Catch Me if You Can (Steve x reader)

Hey loves! I needed to give Steve some love and I’ve been super tired lately so, this one shot is coming in the morning instead of after the new chapter of Battered and Bruised. I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful day :)

Description: You have a training session with your boyfriend, Steve, but you’re ability is super speed so it makes things a little harder for him.



It was early Thursday morning, and you groaned. You alarm was blaring in your ear as you threw your pillow over your head and rolled on your stomach, trying to block out the unforgiving noise. Steve rolled over and put his hand on your back. He rubbed it, and you hummed in content.

“Good morning babe.” He smiled at you, chuckling at the fact you were so unwilling to get up. You responded with a good morning that was mostly muffled from the fact that your face was smushed into the mattress.

“Come on, F/N. We have a training session this morning, remember? We need to get ready.”

You groaned in disbelief. “But, it’s too early.” You took the pillow away from your face and cuddled up to his chest. You hoped your moves of affection would convince him to stay in bed and forget about training.

“Nope. We gotta go, babe.” He kissed your forehead and got up, sitting on the edge of the bed. You grabbed his hand and gave him your best puppy dog face. He gave you a look. “No. You’re not going toget us out of this session.” He gave you a goofy grin. “You know I can’t resist you when you make that face, but the team needs us there today.”

“Okay..” You held out the last syllable of the word and released his hand. He got up and headed to the bathroom to wash up.

You rolled on your back and stared up at the ceiling. Why did these things have to be so early? You groaned once more and pulled yourself away from the sheets. You woke up your nerves by speeding through the room: grabbing your clothes, making the bed, brushing your teeth, and changing. And it was all done in less than a minute. You were standing by the door. “I’m ready!” You were smirking towards Steve’s direction. “Come on, babe. We have to go to our training session.” You mocked him in his stern voice.

Slowly, he sauntered out of the bathroom and crossed his arms. “Really?” He still had his toothbrush in his mouth. He playfully rolled his eyes and cracked a smile, walking backwards to the bathroom. “Give me ten minutes and I’ll be ready to go.”

Once Steve was dressed, you walked hand in hand into the training room. Most of the team was already there, besides Tony and Banner. Obviously Banner didn’t need to attend, he kind of had his own way of fighting after all. And Tony, well, he just didn’t show up half the time.

The morning commenced fairly well. Wanda paired up with Vision and they started a battle in the middle of the mat. Steve was making sure that neither of them used their powers and solely focused on hand-to-hand combat. He didn’t agree with letting them use their energy manipulating powers during sessions. They needed to know how to fight. Ultimately, Wanda won. Vision had a soft spot for her and didn’t want to hurt her. Steve rolled his eyes and called up the next pair of fighters. This time Natasha and Clint took the floor. They were both good at what they did, and it ended in a draw when both of them were rolling on the floor, in pain from all the blows they had taken. The training session continued and everyone watched, giving pointers and learning new moves.

Finally, it was almost over and you stepped on the mat, Steve across from you. You seldom fought him, but it was always fun. He was actually a good match for you because he was the only one strong enough to stop you.

“Ready?” He had his hands in loose fists and put them in front of his face, taking his fighting stance.

“Let’s go.” You gave him a smirk and you were gone. You darted across the room, stopping momentarily in different spots, keeping him on his toes. His eyes were shifting and he spun around every time you passed him. You stopped behind him and delivered a quick jab underneath his ribs. He let out a groan, but quickly brushed it off.

The only flaw to your ability was that you left a trail of light behind you when ever you ran, making it easier for him to track you. Even so, you were still too fast for him.

“Catch me if you can.” You whispered in his ear, as you quickly appeared behind him. When you tried to bolt, Steve caught your arm and threw you down on the ground. The force knocked the wind out of you and your groaned.

“Gonna have to be faster than that, sweetheart.” Before he could land on you to put you in a lock and end the match, you disappeared from underneath him in a flash. You started making circles around the room, creating a whirlwind around Steve. He threw his hands up in front of his face, straining his eyes against the wind. When you finally stopped, you jumped up on his shoulders, using your thighs to bring him down.

You had him pinned. “Like I said, catch me if you can.” The right corner of your mouth was pulled up in a smirk. You were inches away from his face and kissed his lips. The team groaned, knowing that this would happen.

He winked up at you. “I’ll get you later, babe.”

I hoped you enjoyed this cute little one shot to start your morning! Battered and Bruised will be posted this afternoon. I look forward to having you all read it! I love you all.



It’ll Be Alright

Steve Rogers x Reader

Request: “hellohello!!! can i have a steve x reader where reader is very self conscious about her stretch marks and steve comforts her and stuff? tyty + i love your blog <3″ - @darlingbuchanan

Warnings: NONE


You had never been a fan of the beach. Of course, the blues and greens of the ocean always caught your attention, but there was always something about it that left a bad taste in your mouth. As a kid, you would stand in the middle of the sand, standing behind your friends, as they ran frantically towards the water. It wasn’t until your family members started pointing out your recent weight gain that it dawned on you: you were never a fan of the beach because you didn’t have the “ideal” body type. 


When Natasha asked you and your friends if you guys wanted to go to the beach, everyone responded before you could even open your mouth. 

“What about you, Y’N?” she asked, her eyes landing on yours. 

You didn’t want to be the person to ruin everyone’s day of fun, so you hesitantly nodded your head. “Sure, I could go for a swim,” you smiled. 


You had a multitude of bathing suits in your closet. You took out your best three and lay them out on your bed. Black, white, and red fabrics littered your cream sheets as you heard your door open. 

“Hey, Y’N,” you heard a familiar voice say.

You turned around to see sandy blonde hair and a pair of blue eyes. “Steve,” you said, your body turning to cover up the bathing suits on your bed. “What are you doing here?” 

“Nat told me to make sure you were ready. We’re leaving to go to the beach in about 20 minutes, so don’t take long,” he said before spotting a red bikini top and winking at you. You blushed and shooed him out of your room. 

“Get out, Steve, I have a lot to do.”


Cellulite and stretch marks decorated your thighs and calves that were almost always covered around your friends. Today, though, the universe decided things would be different. You walked out of your room into the compound wearing shorts and a t-shirt over your bathing suit. Everyone was in the room, sitting in front of the large flat screen TV. 

“It’s about time, Y/N,” Tony jokingly sighed. 


The ride to the beach was fairly normal. The only thing on your mind was your body, though. Sure, you had curves, but they seemed to mean nothing to the stretch marks on the different parts of your body. 

“Come on, Y’N, we’re here,” you heard Bucky say. 

You nodded and stepped into the sunlight, your sunglasses making their way to your face. You looked around you and noticed everyone ridding themselves of their shirts, showing off their toned and muscular bodies. You especially noticed Steve, though. He pulled his navy blue t-shirt over his head in one swift motion, exposing his abs and nearly perfect body. You realized you were staring when he threw his shirt at your face. 

“Come on, Y/N,” he said, “get in the water with me.”

This is it. 

You nodded, noticing all of your friends were already enjoying themselves in the water. You began to slowly peel back the layers you wore. First, your shirt slowly came off, exposing the top half of the black and white one-piece you chose to wear, ultimately deciding that you would wear the red bikini when you were more comfortable with your body. Next, your shoes made their way off your feet, and your shorts were on on the floor. 

You felt Steve’s eyes on you as your hands traveled to your legs and stomach, trying to hide what could never be truly out of sight. You felt Steve walk up to you, his hands moving over yours. 

“Let’s go,” he said. He started walking away and almost didn’t notice that your feet were still planted firmly in the sand. 

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” he asked, concern taking over his facial features. 

You felt tears brim your eyes as his words made their way to your ears. You never really cried over your physical appearance, so why did you start now? Maybe it was because you were surrounded by overly-confident people, or because you had never actually had your body out in the open the way you did now. Or perhaps, you were about to cry because someone finally took notice to your apprehension and doubt. Steve, the boy who always seemed to be able to lend a helping hand to anyone who needed it, was also the one (the only one) to take notice to you and one of your biggest insecurities. 

“Wait, why are you crying? Oh God, Y/N, did I make you cry? I’m so-” he started, before you cut him off. 

“No, Steve,” you said, before pointing to your thighs. “I can’t get in the water with you guys, though. Just look at me, for God’s sake, I’m disgusting! Can you see the marks on my legs? They’ve been here for as long as I could remember. Do you know what it’s like to feel like a stranger in your body? To see all of your friends look so much better than you when you work just as hard, if not harder than them to be fit and healthy?” you asked, your mouth letting the words slip out before you could have a chance to think about it. 

“Y/N,” Steve started before you turned away from him, picking your shorts up from the sand. But before you could turn around all the way, you felt fingers wrap around your arm. 

“Y/N, you are the most beautiful person I’ve seen in all my 96 years of being alive, and I can’t believe you could think that about yourself. You are far from disgusting, and no one is stopping you from getting in that goddamn water but yourself. Besides,” he said, his fingers tracing the marks on your skin, “these are what make you, you. No one else in the world has patterns like this etched into their skin, Y/N. And if you don’t want to get in the water with me, I won’t force you. We can get ice cream, too,” he smiled. 

Your arms wrapped around his waist as you smiled. 

“Let’s go,” you said, dragging him toward your friends screaming in the water. 

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I feel like I'm doing a lot of screaming inside my head. I really want the dating thing to happen! I just wanna finally stick Natasha with Jan and Tony with Clint! Also Pepper with Maria! OTPs everywhere. Who would you guys pair together?

Steve with Bucky, Natasha with Clint, Tony with Bruce, Maria with Pepper, Gamora with Star-Lord, Hulkling with Wiccan, SpiderMan with Mary Jane, Kate Bishop with Mockingbird, Falcon with Agent 13, and Sif with Lady Loki (!!!)c

Shadow of the Stars

A Captain America and Winter soldier story

Jaylin Rogers has always struggled with being the daughter of Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, mostly because of her lack of freedom. After a failed attempt to do something about this, her life is changes forever when a shadow from her father’s past returns to haunt her.  

Chapter One

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The morning after my great nightly promise, I woke up because dad tried to move his arm away and failed in keeping me asleep. ‘Sorry,’ he mumbled when he realised my eyes had opened.
‘It’s okay.’ With my arms stretched across the soft mattress, I arched my back like a cat, feeling stiff muscles sigh and shriek at the same time. ‘I wanted to make something of today, anyway.’
‘Really?’ Dad seemed pleased, despite the darkness underneath his eyes. ‘You’re gonna draw? Or do you want me to ask Tony if he still got those hologram-things you used to love?’
‘Dad!’ I exclaimed, chuckling as I remembered the special holograms Tony had made when I wouldn’t stop eating play dough. Dad had been extraordinarily frustrated, even though it had been nontoxic and made for children. ‘I was like three!’
‘I know,’ Dad stroked my hair, just as he’d always done when I was little. His eyes were soft and his expression open, ‘but I think he’s been upgrading them – it can do sculpting and painting and all sorts of stuff.’
‘Really?’ I liked the sound of that; despite the fact I preferred pencils above everything else, I loved trying new art forms. A long lost sensation arose within me: excited curiosity. I marvelled at its return while I lay on my belly to grab my bed slippers from the floor, so my feet wouldn’t get cold. ‘Is he trying to take over the art supply world?’ I joked with a muffled voice.
‘No, he just wanted to make you something nice. Here.’ Due to my sluggish motions while searching for my footwear, dad had already gotten the chance to walk around the bed and handing me the slippers I was looking for. ‘You seem surprised,’ dad smiled. ‘You don’t believe he would make something for you?’
‘Sure I do,’ I replied quickly, masking the jolt I had indeed felt at this revelation, ‘I just didn’t know he thinks me old enough to switch from playdough to the adult stuff.’

After a nice breakfast of pancakes and a gorgeous view of the early morning New York skyline, I made my way down to Tony’s labs, knowing he spent like 99% of his waking time in there. Seeing how he usually spent no more than 20% of his time sleeping, there was barely any chance I wouldn’t find him there. As expected, he was playing with some fancy new electronic bits for one of his suits, or possibly an upgraded coffeemaker; with Tony you could never be entirely certain.
When he heard me come in he looked up, grinning instantly. ‘Hey, Jay, what brings you here?’
I shrugged. ‘Dad mentioned some neat arty things you were working on?’
‘Oh, you’re talking about the JAM?’ Carelessly, he threw away his screwdriver and moved away from his project.
I followed him, very aware of the stuff sprawled across the floor. ‘JAM?’
‘Jay’s Art Machine,’ Tony explained, rummaging through the mess on his workstations. There seemed to be a lot of unfinished products, and I wondered how many of those could change the world, if only Tony didn’t have so many ideas, as well as some structure in his life.
Gently, I pushed away a heap of metal parts, clearing a little space, and hopped onto the worktop. ‘Don’t you think simulator would’ve been better,’ I commented slyly.
Tony smirked. ‘Yeah, but JAM sounds cooler. Besides, I first wanted to call it “The apparatus to stop the clay monster”, but that didn’t have quite the same ring to it.’ He looked up, his dark eyes glimmering.
I stuck out my tongue before I replied indignantly, ‘I was a toddler, Tony!’
‘I know,’ he grinned. ‘I told Steve a little clay wouldn’t hurt anybody. He’d rather not take the risk. So, to stop your frustrated crying, I gave you a little something to do.’ He held up a small metal pot, shimmering silver, which I vaguely remembered. ‘I kept it, so all it needed was a little upgrade.’ He showed another three of the same pods, and one slightly bigger one. Then he took a thin, smooth tablet, and with everything stacked in his arms, he told me to come along. Apparently, the living room would be more suitable for a demonstration. ‘It’s too messy, here,’ he explained.
‘Well, I’m glad you are aware,’ I grinned.

Back in the living room, Tony set up the four little pods in a square, with the bigger one in the middle. ‘If these lights are green, there’s a good distance between them. If they’re orange, it’s still possible, but not optimal. Red means they’re too far apart,’ Tony informed me. ‘You can sculpt in the middle, like so.’ A tall block of marble appeared above the coffee table, which changed colours when Tony dragged his finger across the tablet’s screen.  
‘But,’ the inventor continued, ‘you can also paint an entire room, or redecorate it, if you want.’ The walls started to flicker with different hues and patterns. ‘Here’s a library with textures and colours and shapes,’  he handed me the tablet, ‘and you can pick the mode you want to work in. That’s it, I think.’
Speechless, I stared at the technologies in my hands. I turned it around and saw the name engraved in swirly letters; “Jay’s Art Machine.”
‘That’s it…’ I repeated incoherently. ‘That’s it…’ I shook my head. ‘Seriously, Tony. I- just- gee… thank you. It’s incredible!’
Tony was smiling at me when I looked back up. There was no trace of smugness - which, honestly, would have been appropriate, seeing the awesomeness of the creation - only a happy contentment. ‘I take it you like it.’
‘I take it you have put too much effort in this, Tony. Wasted so many hours you could’ve spend saving the world.’ But I was smiling, secretly glad he put those hours into making this.
‘Saving the world becomes such a boring thing once you’ve done it a dozen times. I appreciate a good challenge.’ Tony shrugged, as if it was nothing. As if it wasn’t everything. As if it was obvious he should prefer making something for me instead of the entire planet.
‘Damn it, Tony,’ I sighed, ‘you’re supposed to be annoying…’
With arched eyebrows he gave me an uncharacteristic piercing and comprehensive look. ‘Am I supposed to, or is that how you see me?’
‘Wha-’ embarrassingly, the latter was probably true. My cheeks flushed with the realisation, and the shame about my former attitude.
Then Tony winked. ‘Though I have to admit, I have teased you in the past. I hope this can make up for it?’
‘O, for God’s sake, Tony!’ I cried out, and hugged him.
‘I should do this more often,’ Tony chuckled, ‘I usually don’t get such a response when I make something.’
‘You usually aren’t out of your workspace to see people’s reactions,’ I pointed out.
Tony padded the back of my head. ‘You’re right. And I must be getting back; my androids are missing me.’
I stepped back and looked up at him. ‘You’re a weirdo, you know that?’
Tony gave a weird little bow. ‘It’s in the job description.’

‘So…’ I muttered to myself, looking at the thin tablet I’d just been gifted, ‘let’s get down to business, shall we?’
First, however, I moved everything to my own room, so I wouldn’t be an inconvenience to anyone. Besides, I would have more privacy there. When everything was properly set up again, I mused what I would do. I didn’t really have much  inspiration, so I just started playing around with the many features on the device. The walls became a whizzing whirlpool of colour, until they became a subtle, soft tint of blue, which reminded me of something. Ah, yes: my old room. The one in the white house, hidden in the woods. The one I had run from, and started this mess.
From that moment on, my hands started to move all by themselves, scrolling through pages of previews of textures, colours, patterns. But the walls weren’t good enough, I also tried to find the perfect furniture; the closet I remembered, the desk scribbled with coloured pens from when I was a child, and of course the bed I’d lain in. Yet, it still missed something. Thus, I let the virtual ceiling come down, took an old paintbrush so I could have something in my hand, and started painting. I often closed my eyes, just to see the picture in my head I was trying to replicate. When I was finished, the night’s sky looked descent enough, though wasn’t nearly as pretty as the one dad had painted for me in our home.
Satisfied, I let the ceiling up again and sat down on my bed. I looked around, looking at the safe and familiar surroundings. Especially the stars dad had painted when I was a kid were something I’d missed since moving here. Their familiarity was just so comforting.
I stiffened. Wait. Familiar surroundings…
An idea started forming in my head, bit by bit. I could make him feel better. If only he wouldn’t feel so threatened, he might start listening.
Finally, I thought, hope rising inside me, I might have found a way.

mcu characters - S T E V E     R O G E R S 

Meet Steve.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NYC, his never ending determination and kindness gave him the opportunity to undergo an experiment which turned him into a super soldier, and a war hero. His dignity, his gentle heart, his faith in humanity are one of the best parts of his brilliant soul.

The Perfect Weapons Ch.10

*Linda Belcher voice* “Alright!” On to probably my favorite chapter of this series. Thanks again for those who are reading giving this crazy dream I had turn into a story that I enjoy sharing with you all. If you’d like to be tagged don’t be afraid to ask, I’ll be glad to do it. Feedback is always welcome!!! @glitterbras @skeletoresinthebasement @elaacreditava  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 

“Pick your weapons,” the man in charge says. The two soldiers stand in front of a metal table where different weapons laid before them to choose. Beta picks up a pistol and examines it in her hand. She gives a quick glance at the guard standing by the door and shoots him. The others flinch, startled. Satisfied with a smirk, she puts the gun on her thigh holster. They both pick a mini machine gun and put it on the holster on their back. They both reach out for the snapper gun, their hands brushing. They look at each other and quickly snatch their hands away. She gestures for him to take it. Last thing they grab was a knife.

“We only have one motorcycle for now so one of you would have to drive.” The two soldiers went out to the garage, following the man. Beta gestures that he could drive. He gets on and she joins behind him, wrapping her arms around him.

Keep reading