Cuddles (Mute!Calum) | Part 2

Your new roommate, Calum, is a more complex than you’d first assumed


Your best friend, Calum, gets jealous after seeing you dancing with the football captain

Park (smut)

You and your childhood best friend, Calum, realise you’re in love with each other

Shattered (Best friend AU)

You’re there when Calum falls apart


You decide it’s time to return a few of Calum’s things 


You spend Valentine’s Day reminiscing on your relationship with Calum

Carry Each Other

Based off the song by Leagues !


Midnight Adventures

When Luke starts throwing rocks at your window, you get caught up in a night of adventure

Just A Little (Frat!Luke)

Fratboy!Luke and Campus Princess!Y/N have a habit of spontaneously hooking up

Too Late

You stumble into Luke two years after your split and manage to crush his heart all over again


You spend your birthday at Luke’s house and Liz ends up announcing your relationship through a series of candids

Outward Bound

You regret going on outward bound when you’re partnered with the school’s badboy, Luke, for an eventful day of orienteering

Missed (Sugar Daddy!Luke SMUT)

Sugar Daddy!Luke goes away and surprises you with a toy you never knew existed

Special (Blind!Luke)

He’s insecure you might leave him

Three Words (smut)

You and Luke break up and stumble into each other at a club two weeks later

Seeker (Wizard!Luke)

It’s the final match of the season and you’re determined to beat the opposition… no matter how dirty you have to play

Birthday Card

You visit the supermarket to find a birthday card and stumble into an extremely attractive employee

Cave (Merman!Luke)

You wake up in a cave after a surfing accident with a surprise in the water


Luke reminisces on your relationship 


Your relationship with Luke is not okay


Lamborghini (Sugar Daddy!Ash SMUT)

After Ashton buys you a new car you decide to have some fun and break it in


“Welcome to the Team.”

You’re an elusive robber that Michael just happens to catch in the act.

Gifts (Sugar Daddy!Michael SMUT)

Michael surprises you with a series of gifts

Tears (Deaf!Michael)

Michael’s upset so you try to comfort him with cuddle therapy

Cold | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 

You discover you’re pregnant with your ex-boyfriend’s baby


Michael keeps disappearing late at night and you’re determined to find out why


You realise your feelings for your roommate, Michael, are more than you’d first bargained for

Red (Soulmate!Michael)

You only receive the full spectrum of colours when you meet your soulmate


Michael fell in love with you, his best friend