“Paul’s just promoting Steroline now because it’s his current storyline he never did before”


“It wasn’t sexual, but borderline-platonic, where we’re giving each other looks and it really drives me crazy.” PW - 2014

“I don’t know what to make of it … I don’t know how to take it from best friends to romance, but it’ll be interesting if and when they do it. I like when girls lighten [Stefan] up a bit.” PW - 2013

“Paul’s just promoting it because the writers make him promote his character and storyline”

“Paul doesn’t like working with Candice you can see how miserable he was all weekend”

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I'm I the only one who thinks Candice doesn't like Klaroline, but she is just too nice say that straight to the Klaroline shippers? She's always very nice and give answers like the one she gave at the ComicCon: "I don't know if Caroline really wants him back in Mystic Falls." She is just too nice to say: "No, I don't want that to happen." And I think Paul doesn't like either. It's just that his way to say it is making fun about it as he does with Stelena. I think Paul and Candice undoubtedly...

ship Steroline. As always Paul show he ships them making fun about it and he’s said that he liked thier chemestry and dynamic; and so does Candice. At the ComicCon the were asked about their OTP. Then when Michael said “Denzo” and then Candice said “Oh, I was gonna’ say Steroline, but now I have to say Kai and Damon.” So Paul also disregared the romantic connotation of the question and said “Stelijah”. Julie did it as well. What do you think? Do you think Paul and Candice ship Steroline?

Hahahaaa you are most definitely NOT the only one who thinks Candice hates Klaroline because she absolutely does, she has never spoken about the ship in a good light and that’s been the case since day one. She’s actually nicer at cons about it than she tends to be in interviews but she’s always been against it, she was even asked to list pros & cons for SC vs. KC and she listed nothing but cons for KC. I think Paul likes Steroline and therefore he’s against anything that interferes with his ship but I also think he’s just willing to deflect the attention off Candice in terms of KC because he knows she’s tired of being asked about it. He’s made a couple of jobs at recent cons about KC as well even when Candice wasn’t there so it’s probably his “Captain Steroline” coming out.

I don’t remember Paul being this enthusiastic about Stelena but I think he used to speak about them being in love but I think he hated that it sidelined the Stefan character and made him mopey in S4 & S5. He also said (like 80 times lol) he likes working with Candice and they have fun together so I’m sure that helps, but he did make some sincere comments about enjoying the history between them, the dynamic and the chemistry and saying he really like Steroline. Yeah I think the OTP question for the most part no one wanted to go with one of the big ships and just stick with crack!ships (and Paul always talks about Stelijah.) So I think Paul and Candice ship Steroline in the sense that they enjoy it from their character’s standpoint and they like working together.

Also just to add a lot of people say they do this stuff because they’re asked to promote it and I think that’s complete bullshit. Paul and Candice have always spoken out against things they don’t like and Paul doesn’t even know the storyline outside of Stefan being “very in love” with Caroline so the promoting thing doesn’t make any sense to me. The two things Paul was actually enthusiastic about were directing and Steroline so I genuinely think that’s what he likes. He also made it his mission to shade every other ship on the show and I thought it was so funny how defensive he got when Ian said they should change the name, best captain ever.

5 ships i’ll go down with, no matter what  😍

1. Everlark / Joshifer  -  The Hunger Games 

                             They are the ULTIMATE OTP 💖

2. Captain Swan  -  Once Upon A Time 

                                      They are TRUE LOVE 💗

3. Jamie x Claire  -  Outlander

                      They are  MEANT TO BE  together 💓

4. Brallie  -  The Fosters

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             He’s her  FIRST LOVE. She’s his  FIRST LOVE  💘

5. Karmy  -  Faking It

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                                      They are SOULMATES 💕

 ⟨ BONUS ⟩

Darvey  -  Suits  ♕ ♔

Steroline  -  The Vampire Diaries  ∞

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FLAUREL  -  How To Get Away With Murder  🔥

VINCAT  -  Beauty and the Beast  💦

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Lenny  -  The Big Bang Theory  ❄

Hollstein  -  Carmilla  💉

Spoby  -  Pretty Little Liars  ♡

  • me:[scrolling through tumblr]
  • my brain:do it!
  • my body:I can't
  • my brain:I said do it!
  • my body:I already told you - I can't!
  • my brain:DO IT!!!
  • my body:I CAN'T!
  • my body:*starts sobbing* I can't!
  • my brain:*face palms* here we go again...
  • me:[keeps scrolling through tumblr at the dead of night]

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LMAO THERE ARE 'SOME' KC STANS BLAMING PAUL FOR MAKING STEROLINE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA because paul said wanted stefan/caroline to have sex and that is the reason (according to some KC stan) they did it lol. SHOULDNT THEY BLAME THE WRITERS? what is with them and why do they constantly bash and put other actors down?

LMAO it’s really beyond comical now how delusional some of them truly are, and they wonder why the actors refer to them as an “aggressive” fanbase. I remember they all got mad at Paul Wesley a few months ago because he said if Klaus came between Stefan and Caroline Stefan would kick his ass. They legit were SO MAD that he said that ABOUT FICTIONAL CHARACTERS! You know what though Anon what they don’t seem to realize is Paul has been steering the Steroline ship for over 2 years now and has always said he hopes to see it go down someday. Candice even confirmed in another interview that the writers approached her and Paul about it seasons ago and said eventually it was a road they were going to follow through with it. But yeah sure this is all Paul Wesley’s doing, I mean 100% since he clearly has that much power over the writers *rolls eyes* which is why he shades them every chance he gets over dumb storyline decisions.

I swear there isn’t a fandom that lives more outside of canon than them. Instead of constantly blaming the writers and the actors they should take a long hard look at their ship within canon and see why it’s clear as day why KC would never work as a relationship.