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Also, Unikitty is younger than most of the proper cast, leaving her slightly more..."unstable," for lack of better word. The biggest concept for this AU I have is turning GC from BC's brother, into his imaginary friend(essentially, his morals incarnate), and giving Business the opportunity to "erase" him from existance.

Oh! That is a good idea! Like Good is his conscience as an imaginary friend. That is good, I like that.

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Allow me to contribute to your, frankly adorable AU. Business(whose father is a Lawer), has a nasty habit of stealing his mom's high-heels and parading around in them, despite the fact he can't take two steps without falling flat on his face. BUT GOSH DOES HE TRY

Oh my gosh! Yes! He wear’s his mom’s high heels to pretend he is tall, and wears one of her coats as a cape. Yes. I am all for Baby PB to love playing dress up.

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Here's an El Toro idea. The Sanchez family line, in terms of villainy, tend to focus on quantity over quality in terms of heists. Sure, there's a big job every once in a while, but they mainly focus on becoming infamous and to have people know about them. Manolo, in addition to not wanting to be a villian, is very discreet with any crimes that he actually pulls off.

oh man, he’d be such a smooth pickpocket and shoplifter… and it would make his dad SO MAD

“Manolo! You stole this?!”

“Y-.. yes?”

“Then why didn’t I hear about it! If you’re going to do something evil, let the world know!" 

"Ah, yes, that way everyone can know I took it, and I’ll be arrested. Good plan!”

they still have a lot to argue over in this au

10 foolish mortals found the castle!

“I’m impressed you made it this far. What brings you here today?”

A spider the size of a St. Bernard growls.

“Be nice to the visitors, Charlotte.”

Odd Company (@captainaperture)

“Just one more…”

Vanellope had spent the better part of her afternoon gathering candy. Some would be set aside for snacks, while other pieces would be set aside for jewelry projects. She had one lollipop sticking out of her mouth and she was sucking on it presently as she picked more cherry flavored ones from the ground. What she would do with them was unknown for the time being, but Vanellope would freely admit that she was having fun with getting what she needed.

“There. That oughta do it,” Vanellope said. She bundled the lollipops up and stuck them under the crook of her arm as she turned and walked back in the direction she’d initially come from. Her plan was for her to go back to Diet Cola Mountain and relaxing. However, her attention was diverted after she made her way forward. She didn’t know why, but she had a feeling she wasn’t quite alone anymore. Vanellope came to a stop and frowned slightly. Was someone there?

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Got some ideas for El Toro. Essentially, the entire male Sanchez line became supervillians, and most ended up dying horrible deaths as account of it (robbing banks w/o powers, stealing the Jeweled Mule of Maya w/o an arm, or a leg, robbing three banks at once, ect). The only one to nearly leave the business was Carmelo "Toro Fuego" Sanchez, whom nearly entered the opera, only for his criminal tendencies to flare up.

Yes!! That’s pretty much exactly what I had in mind! :D Though I think you mean Jorge Sanchez, he’s the singer!

Manolo would be the first Sanchez to not be interested in committing crimes. He’d be much better suited as a hero, or even a normal musician!

But that desire is pretty unusual since like, 50% of Miracle City is made up of super villain families, and the Sanchezes in particular would be known for their ruthlessness and style.

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Manny flinched, and turned around to glance at those people behind her. She quickly dropkicked the spraypaint can she had been holding into the safety of one of the nearby bushes. 

“Hiii there.” the Rivera said as innocently as she could. “Who’re you guys? I never saw you here before.”

Jumping around

Blaze was walking around in the fields. She didn’t know why but she felt calm when she needed to think to herself for a bit. She now had five of the Sol Emeralds. Hopefully she would be able to find the final two, as she stretched her arms.

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt to take a break for a bit… I don’t think the Sol Emeralds are going anywhere.”







Woah. She hadn’t seen so many people in a long time. Anyhow, she fiddled with opening a candy-bar wrapper, because, duh, it was wrapped around a candy bar and her right arm was in a cast. The ruffled hair kid didn’t seem to care about the bunch. Her arm, head, and chest area smelled of blood.

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As for the lands, Bricksburg is ala a hand-drawn Disney film. Very traditional, very bright. The Old West is done in a jittery, sepiatone animation ala old Popeye/Mickey Mouse cartoons. Middle Zealand is done like the old animated Lord of the Rings movie. Cloud Cuckooland is extremely vibrant, a fusion of modern day cartoons and the more far-out works of Ralph Bakshi. Business's tower is done in a photo-realistic CGI.

yes…. yes…….

how would the ocean scenes be animated?? 

also I demand that there is cgi/live action intergration, but in Blue’s Clues style. that is all I want

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Here's how I'd improve Frozen: 1. Keep the story in Arendelle, remove the Trolls and Hans. 2. Save the memory erasing as a twist for later, have it end with Anna's brain stuck in a childlike mentality, explaining her naïveté and partly why she was locked up with Elsa, and why Kristoff needs to help her. 3. Have Elsa be an actual character: Have her in villain mode until she starts to regret her actions.

This is actually a good idea, and it would improve the movie a lot. My idea would have been to delete the whole movie and just make it to a loyal adaption of The Snow Queen, but that’s just my bias opinion.

1. I think they should keep the setting in Arendelle. Because they were very vague about the setting in the fairy tale. Yes, please remove the trolls. They were so useless. They only had importance at the beginning then after that they were so… ugh. I feel like they should have removed Kristoff from the movie than Hans. If they didn’t add him as a villain, I would have thought that he would be a decent character. 

2. I like this one. Here’s my take: When Anna leaves Hans in charge and he sees no signs of her,he starts to worry. Then that little old dude starts convincing Hans that she died. He gets angry and takes his anger out on the old man. Hans know, or has some vague idea what he’s up to. But then those guards that dude had comes and takes him away to the dungeon. I feel like they should have had her memory erased in the beginning. So later on, when they meet up at the castle, this scenario can happen.  Then they both get locked up because that little old dude catches them. (Lmao, I forgot his name) 

3. Once that scenario takes place, the one I gave the link up above. She starts to slowly regret her actions. 

You know what’s really gets me. There is an infinite amount of ways that anyone could have improve this story. Because this movie’s plot is so bland and dry. It also violates the rule “Show don’t tell.” Overall, I really like your improvements to the story. Also, I apologize for changing some stuff in your ideas.

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Hey. Wanted to say that I'm digging your work, and that your humanized designs work extremely well. Personally, the designs look extremely appealing, and look like they'd translate well to a very fluid 2D animation (or 3D. Works either way!)

Thanks a lot! Glad that those concepts are getting a lot of good feedback. It would kinda cool seeing something animated in such a way, but it’s so off the mark from the original content that it will never happen, hah. Thanks though!

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The ocean is done with this sort of oil paint/water color-style effect. As for live action and animation, this is where the twist comes in. It's revealed that everything that's been going on is actually the son of an accomplished (and rather scrupulous) animator making an art film with pieces of his father's tools and work. He's taking props, tools, designs from his dad's work and making an entirely different story with them.

oh my goodness this is incredible

you need to remake the lego movie I am contacting phil lord and chris miller as we speak

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Well, going by that idea (of Van filling in for Steven), what if, in the process of Van's "birth," her gem got cracked, causing her to sporadically teleport and enter super speed almost at random? Felix has tried to heal her on multiple occasions (and has fixed her up to the point where she appears almost "human,") but the crack always manages to return in some way or form. He can fix it all he wants with his hammer, but sometimes you need more than that.

Ohhhh! This could explain why Vanellope has so much trouble summon her gem, and developing unheard-of teleportation abilities! I like it!

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Other ideas: The inside of Emmet's mind is done in storyboards (with the action and dialogue panels, cue 4th wall joke). The Think Tank is essentially a repurposing machine. It decomposes people into their base elements until they turn to nothing (read: CG characters turning to wireframe models, hand-drawn losing color and becoming an outline, stop motion losing clay until they become their wireframe skeleton or nothing at all.)

you have invested so much thought into this it is beautiful and I love it

I WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING FOR THIS is it okay if I ever get around to drawing something because?? WOW