You know, the graveyard scene was a bad writing choice period.

But the fact that they did it twice, by having them reunite over Emma’s parents’ dead bodies is really disturbing. 

And what makes it worse is that Killian seems pretty disturbed each time, because he has no idea that Robin died or what happened to Snowing. He appears again, Emma jumps him and he’s like “Wait…why did you just do that, if this is the current situation?” (with his eyes anyway.)

It purposefully makes Emma look bad because she is aware of these situations. It doesn’t make me want to ship this even more.

Darling I’m a nightmare.

Requested: Yes by @surveycoregirl

Word count: 1,249


Being the daughter of Wendy Darling never did end well for y/n. She was treated like a princess and she hated it. She was nothing like her mother or the do gooders of Auradon.

She always felt different and was drawn to the the isle of the lost more than anything, but she didn’t know why.

So when her friends where going to find Mal, she jumped at the chance to go with them, even though she wasn’t invited.

“Y/n this is the isle we’re talking about. Are you sure you want to come?” Jay asked, hand on her shoulder, reassuring look in his eyes.

“I’m positive. I’ve always felt drawn to the isle and now I can find out why.” With that said Jay didn’t question her again and just gestured for her to join them in the limousine.

Y/n felt a weird weight lifted off her shoulders as she walked around the isle with Evie, Jay, Ben and Carlos. It’s like she’d found the missing piece of her, the feeling she’d longing for. “You guys go get Mal, I’m just going to wonder.” “Be careful y/n, why don’t you let me come with you?” Jay said, y/n shrugged and started to walk, Jay following her. “I don’t get why you’re so, how do I put this, obsessed with the isle?”

Y/n shrugs, as they make their way around dodging people she answers Jay, “I don’t know. I know I’m different, I’ve never been the typical princess, I’ve always felt like it’s something deeper, like a connection with something or someone.” He doesn’t say anything, just nods.

They walk around for a little longer, y/n looking around as if she was sight seeing her eyes lighting up at every little thing. “We should head back now.” She nods and follows Jay. As they turn a corner someone grabs her and drags her back.

“Now what da we have here?” The person who grabbed her, had their arm around her neck and something cold pressed into her lower back, “Let me go!” Y/n yells grabbing the person’s arm, trying to pull it away from her throat. “Harry let her go.” Jay must of heard y/n scream because he ran back around the corner and saw y/n being held by the youngest Hook.

“Well! What a surprise! Wait till Uma hears you’re back!” “I don’t care. Let her go.” He says again, “Why should I? You’ve not done a very good job of looking after her, have ye? Seems like you’ve lost your touch Jay.” A wicked smirk sat on his lips, his grip around y/n tightening. “Harry? As in Harry Hook?” She questions, her brows coming together in confusion.

“Ay, the one and only princess.” She uses her strength to get away from him turning around in his grip before pushing him away. “What a surprise.” “I’m confused here.” “I’m Y/n.” She introduces herself to the boy who intrigued her deeply, being the son of Captain Hook made him suddenly very interesting and someone y/n wanted to know more about.

“Nice ta meet ye.” He says smiling at her before grabbing her hand and kissing her knuckles. “I’m still confused.” Jay says making y/n laugh and look at him, “We should go.” “Well Jay, lets hope your time back on the isle is short lived, cause Uma’s going to be after ya.” Harry removes his hook from his hand and attaches it to his belt. Raising her eyebrows, y/n gets an idea.

“Well goodbye sweetheart.” He smiles at her one more time with big blue eyes, “See ya.” As he begins to walk away she slips her fingers in his belt loop, pulling the hook away without him noticing. When he was out of sight she held the hook up, being intrigued by the cool metal but also by it’s owner.

“You took his hook?! Are you crazy!” Jay says, grabbing y/n by the shoulders pulling her back to their secret hideout. “What? I wanted a souvenir.” She smirks and Jay just shakes his head as he throws a rock at the dented sign. “He’ll find you, get his hook back then use it to kill you.” He says as they make their way up the stairs, that’s a risk y/n was willing to take. “I don’t think so, I think he took quite a liking to me.” She says confidently, “ I wouldn’t be so sure.”

When they get to the top, they only see four other people sat there. “Where’s Ben?” Y/n asks concerned. “Uma snatched him.” Mal shakes her head looking at Evie and Carlos who were suppose to be looking after him.

“What! How did you let that happen?”

Y/n asks, “It all happened so quickly.” “Yeah and now me and y/n have to go get him from Uma.” “Me?” Y/n questions. “Yeah apparently Harry wants a little visit.” Mal looks at the hook she’s holding in her left hand, “Can’t think why.” She says raising her eyebrows at her. Y/n just blushes. “Don’t go there.” Evie says to her,

“Harry’s not..He’s not who he seems.” She says, confused y/n doesn’t say anything but more thinks back to their encounter earlier.

“We should go.” Mal says, “Okay, we’ll be waiting for you when you get back.”

Y/n and Mal make their way to the chip shop, “You should know something about Uma and Harry.” Raising her head to look up at Mal she signals for her to continue. “They’re not like us, they’ve had a rough time. They’re longing for a new life. Yes they’re punks and bad news but really, they’re not that bad. You should still stay away from Harry though. He’s quite crazy.” Sighing she pushes the doors of the shop open.

“I’m baaaacccckk.” Uma looks up at her, “Losers, party of two. Have a seat.” Uma looks at y/n giving her sort of a warning look. “Princess.” She bows sarcastically at y/n as she sits down. “You took something that doesn’t belong to you, tut tut.” Uma runs a finger along y/n’s jaw, looking deep into her eyes.

“Hand it over.” She says holding out her hand, “But it’s not yours either, I’ll only give it back to who it belongs to.” Y/n smirks at Uma. Slamming her fists on the table, “You sure do test people’s patience.” Uma walks away, and returns seconds later with Harry. “Get back what’s yours while I deal with the traitor.”

“Princess.” “Harry.” “You’re a sneaky one aren’t ye?” “I have my tricks.” Y/n says still sat down kicking her feet onto the table. Harry leans over her, putting his hands either side of her. “I suggest you give it back before things get messy.” He grabs her face squishing her cheeks in his hands before caressing her cheek. “On one condition.” Anger darts across his eyes, “Back again with the demands, I’m not sure I like ye love.” He sits down opposite her, the seat being vacant since Mal was with Uma. “What’s the condition?” “You show me around the isle.” He laughs, “You’re joking right?” Y/n shakes her head. “If that’s what you want.” He stands up, reaching out for y/n’s hand. “After you sweetheart.”


Okay that’s part 1! Part 2 will be up tomorrow :)

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Day 15 of Ruby’s favorite OUAT BTS pics I’d like to shine a light on the cutest kid ever! Love seeing these pictures of everyone on set cuddling this little guy!♥️

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