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Hello i love your storys i read between two months all of your storys and sorry i think tumblr eat my question for you. I asked for a story about badass protective bamf clones ( rex, cody and 501+212) who save obi wan, anakin and ahsoka. And the enemy gets anxiety. Thanks for all your storys and sorry for my bad english. You save my day when i found you on tumblr. And i make an account about you. Best wish from Switzerland

Master Kenobi is not in a good shape.

Nor is Skyguy or her really but Obi-Wan seems to have come worst off of the three of them, something about the atmosphere Anakin had murmured while rolling Obi-Wan into recovery position with Ashoka’s help, his human hand useless since their muun captors had broken what seemed like every bone in the humans flesh arm. With a bit of Anakin’s black robe tails, they’d made a sling to keep it as still as possible and Ahsoka had tied it behind his neck.

Obi-Wan appeared to have broken his ribs, his breaths coming wheezing out made worse by the atmosphere apparently breaking down the tissues of his lungs.

“Its his species, they are near-humans and for the most part they’re okay with most worlds but… this one contains a pathogen in the air that breaks down the tissue of his airways, lungs, nasal and throat when they’re exposed to the air for too long.” Skyguy had tired murmured before settling with his mech hand on Obi-Wan’s head, staring at Ahsoka as he settled against the wall. “Along with his injuries, he’s struggling to take in oxygen… he’s literally being starved for it.”

That had been the last he’d said for a while, exhausted as he was and trying to conserve energy for an escape attempt.

Add insult to injury, they were Force blind and the muun leader had indicated, while leering at all three, that they would soon be sold off to highest bidder, be it Dooku or some other outside source from the Separatist.

Ahsoka was pretty sure that Count Dooku would pay a rather hefty sum to get rid of all three of them.

“…What are we going to do?” She questioned eventually, glancing at the nikto guards outside their cell before focusing back on Skyguy.

The others lips twisted and he dug his fingers a bit into the red hair of Obi-Wan before he sighed and lifted his broken arm for Ahsoka to slide under and rest against his chest. “We wait for reinforcement…I don’t have the energy to do much else, not like this.” He confessed quietly.

“…That’s all?” She stared at him.

“Do you have any better ideas? Because I’m open to listening.” Anakin smiled at her. At her silence he nodded and carefully continued petting at Obi-Wan’s hair, the older man taking a deep, wheezing breath.

“…He’s going to die if we don’t get help soon…” Ahsoka whispered.

“…I know.” Anakin returned.


Lowering the binoculars slowly, Rex and Cody exchanged looks. “…Blow them up?” The captain questioned.

“They got our Jedi’s. We need to know where they are keeping them before we blow up anything.” Cody murmured. Then he looked to Helix, head tilted.

“Four hours by my chrono to full tissue degeneration and our General starts choking on his own blood.” The medic offered grimly. “That’s if he’s uninjured.” He turned his head to the looming structure.

He didn’t need to finish the rest of his thought.

If the Generals has been uninjured then they would have escaped already, even if it was just the commander, they would have escaped.

Rex stared at the building, frowning. “…That looks like it has a basement.”

“Your point?” Cody frowned too, hidden beneath the helmet.

“Dirt’s loose, we could dig our way in. Stage a distraction on top and get inside from the bottom.” He finished.

“Only if the dirt is lose enough. If they got reinforce walls…” Cody and Rex went silent again.

“…Guns in blazing then?”

“Hevy, Hardcase, get the shields and heavy blasters!”


Opening his eyes slowly, Obi-Wan muzzily stared up at the blue sky as he breathed slowly with the familiar pressure of a breathing mask around his nose and mouth. Faintly he could taste an iron like sensation coating his tongue and an ache sliding down his chest with every slow breath he took.

A little jostle made him groan and clench his eyes shut only to find a white and orange helmet in his view along with a pair of ungloved fingers resting on his neck when he opened them again. “…Gus?” He rasped out.

“Hey General, good to see you awake.” The trooper offered in return. “General Skywalker and Commander Tano will be happy to know you’ve woken up too.” Gus nodded to his side.

Staring at him, Obi-Wan slowly tilted to look to his side, staring at Anakin on a stretcher with Ahsoka not far from him.

While Anakin was clearly asleep, Ahsoka lifted a relieved hand to wave at him.

Lifting his hand slowly in turn, Obi-Wan looked up to Gus again and smiled wryly. “Troopers to the rescue… knew I could count on you guys.” He closed his eyes then grunted a bit when a careful hand pushed his sleeve up.

“Of course you can General.” Helix offered brightly, setting a hypospray of what Obi-Wan would guess to be sedatives. “Now just rest up, we got you. Commander Cody and Captain Rex has evac on the way.” He squeezed his wrist carefully. “Just rest.”

Obi-Wan mumbled quietly and took as deep breath of medicated air as he could, letting himself follow medic orders.

He rested.

So about those space orcs...

I’ve seen a lot of posts about humans pack-bonding with frankly everything, no matter how big, scary, threatening, lethal or oozy.

But you know what I haven’t seen?

Humans entrusting their young to their pack-bonded friends. Because that’s a thing we do. We entrust our children to our friends. We entrust our children to our dogs. We befriend the biggest, meanest, scariest shit, and then we dump our defenseless, hasn’t-even-got-a-fully-fused-skull-yet offspring on them. Half for shits-and-giggles, half because it’s cute, mostly because children are exhausting and we need a nanny.

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One Piece ワンピース [Yonkō Saga / Whole Cake Island Arc] : “Minister of Starch” Commander Charlotte Katakuri vs Captain “Straw Hat” Luffy

[Commander Katakuri] "’ve done well. Now you die." [Captain Luffy] "You’ve made the mistake of hurting my friends. Prepare yourself."

This is it. This is what we’ve been waiting for. Thank you Oda-sensei. DOGTOOTH BOIS. At long last, The Second Son. This chapter was so good, and Thousand Sunny!! Coup de Burst~! kek

This panel tho. Finally getting those oldschool “Whitebeard” Pirates vibes.

♪ : Spotted! 【眼光】 [Monster Hunter 4 Soundtrack]

Eren: Hey captain, why does Commander Nile always look constipated?

Levi: Hell if I know. Why?

Eren: Because. *whispers* He`s full of bullshit.

Levi: *laughs beautifully*


Nile: This is why the Military Police is here to help you, we-

Eren: *whispers* Guess he took a laxative, `cause all the bullshit`s spewing out of him.

Levi: *Laughs and startles everyone at the meeting*

Nile: Ahem is there something to discuss? Cadet?

Eren: Nope. Just talking shit.

Levi: *falls out of his chair laughing*

So, Sarah J. Maas reuses a lot of names

And character tropes. It’s a little suspicious.

Elide and Elain - The supposedly sweet girl. Romantically associated with a male with ambiguous loyalties. 

Lorcan and Lucien - Kind of a jerk, loyally ambiguous and sided with Evil Drama Queen. (Yes, Tamlin, that’s you.)

Nesryn and Nesta - Tough, a fighter. In love with a Captain/Commander whose name starts with a C. 

Gavriel and Azriel - Quiet, dependable. Desperately wants the love and attention of a certain golden-haired, bisexual, cousin (Mor/Aedion) of a powerful monarch (Rhys/Aelin)

Captain Hera Syndulla of the USS Ghost. Boldly going where no one has gone before.

Every Stabby is the same Stabby

There is a common theme in Space Australia posts with Sargent/Captain/Commander Stabby the space Roomba with a knife always being present.
I propose that basically every ship that has a Human, a Roomba, and a knife ends up inevitably with a Stabby.
I also propose that humans act as if every Stabby they meet is the same Stabby. Regardless of make of “Roomba” or type of knife. It could be a large industrial floor scrubber with a Claymore welded to it or a consumer vacuum with a pen knife. They are all Stabby and are all afforded the respect that comes with their station. There is a limit of one Stabby per ship though.
All of this is basically unspoken.

Guy What Takes His Time*

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Featuring: Natasha, Wanda, Sharon (mentioned) and Sam.
Rating: Mature
Summary: Wanda, Natasha and Sam think Steve has feelings for Reader, but she tells them otherwise while actually feeling the same way for the super soldier. One evening,  they all make a plan to make both of them confess the truth.
Word Count: 2.2k
Genre: Fluff/NSFW-ish
Warnings: build-up, suggestive themes, and innuendos, mentions of alcohol, sexual tension, a little bit of roleplay, flirting, Captain kink (?) and Steve being a cute flustered bastard.
Author's Note: It’s a rewrite of the flirty scene between Natasha and Bruce in Avengers: Age of Ultron (you can expect some references, though). I thought it could be fun to switch sides with Steve and see how it goes. It’s also inspired by Guy What Takes His Time covered by Christina Aguilera in Burlesque.

  New Avengers Facility, Upstate New  York

“You did a great job, Y/N,” Steve announced in his deep voice as he passed the hallway with you, Natasha, and Wanda. “Ladies.” He stopped in his tracks, standing with this impressive physique, almost towering in front of you as his hands held the brown belt of his- oh, so sexy uniform.

“Thank you, Captain.” You smiled and he nodded slowly as if questioning whether he would stay to have a chat with you or not. He smiled gently and proceeded to take the stairs towards his personal quarters where he’d finally take a well-deserved shower after a hard, but successful mission with you and Sam.

Of course, he would’ve loved to linger awhile and see your smile just a little longer. He enjoyed spending time with you and the feeling was mutual. Maybe that after all these days spent with him, these missions where you saved each other, being partners and all this harmless flirting, there was something between you. Your chemistry was obvious to everyone after all.

“Have you seen the way he looks at you?” Wanda nudged your side and you winced, narrowing your eyes. “Don’t be silly, Steve likes you a lot.”

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