On A Willful Afternoon When I Thought Love Could Choose - Zee - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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Rating: Explicit
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Relationships: Oikawa Tooru/Ushijima Wakatoshi
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Groundhog Day (1993) Fusion, Future Fic, UFOs, Yakuza Appearances, alcohol consumption, Character Death sort of but he gets not-dead immediately, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Bottom Ushijima Wakatoshi, Set in their university days and they’re attending different schools

Summary:  Ushijima gets stuck in a repeating time loop on the day his university’s team must play Oikawa’s. Shenanigans ensue.

This was commissioned by @captainmander. I hope you like it, Mander! It was an incredible amount of fun to write. 

captainmander  asked:

hey, can you maybe elaborate on why you like possession/vessels so much, or direct me to a post/tag if you have talked about it previously? i also really like it but i'd love to hear your take because you always have such a nice way with words.

i do have a tag of sort but its mostly just ald;fkj lkjd

but no i haven’t talked about it a lot because i know it’s like possession! and consent issues and vague and dubcon and other stuff but like it is

my very favorite thing

because that is the stuff that appeals to me the most (mostly because of personal shit pls don’t judge me too hard readers i don’t judge if its not someone’s cup of tea because i understand why it wouldn’t be and i am not a huge fan of romanticizing that shit it’s the kind of love that dangerous, like this poem talks about here)

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So today I came out to my parents

Bc the first time I told them about my gf 3 years ago it did not go over well to say the least.
And today it actually went well, like my parents want to get to know my gf and they invited her over my house.
It feels good to say that my girlfriend and I have finally made it

captainmander replied to your post “So I saw Ghostbusters last night and OBVIOUSLY I loved it, and now I…”

I FUCKING LOVE HOLTZMANN!!!!! she is so cool and weird and hot

SHE’S SO IDEAL!!!! I mean I knew that I was going to love her because every queermo i know who’s seen this movie has come out of it dying about her, but like, hOLY SHIT DID SHE LIVE UP TO THE HYPE. I am 100% ready to become one of her legion of sisterwives now.

captainmander  asked:

harry potter, twilight, the mortal instruments

Burn: The Mortal Instruments. not because they really offend me but just because they’re so aggressively mediocre

Read: Harry Potter. obvious

Rewrite: Twilight and I’d write out all the gross stalker-y parts and make everyone lesbians