Check your Tumblr blocked list...

Like others i’ve been reading about just now having a problem with people being automatically categorized as spam or harassment and thrown in the block list. I checked mine just in case and I was surprised that I had a few fantastic people on my block list even though I HAVE NEVER BLOCKED ANYONE ON TUMBLR, EVER.

crapmachine, captainchants, tvskyle, I do not know why you were on my blocked list or for how long. If you’ve ever tried to send me messages and I haven’t responded, this would be why. I apologize.

I urge others to check their blocked list ( to make sure there’s no one on there that shouldn’t be.


I recently got some Turner Acryl Gouache paints (still waiting on a set!) and decided to try them out on a quick mermaid and swatch them too. I’m loving all the different types. They do feel different to regular gouache, however the Japenesque ones seem to have an added texture? Enjoying trying these out. Don’t think I’ll totally ditch gouache but these are great so far!

Do any of you use them? What do you think of them?


HI ALL!! I finally have a new video up.  I havent been able to record any digital pieces due to my Cintiq being out for repairs (let’s not get into THAT drama -.-)

Below are photos of the finished piece and one of the original sketch.

If you have any kinda questions, just give me a shout!  I hope you enjoy : )