Captain Cold Part 1

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  • Me: I love that character so much!!
  • Them: You do know they're a bad person right?
  • Me: Excuse you, they may be a vicious little murder baby but I love them anyway

Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold + Tumblr Text Posts

(For the whole Legends editions: The Disaster Crew) (Ships Edition) (Ray Palmer Edition) (Sara Lance Edition) (Mick Rory Edition(Rip Hunter Edition)

“Lena/Kara can’t be a lesbian/bi cause that’s not canon in the comics”

Oh, ok, great, you wanna talk about canon on the comics? That’s fantastic!

  • Oliver Jonas Queen and Dinah Laurel Lance are soulmates 
  • Oliver’s son name is Connor Hawke and he becomes the second Green Arrow
  • John Diggle, Thea Queen, Sara Lance, Alex Danvers, Chloe Sulivan DON’T exist (originally) on the comics
  • Felicity Smoak is Ronnie Raymond’s stepmom
  • the White Canary is asian (yeah, the good and old whitewashing) (I still love my bisexual daughter)
  • James Olsen, Iris West and Wally West are white and ginger (I’m not complaining in these changes though)
  • Both Oliver and Barry are blonde and they HATE EACH OTHER
  • Maggie Sawyer is white
  • Oliver’s best friend is Hal Jordan
  • Barry’s best friend is also Hal Jordan
  • Captain cold and Heatwave ARE VILLAINS (and yes, I do love Mick)
  • Oliver Queen IS NOT Batman! He’s funny! He’s always making jokes and making others laugh. He’s not serious, traumatized and grumpy. That’s Bruce Wayne!
  • Roy Harper is Speedy and much later he becomes Arsenal and then Mia Dearden becomes Speedy
  • Lena is blonde and she’s the purest ray of sunshine and will never become evil! Also, in some versions, she has a daughter named Lori
  • Dinah Drake is Dinah Lance biological mother
  • Dinah Lance does NOT have a sister (just like Kara) and she has never been referred to as Laurel. Also, she’s not a lawyer.
  • Dinah Lance is THE SECOND Black Canary
  • Dinah Drake was a member of the Justice Society of America
  • Barry and Iris ARE NOT childhood friends, they meet as adults
  • Wally is Iris’s nephew, not brother
  • Supergirl is a teen! She doesn’t have an “endgame” boyfriend or a soul mate. She’s just Supergirl. Sure, she dates sometimes, but none of them are endgame, CAUSE SHE IS A TEENANGER!
  • And, for the love of Rao, don’t EVEN let me start on the differences between Mon-El in canon and the one from the show!

So don’t say that Lena or Kara can’t be queer because that’s not in the comics, cause neither is Olicity (don’t hate me because of that, that’s just a fact. I don’t even watch Arrow anymore). Cause yeah, a non-canon straight couple who completely disrespect the canon in the comics is ok, but a gay non-canon couple is not… sure Jan.

those are just SOME of the many differences between actual canon and the Arrowverse. Feel free to add more.