love, i have wounds only you can mend [3/?]

Summary: A decade of not committing a single crime is impressive, but not when he’s centuries years old. A decade is enough for him to fall back into the darkness, however, when the council provides him a chance to redeem himself by being a guardian angel, he cannot possibly deny…especially when his arse of a brother is one himself. His first assignment? Emma Swan, single mother with a rusty past of her own.

[AO3] [FF.NET]

a/n: happy wednesday! i am sticking the schedule like planned - hopefully will remain that way, at least. today, you get your dose of JONES BROTHERS PAST. that’s right. i said it. go thank my bud, @cutieodonoghue for the constant support and beta. :)

“I don’t have your worth ethic, brother,” Killian mutters, scrubbing at the deck of the ship. He’s been doing this all day. He’s tired, beyond exhausted, but he keeps pushing because he has to. It’s his job, and unless he wants to be kicked into the brig or stripped of tonight’s meal or next week’s pay, he can’t stop working. “I wish I did,” he mutters into the flask he lifts to his lips.

Liam sighs. “Don’t speak of yourself like that,” he says, scrubbing alongside him. His arms are just as grimy as his brother’s. “You’re your own person, little brother, take pride in that.”

“You know I look up to you.”

“But you aren’t me,” Liam responds. “Be yourself. Yes, I aim to be a role model, a man that you can aspire to be, but I certainly don’t want you to become any sort of copycat. That doesn’t make you you.” Liam has plenty of wise words up his sleeves. Killian’s not so optimistic and hopeful as he is. “Come on, the sooner we get this done, the sooner we can rest.”

He puts the cork back onto his flask and gets back to it quickly.

Just as he’s almost done scrubbing the deck with maximum effort, or at least all the effort he can put into with his remaining energy, a bucket is kicked over and he raises his head sharply, noting that it’s Captain Silver. He’s a terrible captain if Killian’s being honest, but he can’t rebel against the man. He’s already known as the drunk but he’s also known as the one to do work as he’s told, so he’s valuable to the Captain. And if not tossing him off the ship and leaving him behind, it’d be death instead.

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