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Vanellope as Hogarth Ralph as The Iron Giant Felix as Dean Calhoun as Van's mother(or Kent Mansley)

Hmmmm maybe what if Calhoun played the role of Dean and Felix played the role of Vanellope’s doting parent? Felix seems more of a nurturer, and Calhoun sounds like the kind of woman who would be more independent, someone Vanellope could confide in about her new ginormous wrecking [robot? cybrid?] friend.

Capsule: Interlude(Closed RP with little-candy-heiress)

The car ride to the Mayor’s office was probably the quietest thing the two had experienced. Both were silenced, and almost repressed from one another.

Candy couldn’t stop to occasionally look at the man, his face visibly depressed, and look back out the window. She couldn’t help but feel horrible, seeing as of his reaction to her telling him she motivated Alan to kill his only family.

Flint Arthur was confused, and alone now. Yes, he sat right next to the girl whom he saw originally as an incorruptible neutral party here.

Now, he couldn’t even bear looking at the girl, memories of that fateful night always on loop just looking at her. He kept a hand on a small photo, that being of a slightly smoking wreckage, of proof to the mayor his assigned task was fulfilled.

The entire day before…he mainly tried to stay from the girl, just…just to think things out.

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Here's an El Toro idea. The Sanchez family line, in terms of villainy, tend to focus on quantity over quality in terms of heists. Sure, there's a big job every once in a while, but they mainly focus on becoming infamous and to have people know about them. Manolo, in addition to not wanting to be a villian, is very discreet with any crimes that he actually pulls off.

oh man, he’d be such a smooth pickpocket and shoplifter… and it would make his dad SO MAD

“Manolo! You stole this?!”

“Y-.. yes?”

“Then why didn’t I hear about it! If you’re going to do something evil, let the world know!" 

"Ah, yes, that way everyone can know I took it, and I’ll be arrested. Good plan!”

they still have a lot to argue over in this au

10 foolish mortals found the castle!

“I’m impressed you made it this far. What brings you here today?”

A spider the size of a St. Bernard growls.

“Be nice to the visitors, Charlotte.”

Mended Bond(closed RP with redhead-archergirl)

It had been a week since the encounter in the forest with the Mor'Du possessed Aperture and things haven’t melded over. The real Aperture was stuck with his body and had closed up to the public, scarred both physically and mentally. Merida had been unsettled about her friend’s physical state, scared it would all be a game of the sort, and weary due to the possibility of someone seeing her and the changed man together. The stars were shooting the black night sky as she was readying herself for bed, when suddenly she heard a small electronic tone coming from the skin pen he had fabricated for her long ago, signifying a call*

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Got some ideas for El Toro. Essentially, the entire male Sanchez line became supervillians, and most ended up dying horrible deaths as account of it (robbing banks w/o powers, stealing the Jeweled Mule of Maya w/o an arm, or a leg, robbing three banks at once, ect). The only one to nearly leave the business was Carmelo "Toro Fuego" Sanchez, whom nearly entered the opera, only for his criminal tendencies to flare up.

Yes!! That’s pretty much exactly what I had in mind! :D Though I think you mean Jorge Sanchez, he’s the singer!

Manolo would be the first Sanchez to not be interested in committing crimes. He’d be much better suited as a hero, or even a normal musician!

But that desire is pretty unusual since like, 50% of Miracle City is made up of super villain families, and the Sanchezes in particular would be known for their ruthlessness and style.

Odd Company (@captainaperture)

“Just one more…”

Vanellope had spent the better part of her afternoon gathering candy. Some would be set aside for snacks, while other pieces would be set aside for jewelry projects. She had one lollipop sticking out of her mouth and she was sucking on it presently as she picked more cherry flavored ones from the ground. What she would do with them was unknown for the time being, but Vanellope would freely admit that she was having fun with getting what she needed.

“There. That oughta do it,” Vanellope said. She bundled the lollipops up and stuck them under the crook of her arm as she turned and walked back in the direction she’d initially come from. Her plan was for her to go back to Diet Cola Mountain and relaxing. However, her attention was diverted after she made her way forward. She didn’t know why, but she had a feeling she wasn’t quite alone anymore. Vanellope came to a stop and frowned slightly. Was someone there?

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Manny flinched, and turned around to glance at those people behind her. She quickly dropkicked the spraypaint can she had been holding into the safety of one of the nearby bushes. 

“Hiii there.” the Rivera said as innocently as she could. “Who’re you guys? I never saw you here before.”

Prom Night(Closed RP with redhead-archergirl)

*Aperture was rather happy. The recent week for him seemed to be the best he ever had. Woke up in an alternate universe where he married the original Merida he knew, kept his arm. A true best-case scenario for the Captain.

Prom night. The night for young adults to either have their entire lives either change entirely or for loners to drown their sorrows in punch and pop music. Seeing as our couple was at the general age, it was fitting.

Aperture stood outside Merida’s room, lugging a hand-woven dress. He knocks on the door* Merida! I’ve a surprise for you!

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Okay, here's a TLM AU idea I had a while back. Basically, instead of LEGO, the world is made from various animation styles. Emmet's traditional hand-drawn, and comes across the Piece of Resistance, which is the only thing that can stop a rotoscoped LB from using the WhiOt to erase the world as we know it.


the old west in like… that squawky black and white jittery 1920′s animation

cloud cuckooland is super-intense hq millennium CGI with all sorts of crazy graphics and styles blended together

different characters as different animations too YES. maybe wyldstyle is that “2D CGI” a la Paperman?? Batman is 1980′s superhero cartoon style? STOP MOTION METALBEARD YESS

this is the greatest idea, discuss

Jumping around

Blaze was walking around in the fields. She didn’t know why but she felt calm when she needed to think to herself for a bit. She now had five of the Sol Emeralds. Hopefully she would be able to find the final two, as she stretched her arms.

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt to take a break for a bit… I don’t think the Sol Emeralds are going anywhere.”

Meeting you....Again.(closed RP with little-candy-heiress)

Suffice to say, this was probably one of the weirder parts of Flint’s life so far.

Creating a paste that manages to be virtually INDESTRUCTIBLE meant to be a shoe alternative, only to never actually come off…and proceed to use it on yourself as a child? Fine.

Creating a machine capable of turning water to food, only for it to gain sentience and try to kill you? Another day at the office.

Waking up in a world seemingly entirely made of candy, with no rhyme or reason as to how you managed to arrive to begin with, only to discover that there’s sentient FOOD?

‘Bit tough to swallow.

Currently, the man was going about the landscapes attempting to find some sort of life capable of conversation.

“Hello? Anybody?”

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Like, Wyldstyle is done in this super stylized flash animation (with the implication she's been done in different styles before), Vitruvius is stop-motion, Benny is done in 1980's He-Man animation, GCBC is done in the pseudo-2D CG Paperman style, Batman and other super heroes are ala the 1920's Superman cartoons, Metalbeard is a 2D head on a CG body, and Lord Business is rotoscoped.










Woah. She hadn’t seen so many people in a long time. Anyhow, she fiddled with opening a candy-bar wrapper, because, duh, it was wrapped around a candy bar and her right arm was in a cast. The ruffled hair kid didn’t seem to care about the bunch. Her arm, head, and chest area smelled of blood.