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oh gosh first of all, I love your blog<3 and just curious do you have yaoi manga to suggest reading? I just love the mangacaps you post and was interested ; v ;

hii thank you very much ; w ; ♥ tbh I’m really bad at yaoi names, I’ve read a lot of the yaois I reblog but I can’t remember the name of like 97% of them =_=’ I can tell you a few yaois I like at least, but if you want more you could ask my yaoi queen 

these are the only ones I can come up with right now gomen ~

  • Kurayami ni strobe
  • Katekyo!
  • Sailor Danshi 
  • Bousou Kareshi 
  • Kuchizuke wa Niji no Ue de
  • Porno Superstar
  • Seven days
  • Konbini-kun
  • Koibitogokoro
  • Harapeko Usagi to Koisuru Ookami
  • Hatsujou Kareshi 
  • Boku no Ano Ko
  • Puchitto Hajiketa
  • Kuchizuke wa Niji no Ue de
  • Ikemen-kun to Saenai-kun
Uptown girl (Xiumin Smut)

/Soo we got two request that want the same thing practically :D I was listening to uptown girl and that inspired me :’D Admin M <3/

He went to the prom. He knew she was going to be there with her super fancy footballteam-captain-boyfriend, Chris. He knew that he’d get her. This was his night and no one would change that.

He wasn’t dressed probably but who gave a shit. He had his leatherjacket and that had to be enough for the fancy people of her school. He wasn’t part of them. No, he had abandoned his school a while ago and got into some criminal stuff, but then he met her and everything changed. Because of her, he wanted to be a better person. And today was the day to show her that she belonged with him. 

He marched in there and everyone stared at him, cause nobody knew him. He stopped behind her and turned her around to face him. She wore a beautiful dark blue ball gown and her hair was pinned up. She just looked so beautiful that he needed a moment to calm his body’s reaction. 

She looked irritated, then she recognized him and her drink fell out of her hand. “Xiumin!”, she was out of breath as she said his name. He knew why she was so surprised. They hadn’t seen each other for a few months. Probably she thought that Xiumin was gone or dead. 

“Yeah.. long time no see”

She looked up to him and he looked her in the eye. “I’m here to take you with me.” He said serious and took her hand. 

“Hey! What’s going on??”, of course her boyfriend had to interrupt. Xiumin looked at him and raised an eyebrow. “She’s with me from now on.”, he said and and looked at her puzzled boyfriend.

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To my great sadness, the clasp on my Handbag of Holding’s strap broke last week, and it happened just after my warranty expired, so I wasn’t able to get a replacement strap :( The good news, however, is that using duct tape and some key rings, I’ve fixed it enough for my purposes! Which means, of course, I don’t really have an excuse to get the Deluxe Handbag of Holding, or this fancy Captain Marvel messenger bag, but that’s money I can spend elsewhere :D

I’m going to take a nap.

i was going through old threads that i had with a v close fiend (who deactivated) and my favorite conversation mutt has had with her character is:

❝ gimme y’gun! ❞
‘ no. ‘
❝ why won’t’cha gimme y’gun? ❞
‘ when there are enough for the men, we’ll give them to the children. ‘
❝ if yous’ killed ‘fore ‘m, i’ll take yours. ❞ 
‘ delinquent! ‘
❝ bastard! ❞

(M) Boys Captain Blackheart Costume for Pirate Fancy Dress Childrens Kids Childs Medium Age 5-7 years

(M) Boys Captain Blackheart Costume for Pirate Fancy Dress Childrens Kids Childs Medium Age 5-7 years

  • (M) Boys Captain Blackheart Costume for Pirate Fancy Dress Childrens Kids Childs Medium Age 5-7 years
  • Fancy Dress
  • Age 5-7
  • Shirt with attached waistcoat, trousers, boot tops, belt & h
  • Boys
Boys/Kids Captain Blackheart Fancy Dress Costume/Outfit. Ideal for Pirates themed events. Contains: Shirt with attached waistcoat, trousers, boot tops, belt & h. Size info (where applicable): (M) Medium Age 5-7

List Price: £9.42 Price: £9.42