Sebastian Stan. I don’t know what else to say other than thank you for being a big part of my life, and my journey from having come out. Here’s the story…

Picture it. Austin Comic Con, a few hours ago.

I’m standing in line to get his autograph and he could tell that I was nervous. He said, “Hi, what’s your name?” “I’m Albert,” I replied. “Albert, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” he responded. “The pleasure is all mine, Sebastian,” I stated. I then went on to tell him how he affected my life. I said, “Sebastian, I wanted to tell you that I came out three years ago, and it was your performance as TJ in “Political Animals” that encouraged me to come out. I figured, if you can be comfortable playing a gay man, I can be comfortable in my own skin. Thank you for helping me accept who I am.” He grabbed my hand and rubbed it with his thumb as he said, “I appreciate your honesty. I am really touched to hear that and I am glad that I could help you be who you are.” I shed a couple of tears after I walked away from the table. He was just so sweet.

Fast forward an hour and a half later… I am now in line with three girls that were also fangirling over Sebastian and we were trying to decide our poses. They told me, “Cut the line. WE NEED TO SEE THIS HAPPEN!” I cut the line so  I could be cheered on. When I got to him he asked, “Hey there, what are we doing?” I said, “I want to do the “Gone with the Wind” pose.” “How does that one go again?” he asked. “Dip me and look into my eyes,” I replied. I was suddenly entranced into his beautiful, blue eyes. He had me in a spell that no one could release me from. Sebastian is such a beautiful man. I love you, Sebastian.




My wife, @shipperhipster, my cap, and me as Winter Soldier with a trio of EPIC photo ops at @wizardworldcomiccon-blog Austin 

I was quite dorkily pleased to discover seeing him in the flesh, yes I do actually have the same shade hair/eyes.

And dayumn Seb handles that rifle like a pro - and is sooo much taller than I am X3  

Being Wanda's daughter would include...

Being Wanda’s daughter would include….

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[A/n: there have peen people asking about other “Being *Persons* daughter would includes,” that have been requested in the past, I’m still doing them so don’t worry!]

[Age: 0-10]

Her almost killing pietro while giving birth to you

“Calm down, Wanda”

“You’re not helping!”

“What was that phrase, steve always says?’

“Oh! Don’t worry wanda, ‘it’s only a phase’”

“You’re life is going to be a phase if you don’t shut up”

Her falling in love with you immediately

“Mommy’s always going to be here to protect you ,”

She struggled on your first day of school

But not as much as pietro

“My Darling Niece is away on her first day of school”

“I haven’t even left yet,”


She struggled to leave the building on your first day of school

But it was worth it because she loved hearing about your first day of school

Playing dress up with the avengers

“If this isn’t a phase steve i swear i’ll have your head on a platter,”

Having wanda’s powers

“Wanda are you making everything float?”

“No, Why?”

“I think (y/n) may have your powers”

[Age: 10-20]

Literally no one messing with you because you’re mom is a badass

If you’re mom felt any boy was going to do you wrong they weren’t allowed in the house

“I don’t like him.”

“Mom you say that about everyone,”

“Is there something wrong with that?”

“N-no, but what if I really like someone,”

“Then ignore me, it’s not my choice in who you date,”

You were really nervous when you brought Peter home

“You’re mom is an avenger?!”

“Tony! You said they’d never meet,”

Your mom was pretty surprised

*Cue Steve and his phase talk*

“Don’t worry Wanda I’m sure it’s just a phase,”

“Have you seen the way they look at each other!”

“She’s smart, and he’s smart enough to know if he hurts her he’ll have to deal with us,”

[Age: 20]

“Not a phase,”

Steve getting glared at for like the eighth time

(Seriously I can’t believe I’ve done eight of these, we’re like three or four away from doing Steve)

Wanda cried when you said your vows

“My baby, she’s all grown up,”

“She’s not yours you dummy,”

Pietro cried too

“She’s my baby niece,”

“Guys you’re disturbing other guests,”

Cue visions burnt wedding cake next to the extravagant one tony bought

You cut both though

“I told you he was the right one,”

“Yeah yeah, whatever,”

“I love you mom,”

“I love you too.”

Bucky x Reader: Goodbye

Prompt/ask: Anonymous​ asked: Bucky x reader prompt for you…the first and last time they hug? 

Word count: 638

Warnings: Angst/sadness/saying goodbye, Like one curse word

A/N: Ahh this is my first Bucky x Reader! (yay) This blog isn’t as popular as itskingedmund, and my stuff on here probably won’t get over a hundred notes, but I just wanted to share it with you. Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing more. If you’re new, hi! Check out my Narnia imagines and such here to get a feel for my writing-if you have a second :) Okay, enough with my self-promoting. *Set in the forties*

                                                     - - -

Saying goodbye to Bucky Barnes wasn’t something you thought you’d ever have to do. You weren’t quite sure what you had expected in regards to your future, but all you knew was that it included Bucky. 

It was always about Bucky.

 Every smile aimed in your direction, every muffled regret whispered on cold afternoons, every invisible tear you saw fall from his clear blue eyes, it always, in some way, made you fall deeper and deeper into the hell of his heart. 

But if anyone asked, no. You weren’t in love with Bucky Barnes. 

Was love leaving him when he needed you most? Was love never being there for him when his heart was in pain? Was love seeing Bucky talking up yet another pretty girl as you watched in silence? No. No, it wasn’t.

 And yet, you felt as if you were losing someone you love when Bucky opened his arms for you to fall into for the last time. He had been drafted for the next day.

Sergeant James Barnes, shipping out for England first thing tomorrow.
Barnes, shipping out for England first thing tomorrow.
England first thing tomorrow.


“Woah, hey there doll.” Bucky whispered with a light chuckle, stepping back a little as you let yourself collapse against Bucky’s chest. He slowly relaxed, extending his arms further so he could hold your small figure. 

“I can’t believe I’m finally leaving.” Bucky said softly, his face buried your hair. You shook your head. You felt the tears rise in your throat, begging to be released. 



Bucky cut you off, pulling you closer yet. “No…no talking…let’s just…” He trailed off. 

As you stood there, clinging to Bucky with your feet barely touching the ground, it hit you harder than ever before. You might never see James Buchanan Barnes again. You remembered, faintly still, the first time Bucky hugged you like this.

 He had held you in a safe embrace, shielding you from the world as his arms wrapped around your waist. It had been meant that he would be your guardian, your protector. Everything around you was erased as the warmth of your body in Bucky’s arms took over everything in your mind. 

Hugging Bucky Barnes was something special. It had always been special. 

But, somewhere deep down, you knew a hug wasn’t enough. A promise wasn’t enough. You needed Bucky. You needed him to kiss you, to hold you with a fiery passion and feelings of love, not just a simple embrace for the sake of it. 

Your mother used to tell you the importance of platonic relationships; Of how a person didn’t need love to have good friendships. This may have been true, but not for you. Not for Bucky.

As these thoughts swam through your head, you slowly felt Bucky release you. 

 “You know, I never thought I’d be going this way. Not really.” He said, a smirk already plastered across his face as a single tear gathered and fell from his left eye. He was quick to catch it in his sleeve before it ran down his cheek. 

“Don’t cry.” You whispered, more to yourself than to Bucky. As you looked up to meet his eyes, you were surprised to see his eyes darting down to your parted lips. 

Before you could say anything else, before you could let a sob escape your throat, you were kissing Bucky Barnes. 

Suddenly, he wasn’t leaving. He wasn’t entering a war that would mean certain death. He was here with you, standing outside as the wind swayed around you and your hair flew with it. 

“Holy shit Barnes.” You whispered as the two of you parted. He laughed, leaning in to kiss you once more. 

And with that kiss came a promise; A promise to never forget how his lips felt on yours.

Bucky Barnes #5

Hi guys! This one is not requested, but my boyfirend broke up with me on Thursday, so I wanted to write something cute :> I hope you’ll like this one!

Prompt: Bucky is kinda jealous of Pietro


‘’Come on, guys. It was so long ago. Why do you keep talking about that?’’ Pietro’s cheeks were flushed. All Avergers were sitting n TV room in the base. It was Friday evening and you all were enjoying a day off.  You were curled up on Bucky’s laps on an armchair and he was stroking your hair automatically. You all were recalling old times and someone metioned Ultron’s fight, which effected admiring Pietro’s herroic action of saving lives od Clint and that little kid, Costel.

‘’Well, that was something. I mean… You saved people and stuff’’ you joined a discussion. You felt Bucky jerking beneath you. ‘’What’s wrong, sweetheart?’’ you asked brushing away hair from his eyes.

‘’I have to go. I’ll be back in a second.’’ He tried to sound normal , but he looked upset.

‘’Okay, I’ll be waiting here for you.’’ You smiled, but he didn’t even notice it, avoiding your gaze.You frowned, but you already got used to Bucky’s moods and knew that sometimes he had to be alone for a few minutes when he was in big group of people too long. You focused back on a conversation, but you were worried about Bucky. It passed thirty minutes and he still wasn’t back, so you decided to search for him. You stood up.

‘’Where are you going?’’ Steve asked interrupting Clint’s story.

‘’To find Bucky. He looked upset when he was leaving. I want to know what’s up’’

You headed to an elevator, wondering where Bucky could go. You decided o check out a gym so you hit ‘’-1’’ button and slided down to the basement. You knew you were right before the doors opened. You could hear noises of beaten training bag. Bucky didn’t notice you yet. He was standing back to you in his grey sweatpants and white tank top, all sweaty and furious. Tensed muscles, angry growls everytime his fists reached a bag. You came closer to him.

‘’Bucky, what’s wrong?’’ you asked quietly.

He strightened up when he heard you.

‘’What are you doing here?’’ he growled with clenched jaw, ignoring your question.

‘’You didn’t come back to us, so I came to you’’

‘’Yeah, I was sick and tired of listening about wonderful Maximoff. Why don’t you go back and tell him how amazing he is?’’ Bucky was saying his words with bitterness in his voice.

‘’This is what’s it all about? You’re jealous of Pietro?’’ you were very suprised, because you never shown you were interested in Pietro. Mainly, because you’ ve never been interested in him at all. ‘’It’s riddiculous’’

Bucky punched training bag one more time and sat on a bench.

‘’It’s not like I’m jealous of him. I don’t think you’d be with me if you were interested in him…’’

‘’That’s great, because I’m not…’’

‘’It’s all like I think he might be better for you’’ Bucky finished not looking into your eyes. You couldn’t say a word.

‘’Bucky, what the hell are you talking about?’’ you finally stammered afted a long silence.

‘’You all are right. He’s a real hero. He save people. And I? I’ve killed people. Many of them. Innocent people, parents of our friend and much more. I’m a monster and it doesn’t matter how much I love you, I’ll never be worth you. You should be with someone who deserves your kindness and love’’ as Bucky was speaking, he was roughly pulling his hair. Your eyes welled up with tears. You were aware of demons of his past, but he never wanted to talk about this. And now, you realised how much he had to went through, how much pain and saddness he had experienced.  You sat next to him. With one hand you held down his hands on his lap  and with the other you forced him to look up at you.  You knew he was much stronger than you and he could easily freed himself, but he was sitting still.

‘’Listen to me, James. I can’t even imagine with how many nightmares in your life you had to fight. I don’t think anyone in this world could. You fought in World War II, you almost died, been kidnapped, tortured and brainwasched by HYDRA. And now you’re here. Still able to love somebody. To love your  friends and me’’ your voice shoke at this word. ‘’After all of this you still can feel. This is amazing. You’re the bravest man I’ve ever known. And I love you the way you are’’ you whispered last words and your all face covered in tears. ‘’If I could I’d do everything to to help you to get rid off all these horrible memories. I’d take all of them just to give you a chance to spend a night without nightmares. But it’s impossible. All I can do is to tell you that we all love you, Buck. We’re your friends and we know that you’d never do all of these things if you’re aware of your act. Even Tony knows that. He said he doesn’t have to forgive you anything, because it wasn’t you. It was HYDRA. I hate them for what they did. But you can’t blame yourself, honey, because we need you. I need you’’ you were sobbing and your voice was shaking, but Bucky didn’t care about it. He was just starring at you with parted lips, not able to say anything.

‘’Say something’’ you whispered, suddenly ashamed of your speech, but he just took your face in his palms and kissed you tenderly. Your tears were still washing over your cheeks. Bucky kissed them all and returned to your lips. His soft lips were dabbing yours. He was exploring your face with his flesh hand as if it was your first kiss. You parted your mouth and his hot tounge slipped inside. Bucky put his metal arm on your hip and pressed you gently closer to him. You buried your hand in his hair and pressed your lips harder onto his.

‘’I love you, James’’ you whispered into his mouth. He growled at his real name and you felt that he lost his control. Movements of his lips started to be senseless and sharp. He caught your bottom lip between his teeth and bit it roughly. You quietly moaned in pleasure, but he quickly pulled away and ran his hand through his face, blushed from excitement.

‘’I’m sorry’’ he whispered annd leaned his forehead on your shoulder. ‘’I love you too. And thank you for no doubts about me. I need you too, princess’’.


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