Dear fat man on a tiny motorcycle,

It was pure bliss watching your fat rolls jiggle over the bumpy road for 10 miles. Is it a coincidence that you got on the interstate with me and got off at the fort exit too or was it destiny? I hope one day to reconnect with you. I want you to teach me to be as cool as you.

Ps. The size small shirt when you clearly need an XL was an experts touch. I hope one day to uncover the mystery of how you fit into the shirt in the first place.


I’ve come to realize “bd” means baby daddy. I think we should all take this moment to think of ways to ridiculously shorten words to the point of not exactly bring sure of the conversation anymore.
Example: Chelsea wants to pet the dog. Is now: Chsy wts 2 pt da dg.

On a side note, her worries are instantly either he’s asleep or in jail?????