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hey, can you maybe elaborate on why you like possession/vessels so much, or direct me to a post/tag if you have talked about it previously? i also really like it but i'd love to hear your take because you always have such a nice way with words.

i do have a tag of sort but its mostly just ald;fkj lkjd

but no i haven’t talked about it a lot because i know it’s like possession! and consent issues and vague and dubcon and other stuff but like it is

my very favorite thing

because that is the stuff that appeals to me the most (mostly because of personal shit pls don’t judge me too hard readers i don’t judge if its not someone’s cup of tea because i understand why it wouldn’t be and i am not a huge fan of romanticizing that shit it’s the kind of love that dangerous, like this poem talks about here)

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So today I came out to my parents

Bc the first time I told them about my gf 3 years ago it did not go over well to say the least.
And today it actually went well, like my parents want to get to know my gf and they invited her over my house.
It feels good to say that my girlfriend and I have finally made it

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harry potter, twilight, the mortal instruments

Burn: The Mortal Instruments. not because they really offend me but just because they’re so aggressively mediocre

Read: Harry Potter. obvious

Rewrite: Twilight and I’d write out all the gross stalker-y parts and make everyone lesbians

my girl captainmander tagged me so let’s do this

Rules: In a text post, list ten FICS that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” works, or even all the same pairing or fandom, just the fics that have touched you or that stuck with you somehow. Tag ten friends, including me, so I’ll see your list. Make sure you let your friends know you’ve tagged them!

These are in no particular order they just make me feel 

1. Strength of Men

Of course my first fic is spirk. All ten may actually end up being spirk. This fic is so dark and painful. Like I’m pretty sure I cried several times. It’s all tarsus and pain and ugghhhh. I love the spock in this. 

2. Foundations

Wow. Major build up to spirk with a lot of fantastic history. Love both Amanda and Winona in this. 

3. Leave No Soul Behind

This is probably my favorite fic ever. Like no joke. It’s number three so you had to read a few of them to get to the best one. Like shit everything is perfect Spock is so badass and I don’t even want to finish this list now cause I just wanna reread this bullshit. 

4. The Life and Times

I had to have some Jily on here because let’s get real they are my third go to fic couple. James and Lily Potter deserve a thousand movies for real. So this fic gives me intense feelings of love and hate. Hate mostly because it’s been a WIP for what feels like my whole life. Read it if you haven’t because it’s hella worth it and incredibly frustrating. 

5. The Third Wheel

I can’t help but love this fic. Not the best Uhura characterization I’ve ever seen, but god I love accidentally falling in love so much. Hella much. 10,000 much. Obvi spirk 

6. Observations

The fic to end all fics all books everything. I spent more time reading this than I’ve ever spent on any fic. It was an amazing journey, and when I finished, I questioned my entire life. More spirk 

7. Still Life

I read this this summer and wow. Like wow. Jim experiences Tarsus and runs off to go through kolinahr, and I’m just still not over it.

8. Turn

Draco and Harry are my second favorite. I love especially when they’re both snarky and a little miserable. This fic fulfills that perfectly. It’s epilogue compliant so keep that in mind when you start. 

9. Jar of Hearts

Blind Dean. So much wincest. Sam and Dean are so in love and nothing can really convince me otherwise. This is so painful. Please read it and feel the pain of fanfic. 

10. A Long-Standing Union

old married spirk. so much sadness. I must be in a mood like 8/10 of these are sad. anyways. this is fantastic so fantastic just as fantastic as everything else on this list. go read!!!!

Ok I’m tagging alientastic obnoxiouslycharming and anyone else that sees this that reads fanfic and wants to recommend some to me

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SAME and she was like “oh……..” i just don’t understand!!! how straight people!!! always assume everyone is straight!!!!

lmao but with my mom it was after i literally TOLD her that they were dating

and i was like “mom why do you keep saying ‘best friend’ they were dating” and she was like “well i was speaking from the perspective of ricks dad” (cause we were talking about the ~~kieren+bill dynamic~) but still like?? why would you do that lmao??? 

captainmander replied to your post: Cesar Millan is getting another series…

do you have any articles re: this issue? i tried to google but all i’m getting is stuff about how great cesar millan is, not sure what buzzwords to search with

I’ve written a research paper on the subject if you’d like to read it. It looks at dominance theory from all sides - wolf behaviour, feral dog behaviour and training practices effect on dogs.

For other articles from a quick google - 

The Dominance Controversy - Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM

The Dog Whisperer Controversy - Lisa Mullinax, CPDT-KSA

Reward The Good Or Punish The Bad?