KJ Season 6 Meta

I always see people say they wish they would’ve addressed the trauma Killian went through being the dark one and dying in season 6, and while that would’ve been a good storyline, I get why they didn’t do that. I mean he’s freaking 200? He’s had a lot of shitty things he’s gone through and I think he’s had to just brush them off, that’s the whole point of being a “survivor.” And while the dying stuff sucked while it was happening, I think this is the first time he came out on top after something traumatic happened. Let’s think, Milah dying, Liam dying, nothing good came from that. But from dying he finally won, he got to come back alive and for the first time ever his biggest problem was entertaining a toddler and snoring. Let me introduce you to Zen-Blissful Killian for episodes 6x01-3.

He’s moving in with the love of his life

He’s making out with the love of his life

He’s successfully practicing father skills

He’s in loooooveeeeee

ETC ETC ETC, 6x01-3 Killian is having the time of his fucking life so I get why he’s just shoving any trauma in a freaking drawer and having the time of his life.

Now obviously shit doesn’t go easily and he does get retraumatized in 6x11 and that doesn’t go away so easily,

And I am a firm believer in this jet setting the proposal, if he remained Zen-Bliss Hook he probably would’ve waited till he was 100% sure Emma was ready (honestly I’m not sure he was ready, he was clearly still working through some shit, that didn’t have to do with dying) 

But basically what I’m saying is he’s done the loved one dying thing over and over so I get why that working out in the end kind of negated any trauma over it because honestly it was old hat by then and he had someone this time instead of being all alone. But the whole self loathing thing, feeling guilty over his wrong doings I get, because he’s only been doing it for 2 years?? When you go from villain to hero it’s hard to just suddenly feel like you’re a good person, I get why that would be hard. Especially when it gets personal, and involves losing everyone you care about.

Honestly I don’t know where I’m going with this, I really just wanted to post Zen Killian pictures so just look at those and ignore this really rambling poorly thought out meta

imagine your otp

okay sO one of my all time favorite tropes is;

person a: *is very sad and upset over something and is walking around in a daze*

person b: *knows a wants to be alone but also wants them to be safe so b follows them at a few feet of a distance to protect them and make sure person a gets to wherever they’re going safely and to be there to catch them if they break*

Fandom crescendo: A Birthday To Remember

for @scribblecat27‘s fandom crescendo movement I’m bringing out another oldie I remember fondly. Written back in the day when we knew nothing about a Captain Swan house (so it’s an apartment) and when The Jolly Roger was still gone. I wanted to try my hand on something new here and wrote my first… well, you’ll see.

title: A Birthday To Remember

summary: accidentally, Emma and Henry find out about Killian’s impending birthday. He doesn’t think anybody cares anyway and doesn’t want a celebration of any sort. But do Emma and Henry ever listen? Turns out, more people than he thinks do care.

rating: starts out fluffy, but ends with an M. Come on, it’s his birthday.

You Play Ball Like a Girl

Emma Swan had a plan. Get the story. Get the byline. Up her Twitter follower count. It was simple – she was going to take over the New York City journalism world. And she was going to do it from the sideline with a credential around her neck and a pen stuffed in her hair and a fierce determination no one was going to be able to put a dent in.

It was the perfect plan.

That plan just failed to factor in Killian Jones.

[47 chapters, 253K, on Ao3]

Just a Bit Outside

Killian Jones had it all. He had the job. He had the column. He was in charge of the best sports section in the entire city. Or so the tagline told him.

It was all going according to plan – or, at least, getting back towards the general direction of the plan. That was, until, he got run over outside an elevator by a mess of blonde hair and green eyes and everything changed.

A collection of outtakes and extra scenes and Killian’s perspective from “You Play Ball Like a Girl.”

Rounding Home

Emma Swan is happy. Really. Absurdly. Incandescently.

Even when she’s surrounded by the picture-perfect wedding of her two best friends. Well, re-wedding. David and Mary Margaret have been married for nearly six months. No one in Storybrooke got that message. It didn’t matter. She was still happy. And, well, it might have been half because of the boyfriend she’d brought back to Storybrooke with her.

He was her boyfriend this time.

Or - Emma and Killian return to Storybrooke for the “re-wedding of the century” and it’s not quite as dramatic this time. A not-quite You Play Ball Like a Girl sequel.

Swinging for the Fences 

Emma Swan wakes up on Thanksgiving morning to find her boyfriend baking with her best friend, her quasi older-brother mysteriously absent and several different phones ringing. Nonstop. She’s never been one for surprises, but she might enjoy a few of these. At least this time through the lineup.

Or: a Thanksgiving-themed You Play Ball Like a Girl sequel with some pie, some banter and some angst.

A little over two years ago, I was just on the cusp of falling asleep when I remembered I once wrote a half-finished story about sports and journalism and pining and my brain was, like, you’ve read a questionable amount of fic, you should write some of your own fic. And my brain answered itself and started typing the very next day. You Play Ball Like a Girl was a labor of love (obsession) that took nearly eight years to finish and opened the floodgates of over a million words of fic and my descent into fandom and this website and introduced me to some absolutely incredible people. I’m forever grateful for my incapable-of-sleeping brain and this story and how incredibly nice the internet is to me on a consistent basis. Thank you for being excellent, guys. 

and thank you to @distant-rose for that incredible aesthetic. 

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B1g please!

Captain Swan—Canon-Verse— “Tell me again why you’re naked.”

Emma was doing her best to be quiet. She had snuck out of bed long before the sun had risen. Killian always awakened before she did, especially on the weekends. The house was quiet and calm. She placed a hand on her protruding belly and smiled before flipping another pancake. She was hoping the smell of fresh coffee wouldn’t bring him down the stairs before she could go back up and surprise him. 

It was, after all, his birthday.

Finished with her task she put the pancakes, fruit, and coffee on a tray. She started humming, something she hadn’t done in a long time, while moving up the stairs. Her child was starting to stir in her womb and her smile only brightened as she shuffled down toward the bedroom. She opened the door and was happy to see he was still asleep. She placed the tray on the small table beside him on his side of the bed. She untied the knot in her robe and let it fall back to the floor. She shivered, the coolness of the house contrasting against her warm skin. She slipped beneath the covers and he started to stir. She brought a hand up and let it travel over his chest as he sleepily opened his eyes. 


“Hey… Good morning.”

“Time is it?” he asked in a half mumble. 

“About seven.”

“You’re up early, Love,” he murmured, sliding his hand up her body. He hummed his approval when not feeling her usual flannel pajamas. 

“I made you breakfast,” she said, leaning down, pressing a kiss to his bare shoulder. “Your favorite. With coffee.”

“What’s the occasion?” he asked, making her giggle.

“Because it’s your birthday, Killian,” she said. 

“Ah, I’d forgotten…” His hand traveled over the swell of her bottom. “Tell me again why you’re naked? Missed that part.”

“Oh, you know… What better way to celebrate a birthday than staying in our birthday suits all day?”

“A suit?” he asked, brow furrowing in confusion. “I have to wear a suit?”

“No, I mean…” Emma laughed, humored by her pirate. “Nevermind. What I’m saying is I think today would be a good day to be naked.”

“Hmm…” His arms fulley encircled her waist. Her baby bump wasn’t large enough yet to hinder him in properly wrapping her up against him. “Not a bad idea, Mrs. Jones.”

“Well, Mr. Jones, I’ve been known to have a good idea or two.”

So Killian ate his pancakes, sharing with Emma, who pouted when he withheld the coffee from her. She had decaf downstairs, but it just wasn’t the same. Not really. After, they loitered in bed, sharing long caresses and gentle kisses. Emma was ready to take it to the next level, hand skimming up his inner thigh— 

That was, until, a knock came at the door followed by a cheery voice. 

“Hello? Anyone home?” called out Snow. 

“We really have to change our locks, Love, or give Snow a rule to not come over until after noon,” muttered Killian, hand going to her belly. “It’s a wonder we even managed to conceive this child, what with all her interruptions.”

“Give us a second!” shouted Emma toward the open bedroom door, agreeing with Killian 100 percent. Her mother truly did have horrible timing.  

“Are you still in bed?” A long pause. “I can come back!”

“No, it’s okay! We’ll be right down!” Emma grinned before leaning down and giving Killian one last kiss. “I’ll make it up to you later.”

“You better,” said Killian with a grin, giving Emma’s bare bottom a small smack as she bent to retrieve her robe. He then fell back onto the soft sheets as she closed the door behind her to greet her mother. He patted his full stomach and sighed as the happiness once again threatened to overwhelm him. This would be the first birthday in a long time that he’d had where he’d been happy. Truly happy. He planned to take full advantage of it. Finally, he made his way out of bed, looking forward to the day ahead being spent with his new family.



Emma Swan and David Nolan are NCIS agents in Norfolk, VA. For the past few weeks, they have been working a particularly difficult and somewhat dangerous case. Ever the workaholic, Emma is determined to stop this guy before he hurts someone else, but with leads that only hit dead ends and a partner who insists they’ve done all they can for the time being, Emma finds herself trying to relax at the week’s end. At their local hangout that night, her partner makes sure to remind her that she needs to unwind…

This was my very first AU ever. It was also my first real MC in the Once fandom. Thought I’d just share one last time before the end.

Reading fanfiction would be a lot faster if I didn’t stop reading and put my phone down for a billion years after every single time I got secondhand embarrassment from the characters or I had to to stop reading cause it was too cute and couldn’t resist rolling around on my bed thinking how my so ship is amazing