anonymous asked:

I REALLY wanna see more captain cobra this season.

I feel like we will. Colin said that relationships Killian has with those in Storybrooke could be tested this coming season. We know things are all good on the Captain Swan front, we know Captain Charming has stuff coming up… what other relationship could be tested for Killian that are important to him as a character? Captain Cobra and Captain Beauty. 

From set pics, we know that something is happening on both fronts. Whether or not those moments make it into the episode (fairly sure both will), and what context they are in, they were something they wanted to do intentionally. We know, from SDCC, that Emma is gonna be coming to grips with her life as the Savior. Dealing with all the burdens of that. It would make sense that those closest to her would have to deal with it as well, which could lead to some more bonding between Killian and Henry.

I feel like Captain Cobra is coming. At least more than we saw in 5B. 

Just imagine Emma and her family finding Killian in the Underworld, and he’s there with Liam. And Killian introduces Emma to his brother, and Liam is delighted to meet her, but then his eyes fall to Henry, and he asks “and… this is your lad, Killian?”

And Killian scratches at his neck wondering how best to explain all of that to Liam…

But before he can say anything, Henry speaks up. “Yeah. I am.”