You ever think about how relieved Bucky must have been at first when the Russians found him after he fell in the end of catfa? Imagine how grateful he must have felt to have miraculously survived his fall and been found by allies who would take him home. Do you think that as they were dragging him through the snow while he was half conscious, he was focusing on the thought that soon he and Steve would be reunited, that they had more time after all? 

Just wondering. 

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Those ab flash pictures are totally Seb or Bucky being a tease to Chris/Steve. Especially since he knows his sweetheart is totally thinking about how his abs looks while he's fucking him six ways to Sunday. Or covered in cum while being ridden. ;3

Imagine Bucky lying on his back, his hands on Steve’s hips. Steve’s face is tucked into Bucky’s neck, whimpering sweetly.

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unpopular opinion: steve rogers is not lawful good aligned because COME ON when has that man EVER respected rules or laws he jumped out of a plane without a parachute, went in alone to a nazi base to save bucky, and rebelled against the entirety of shield because he knew they were corrupt my boy is chaotic good and no one can convince me otherwise


has this been done yet

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I see it now! Tough looking chris walks around while one arm possessively holding Seb's waist or something and all these videos makes Chris wants to ride Seb's thigh so bad. And Seb act all sweet and adorable to the cast members but really he could make Chris' inner thigh red from that beard burn all night looooong. You have enlightened me

Oh yes.

Imagine after an interview, they’re back in their hotel room and Sebastian has Chris spread out on the bed.

“Good boy,” Sebastian growls when Chris lifts his legs and lets Sebastian see his pink, little hole.

“Seb…” Chris moans, blushing and hiding his face.

Sebastian smiles kissing Chris’ inner thigh. He loves how sweet and adorable Chris was, how vulnerable he allows himself to be in bed or with Sebastian wherever they were in private.

Chris comes off as a loving man who could appear to be quite dominant but Sebastian knows the truth. He loves taking care of Chris who is so used to taking care of everyone else.

Sebastian kisses his thigh again and then licks at Chris’ hole, “you want me here, baby?”

Chris whines and nods, whimpering when Sebastian finally put his mouth where Chris wanted it.

Also omg. Thigh riding. Yes please. Sign me the fuck up.


I like the stealth suit from Cap 2. The dark, navy blue suit from the opening of Winter Soldier when I’m on the Lemurian Star, messing people up on that ship. And in the elevator! That’s my favorite. I have requested it every movie, but the people at Marvel really like a little red. They like a little red in there. Which is fine. It’s Cap; I get it. — Chris Evans

The Winter Soldier: *Kicks a man into a flaming engine*

The Winter Soldier: *Throws a grenade at a pilot and steals his aircraft*

Steve *calling over his shoulder while running after Bucky*: Sorry about that! He’s not usually like this! He’s really very nice most of the time!