why?

3. Would you go cliff diving?

4. If you could marry any character from a show/movie/anime etc. who would it be?

5. Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?

6. Who is your favorite pokemon and why?

7. Have you done any drugs? If yes which ones have you done?

8. What colour is your underwear?

9. Who is a person that you consider as a role model?

10. What was the last awkward moment you had?

11. What is the most valuable object you own?

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