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“You alright.”

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They both adored you like a sibling. You would do everything they could do to protect you and we’re always there for you. They always knew they could turn you to no matter what and you never judged them. You were their best fiend.

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Before The King [Part 7 / ?]

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Post Civil War Series

[ Read Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six ]

Pairing: T’Challa x Ex-Avenger!Reader

Characters [in order of appearance]: Reader, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, T’Challa, Okoye (Comic Character), Dr. Misreli (OC), Sam Wilson, and Wanda Maximoff.

Warnings: Civil War Spoilers, Explicit Language, Confronting PTSD, Mentions of Violence, Mild Sexual Reference, Intense Themes, and ANGST.

Word Count: 4.2k+

A/N: It’s here! I finally pushed myself to do it and the ending may seem a bit rushed, but I was on a strict time-frame, so enjoy! x. T

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Panther Island  |  1 Day Later

 .    .    .

           You climbed out of the cabin of the helicopter after Steve and Bucky, ignoring the roar of the waterfall just outside the hidden aircraft hangar. The water returned to rushing in a thick, misted wall at the far side of the landing pad and you could feel the humidity make your skin clammy as you walked down a short flight of steps and towards the facility within the mountain as the two soldiers remained ahead of you.

           Bucky looked back and smiled, gesturing with his right hand for you to come up to join him and Steve. You lengthened your stride and walked next to him, feeling the brush of his warm skin against your arm. He paused his conversation with Steve and told you, “Don’t need you being alone back there, darlin’.”

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Captain America: Civil War Featurette

Fool Me Once (Bucky x Steve x Reader)

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A/N: 1940S!BUCKY ANGST, I HEAR YOU CRY! Your wish is my command. I warn you now, this will do things to your feelings and I’m not even sorry. Thank you to the two the anon and @minervaem who requested this one!

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Are you still looking for requests? I would love to read a Bucky soulmate au. Thanks😄 - anon

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Everyone had a soulmate tattoo, it was printed in neat black handwriting on their inner left forearm. At first Bucky had been like everyone else in America and kept the name of his soulmate private, it was sacred. Only Steve knew the name printed on his arm.

Then the world went to war and suddenly everyone became more vocal about who their one true love was, people would put ads in the news, spread the word amongst neighbours and friends. Anything the get the word out there. War was coming and soulmates may only get a few months left together.

Bucky never found his soulmate before the war. When he went to training he kept an upbeat spirit about it but he knew it was a possibility he would die having never met his soulmate. When he got captured that was all he could think about, when Steve saved him he saw another chance to find you once and for all. That chance didn’t come, he fell off that train, he lost his arm, and he lost the memory of his soulmate’s name.

Bucky looked down at his metal arm as it glistened in the morning sunlight. He was up early yet again, his mind running over any memory he could come up with from before Hydra to try and remember his soulmate’s name. When he first got out of cryo and had been on the run he hadn’t given it a second thought, he knew everyone had soulmates and by extension so did he, but he hadn’t actively thought about it.

Now he was mostly better and settled into civilian life in the modern world, something was missing. It was a part of him that had always been a part of who he was, it wasn’t his arm as much as he would like that back but rather the name of his soulmate. It was right there on the tip of his tongue but it was all blocked.

His mind had been swarming over it for a week now and yet he had gotten no result. It seemed that there was only one option left for him, “Steve, what was my soulmate called?” he asked his friend quietly when he got back from his run about half an hour later.

Steve froze in his tracks, he had expected this but not so soon. “What?” he choked out.

“My soulmate, what was their name?” Bucky repeated, “I figured I must have told you and seeing as you still have all your memories from back then,” he shrugged.

Steve licked his lip, “Y/N,” he eventually said, “Their name was Y/N Y/L/N.”

Bucky later went on to search up any and all Y/N Y/L/N’s from across the world in the 1940’s. There were a few of them but none of them had the corresponding ‘James Buchanan Barnes’ on their arms to match him.

He almost gave up hope before he got the idea to search for people with that name in modern times. The universe knew who his one true love was supposed to be, was it that far of a fetch that they knew he would end up here too.

Typing in the new search field he hit enter and waiting as it searched. Only one result for that name came up and his heart stopped beating in his chest.

You pottered around the lab in your new job at the Avengers Tower, you had managed to snag an apprenticeship under none other than Tony Stark himself. It was the opportunity of a lifetime and you were buzzing with excitement, you had only started two days ago and you could already tell that there were only good things for you in the future.

Your peace was disturbed by the door slamming open and a very frantic, very large looking man walked through and up to you. He had long brown hair that whipped around his face and a metal arm that reflected the lights in the lab. “Can I help you?” you asked slowly.

“What’s your name?” he asked, half hysteric.

“Y/N Y/L/N,” you told him, squinting, “Why?”

He gulped, “Listen, I know this is gonna sound crazy but you’re my soulmate.”

“Excuse me?” you raised your eyebrows.

“I’m Bucky. My full name is James Buchanan Barnes,” he told you. You knew that name. That was the name that had been printed on your left arm since you were born, the name you traced with your finger at night until you fell asleep.

You glanced at his arm and realised his left arm was the metal one, you had his name but he didn’t have yours anymore. You had always imagined meeting your soulmate would be a huge rush of emotion and confession of love, instead you felt perplexed.

Reaching out you grabbed a lab chair and rolled it over, you sit down in it and let everything sink in. “You’re my soulmate,” you said, looking him up at down now getting a good look at him. He was undeniably attractive, you didn’t get a bad vibe off him so it could be all around worse. “This is all so sudden.”

“Yeah, sorry. I just found out that you worked here and I came straight down without thinking or a plan of what to say,” Bucky admitted, “I’m not so good at the talking thing.”

You smiled softly, “Well, neither am I. Tony isn’t meant to be back for another hour yet, you wanna stay and talk?” you asked.

He nodded eagerly and sat down opposite you, the two of you began sharing all the basic details about yourself. Where you grew up, how old you were, what your family was like. Talking to him was easy, he fit so nicely it was as if he had always been there. The universe had a chance to screw you over but instead they paired you up with Bucky and you couldn’t have been happier about it.


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