“Paul’s just promoting Steroline now because it’s his current storyline he never did before”


“It wasn’t sexual, but borderline-platonic, where we’re giving each other looks and it really drives me crazy.” PW - 2014

“I don’t know what to make of it … I don’t know how to take it from best friends to romance, but it’ll be interesting if and when they do it. I like when girls lighten [Stefan] up a bit.” PW - 2013

“Paul’s just promoting it because the writers make him promote his character and storyline”

“Paul doesn’t like working with Candice you can see how miserable he was all weekend”

  • Everyone: Oh, I just got promoted! We're engaged for five months now! I've bought a little apartament in the center of the city! My grades are just superb! What about you?
  • Me: well... one of my OTPs just became canon...
Appreciation post for the actors and actresses that make up my top 5 favorite ships.

This is just a little thing saying, “My god, how are you guys so good at acting in love,” and “You make my heart hurt every day in the best way possible so thank you for being amazing at your jobs”

Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor - Bellarke (The 100)

Dylan O’Brien and Holland Roden - Stydia (Teen Wolf)

Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario - Malec (Shadowhunters)

Colin O’Donoghue and Jennifer Morrison - Captain Swan (Once Upon A Time)

Paul Wesley and Candice King - Steroline (The Vampire Diaries)

Comment with your favorite actors and actresses that are amazing at acting in love 😍 (p.s. it doesn’t have to be romantic love)

Hot ass blondes and Smartass Brunettes

This post proofs that the best OTPs of the universe consists of a hot ass blonde and a smartass brunette

Steroline (TVD)

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Kalagang (Sense8)

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Bughead (Riverdale)

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CaptainSwan (Once upon a time)

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Karamel (Supergirl)

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Olicity (arrow)

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I have probably missed ALOT but i’m to distracted byt all the beautiful gifs to remember more…. 

the signs as popular otps
  • Aries: bellarke
  • Taurus: stydia
  • Gemini: westallen
  • Cancer: olicity
  • Leo: chuck x blair
  • Virgo: steroline
  • Libra: karmy
  • Scorpio: captain swan
  • Sagittarius: clexa
  • Capricorn: brittana
  • Aquarius: gallavich
  • Pisces: spoby
I can't decide which of these ships have it worse when it came to their wedding.

CLOIS - Make it all the way to the alter, only for the ceremony to be interrupted by gold k ring and possessed best man sent by the villain to depower the hero. The result being they don’t get married.

STEROLINE - Successful wedding. Get married. Happy ending? Nope! Guy chooses to sacrifice himself in the series finale to save his brother. So they don’t even get to enjoy their life together as husband and wife.

CAPTAIN SWAN - Successful wedding. Vows spoken. Rings exchanged. Singing, dancing. A happy beginning. But wait. Possible season 7 on the horizon, without leading lady, but that leading man might be contractually obligated to return for.