Christine Sinclair: Shy, humble and the ‘nicest person’

Ask teammates about Sinc-y — as they call her — and humble is the word that comes up almost as frequently as nice (in the superlative).

“She is an amazing human being,” says longtime teammate Sophie Schmidt. “She makes a difference in quiet ways. I don’t think she realizes the power she holds in soccer and on the team … she almost doesn’t care.”

Teammate Selenia Iacchelli initially says she can’t describe what Sinclair means to the team. But then the words come out in an effusive tumble. “I absolutely love that girl so much,” she says. “She makes the heart beat on our team. She is so passionate, so driven, focused and motivated … we all look up to her. It’s respect plus she’s got to be one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life.”