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I Told You Not To Fall In Love With Me | Chris Evans

Originally posted by forassgard

word count: 1.2k

Warnings: mention of smut

Chris Evans x Female Reader

Request: Could you use the sentence “I told you not to fall in love with me.” as a prompt maybe?

I loved this prompt so here you go!

Y/N tapped her finger onto the side of her half filled champagne glass as she swirled some of the liquor into her mouth. She came here to get her mind off of Chris, maybe even find a man to replace him and distract her from the chaos he brought into her life. She felt good tonight. Y/N left her hair into some loose curls, and put on her favorite red lipstick. She threw on a dress that was out of her comfort zone, but tonight she told herself she was going to have fun.

Of course that would’ve been too easy. Just her luck he ended up being at the same party she went to that night, putting her on edge the whole time. She was in the kitchen listening to her friends talk and flirt with a pack of boys that just walked in. Y/N was having none of it now, too focused on watching Chris’ through the doorway of the room.

He stood in the middle of the party wearing a pair of dark jeans and a tight grey t-shirt. He could make anything he wore look good. Everyone in Chris’ path wanted to talk to him and she could completely understand why. He was magnetic, once you were around him you never wanted him to leave. It was so easy to become enamored into every word he said. Chris was the definition of life of the party. There was something about him. Y/N quickly learned what that was.

It was only a couple months ago that their relationship progressed into something more. After a night out and a few too many drinks they both got caught up in the moment. Soon Chris was back at her place and their torn off clothes were thrown around her apartment in a trail leading to her bedroom. After that night of lust, Y/N and Chris agreed to keep having fun with each other as long as they both agreed to not get attached. They both agreed it worked out perfectly. He was busy with filming and couldn’t settle down. Y/N just started up graduate school and work and didn’t have time to commit either.

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dangerouslovefanfic  asked:

From the prompt list can you 35 and 39 with Steve Rogers

@dangerouslovefanfic thank you for your request, babe! it made me really happy! i wrote it during the 40’s only a few years post-serum. Hope you enjoy it. ♡

“You should know that I would never replace you, (Y/n). Please, love. Stop crying.” Steve said quietly and calmly, stroking your hair while you still sob loudly. “What Peggy and I had is in the past and you know it.”

“I know. I’m sorry, okay? I just… When you entered the office and Peggy went to congratulate you I-I… I was scared because she’s so pretty and that you could maybe still have a feeling for her.” you admitted staring down at the floor, feeling too embarrassed to look at him now. “I’m so sorry.”

“Stop saying you’re sorry, you don’t have to apologize.” He said as he gripped your chin, making you look at him. “No need to be ashamed to admit it, doll. I admire you  for having the courage to tell me.” he smiled at you and you could feel your heart warming at Steve’s soft touch. “By the way, you were way prettier than her, baby. That red dress… you were stunning, (Y/n).”

“Stop saying that, Steve. Stop lying.”

“I’m not lying. Why would I be lying, sweetheart?”

“People made me believe that you are.” You murmured, avoiding eye contact again.

“Excuse me?” Steve narrowed his eyes. “(Y/n), who said it to you?” He asked but you denied, letting him know that you were clearly scared to say it. “(Y/n)… tell me.”

“It was Bucky, okay?” You yelled nervously.

“What did he say to you? Please, I need to know.”

“He said you’re only with me because you feel sorry for me, because anyone knows that if you leave me, I’ll never get someone to put up on me like you do.” You sobbed again, feeling your heart ache.

“And why you never told me what was going on,  (Y/n)?”

“Because I was scared that you wouldn’t believe me because he’s your best friend since forever.”

“Honey, when it comes to you, doesn’t matter who it is, I wouldn’t let it hurt you.” He said standing on his feet, making you jump.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to solve this.”

“No, no! Please, Steve. Stay here with me. Stay here tonight. Forget about it and just stay here with me.” You begged jumping right in front of him. “He’s your best friend, don’t need to ruin your friendship because of me.”

“He’s being an asshole with you, babe. I can’t let it go.” The veins was already showing on his neck, letting you know how nervous he is. “I can’t let him hurt you and do nothing.”

“Please, Steve.” You begged feeling the tears sprounting your eyes again.

“Ok.” He sighed loudly. “I won’t do it now, but be sure that I’ll do something about. I’m gonna talk to him even if you don’t want me to.”

“Thank you.” You wrapped your arms around his waist. “I love you, Stevie.”

“I love you too, babygirl.” He murmured also wrapping his arms around your body and holdin’ you tight against his body.

Featuring: Bucky Barnes & a plus size girl

Inspired by: Beauty and the Beast

Warning: attempted sexaul assault, blood, volience, and eventual smut.

He saw himself as a monster who was haunted by his past, and he saw her as beacon of light in his own person hell.








As Easy as Breathing

Title:  As Easy as Breathing

Author:  Mimi @captain-rogers-beard

Summary:  Steve makes the move to Washington D.C. He gets an unexpected visitor.

Characters:  Steve Rogers x Maria Hill

Word Count:  2360

Warnings:  explicit language, explicit sexual content, smut, oral sex (female receiving)

Author’s Notes:  I’m subjecting you to another Captain Hill fic. I’m telling you, when I fall in a hole, I fall in a hole. I’ve managed to create this whole headcanon with these two in my head and the result is these fics. I tagged my Forevers and my Steve Rogers list. If you don’t want to be tagged in Captain Hill fics, let me know. Thank you @climbthatmooselikeatree and @star-spangled-man-with-a-plan for putting up with me and helping me. I’d be lost without you guys.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites (AO3, Wattpad, etc.) without my express written permission. Reblogs are fine.***

gif credit (x)

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The Craigslist Date - Steve Rogers X Reader - Masterlist

Originally posted by imaginesofeveryfandom

Summary: Desperate to cover your rent for the month, you answer an ad placed by three people who are trying to get their friend a date. If you’d known what you were getting into… eh, let’s be honest, you’d answer that ad again in a heartbeat.

Total chapters: 13

Series warnings [SPOILER ALERT]: Fluff, angst, kidnapping, torture

Author’s note: The first fic I ever started! This one will always have a soft spot in my heart. Plus, who doesn’t love soft Steve?

Feel free to send me headcanons or drabble requests! I’ll also post a few drabbles that are my own ideas just because I can’t seem to let go of this series.



Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | Chapter 12 | Chapter 13


Surprise Gift - drabble 1

Day Out - drabble 2 (coming soon)

anonymous asked:

I love your whole end of year prompt thing! So creative! I’d love to request 34 w/ Chris Evans, and angst would be amazing if you could. Fluffy ending if you like x. Thanks.

34. “Just stop!”

A/N: Another one!!! Hope you like this please, please let me know what you think!!! Also, send in a request using this Prompt List!! Send in the asks here!!

Originally posted by mackievanstan

Y/N knew that she was a control freak, it wasn’t something that was new to her. She also never meant any harm by taking control, it just gave her comfort when she took matters in her own hands. Instead of allowing someone else to do it and having to go back and make sure they did it correctly.

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The Sting of the Past

PAIRING: Steve Rogers x Female Reader
WARNINGS: ANGST, secrets, flashbacks, violence, blood
SQUARE FILLED: Rescue Mission
AUTHOR’S NOTE: Part Two of my “When You Come Back to Me Again” Marvel Angst Bingo series. Catch up with the first part in the link below. 

Previous Part: Stillness Shattered

Steve sat at the table, staring towards the window, slowly moving the chair he was sitting in from side-to-side. Natasha was sitting on one side of him, Sam on the other. Wanda was across from them, and as usual, Vision was close by her. Tony was pacing in front of the room, and Natasha was watching him, waiting for the inevitable. Tony finally stopped, turning and laying his hands on the table across from Steve, speaking slowly and deliberately.

What were you thinking?”

He ignored Natasha, throwing his hands out as he spoke.

“Thaddeus Ross’ daughter? And you—you didn’t think you needed to tell any of us?”

Steve lifted his head.

“Like you don’t have any secrets from the rest of us?”

Tony stopped at that, looking to Natasha. She raised her eyebrows and stared down at the tabletop. Tony huffed out a breath.

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Favorite Steve Rogers / Chris Evans Smut Master-List

Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters

None of these stories are mine! I just wanted to put together all the best/favorite Steve Rogers/Chris Evans smut on Tumblr together! So don’t give me any credit! :)


Steve Rogers

Returning the Favor
Cross Off 
That Goddamn Stealth Suit
Dark Lovers
Beard Burn
Just For One Night
I Need You Tonight
A Stranger Walks into a Bar
I’m Home For You
Bad Boys, Even Better Sex
Good Boy, Stevie
Breeding Kink
Behind Closed Doors
Everything’s Better with a Beard
Get Your Feet Off My Dash
Yes Captain
Do Me A Favor?
I Will Take Care Of You
I Just Need You
Movie Night Teasing
Horny Nights
Virginity Stories
Caring Company
Captain’s Girl
Training Session
Not So Sneaky
Private Dancer
The Feeling of You
Baking Party
Just Real Quick
Cooking Classes

Chris Evans

Really Chris?
Welcome Home
Give It Back
Quiet on the Set
Golden Boy
Unhinged Jealousy
Press Tour Distraction
All Wrapped and Ready To Go
Shower Time Fun
Daddy Evans

If you have any smut one-shots/stories that aren’t up here let me know (send me the link) and I’ll add them!

All For Show

Valentine’s Day Special #2

Pair : Steve Rogers x Reader

8. You ask your best friend to pretend to be your boyfriend for your sisters couples dinner party. Requested by anon. 

Warning : Language

Word Count : 2,434

Three knocks, that’s all it took before Steve opened the door. He stood there, wearing a tank top and sweats, and his hair damped from sweat, which only meant he just came back from the gym.

“Hey, didn’t expect you here today.” He smiled, waving you in.

“I know, but I needed to talk to you.”

You walked in to his apartment, and plopped down onto his couch. His place was like your second home. You were always there, and if you weren’t, then you two were at your place.

“Beer?” He asked, walking to the kitchen.

“Nah, just water.”

Steve tossed you a water bottle, as he started back toward the living room where you waited.

You took a big swig of the water and felt the cold liquid trickle down your throat. Making you feel somewhat at ease.

“So what did you need to talk to me about?” Steve asked, leaning against the wall across from you.

For some reason you were feeling nervous. Which was strange. Steve was your best friend. You two were so close, you were able to talk to him about anything. He’s seen you in sweats with no makeup on. He’s helped you when you were a drunken mess. And yet, you were somehow nervous about this topic.

“Y/N.” he snapped his fingers, catching your attention. “You okay?”

You slowly nodded, running your hand through your hair. Something you did when you were nervous.

“So my sister is throwing a couples party tomorrow night, and when I RSVP’d a month ago, I was dating Jared-”

“The asshole.” He cut you off.

“Woah, language.” You teased.

He dramatically rolled his eyes and huffed. “Anyways, go on.”

“As I was saying, I told her I’d go and now she’s expecting me to be there.”

“So?” He drawled out.

You swallowed hard, meeting your best friends gaze.

“I was wondering if you can go as my fake boyfriend.” You slightly winced as the words finally fell from your lips.

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Dating Chris Evans might include

Originally posted by marvelousspider


  • having pizza friday’s where you would pick off some toppings and he would complain so you throw them at him and it ends in the world’s cutest food fight
  • being proudly shown off
  • a lot
  • because he is honestly, genuinely confused as to how he got a person like you to fall for him.
  • Him introducing you to Seb and Mackie
  • Seb and Mackie loving you
  • they think you are hilarious
  • you three become the holy trinity of picking on Chris
  • Constantly calling him a bearded dork
  • Seb and Mackie secretly jealous of how damn cute you two are
  • he isn’t a gentleman
  • but you aren’t a lady either
  • left boob
  • cheering for all of Boston’s teams’ together
  • constantly being in the gag reel
  • or being the cause of the bloopers
  • especially Mackie’s
  • he is the jealous type
  • you and Seb would pretend to flirt to peeve him
  • you finding this super cute
  • saying that Bucky is your favourite character
  • him pouting
  • him pouting a lot because he knows you really can’t stay mad at him
  • you cursing him for it
  • you cutting him off during interviews
  • “What can we expect from Avengers; Infinity War. Any new costume designs you are looking forward to?”
  • “Well, I–”
  • “He is seriously looking forward to the new design of striped red and white overalls.”
  • “Oh?”
  • “Yes. Just those. Nothing else in the costume.”
  • “(Y/n)..”
  • “I had help from Sebastian designing them.”
  • prank wars
  • he’s fucking good at them
  • he loves to intimidate cat callers on the streets
  • it’s his favourite hobby
  • Him even looking big in front of the cast sometimes with warning glances
  • you finding that hot
  • the cast not overstepping that line
  • except for Paul because he doesn’t give flying fucks and likes making him pissed
  • both you and Paul laughing in the background

“Master Sergeant James Barnes in the European Theater of Operations, 1944-1945.” National Archives and Records Administration.

[1] Taken from the private collection of Howling Commando Gabe Jones in 1973, this is the only photograph of 1st Sgt. Barnes writing what would later become The Night War. (Jan. 1945)

[2] An exhausted Staff Sgt. Barnes after the famous Battle of Saint-Georges-Eglise. (Jun. 24, 1944)

[3] Staff Sgt. Barnes in Normandy, working with members of the French Resistance. (Jul. 1944)

[4] Staff Sgt. Barnes holding a French child in Normandy. (Jul. 1944)

[5] 1st. Sgt. Barnes sleeping in his foxhole during what would become popularly known as the “Schädeljäger Offensive,” his legendary counter-sniper campaign in the Ardennes. (Dec. 1944)

Read it on AO3!

Fic Recs

Just a list of some of my favorite stories in various fandoms put into an orderly list for me to remember and you to enjoy :) Will be continuously updated!

Fandoms Included in Order:

The Walking Dead Negan x Reader | Rick x Reader x Negan | Simon x Reader x Negan

The Watchmen Eddie Blake (The Comedian) x OC

The Salvation Henry Delarue x OC

Supernatural John Winchester x Reader | Sam Winchester x Reader | Dean Winchester x Reader | Castiel (& Casifer) x Reader

Marvel Bucky Barnes x Reader | Steve Rogers x Reader | Bucky x Reader x Steve | Loki x Reader

Coriolanus Coriolanus x Reader

Crimson Peak Thomas Sharpe x Reader

From Dusk Til Dawn (TV Series) Richie x Kate x Seth | Richie x Kate

Star Trek AOS Jim Kirk x Reader   ***updated August 8th***  | Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy x Reader  ***updated August 8th***

Almost Human John Kennex x Reader   ***added on August 8th***

The Walking Dead

Negan x Reader

The Crown Weighs Heavy by @sinuhmyn-apple 

Fire at my Feet by @sinuhmyn-apple

Always Mine by @writteninthestars288

I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream by @grungedaddykinks

Irresistible Danger by @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash

Conflicted by @thewalkingdeadfanatic

Rules of the Game by that sparrow

Composed by @negan-leather-and-lace

Lost and Found by @sherrybaby14

Nobody Cares (Negan/OFC/Daryl) by @sherrybaby14

Raise Hell by @i-am-negan-trash

On the Man who Made Malice by queenofthelab23

This Is What You Came For by @thran-duils

Choice Two by @neganscorner (Negan x OC)

Lemonade by @neganscorner

Negan x Reader x Rick

The Peace Offering by @more-walking-dead-than-you

Listen to Me by @sherrybaby14

Negan x Reader x Simon

Beg for It by @daintyunicorn

The Exchange by @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash (Simon x Reader)

Just the Three of Us by @jdmfanfiction

The Watchmen

The Comedian/Edward Blake x Reader/OC

Life’s a Riot, And So Am I by @neganscorner

The Salvation

Henry Delarue

Belladonna Kiss by @ladylorelitany


John Winchester x Reader

The 12 Days of Christmas by @wayward-mirage

A Reason to Stay by @wayward-mirage

Better Mileage by @mrswhozeewhatsis

Left Behind by @kittenofdoomage 

A Place Called Home by @kittenofdoomage

Sam Winchester x Reader

Cosa Nostra by @kittenofdoomage

I See a Red Door by @spectaculacular-sammy

Getting Warmer by @kittenofdoomage

Dean Winchester x Reader

More to Love by @kittenofdoomage

Years in the Making by @kittenofdoomage

Foundations by @kittenofdoomage

Habits of My Heart by @kittenofdoomage

Keep Going, Sweetheart by @thran-duils (Demon!Dean)

Castiel/Casifer x Reader

Persephone by @thran-duils

You’re Now Mine (drabble series in Persephone-verse) by @thran-duils

Keeping the Sun Up Off Our Bones (Vampire AU) by @thran-duils

The End (Pt 2, Pt 3) by @willowing-love

I See Fire by @willowing-love

The Huntress by @willowing-love

Don’t Let It Bring You Down by @webcricket

I Need a Friend by @webcricket

Heaven is Hotter Than Hell by @webcricket

Crime Butchers Innocence by @thran-duils (Assassin AU)

The Seeds You Sow by @thran-duils

I Ask for So Little by @thran-duils


Bucky Barnes x Reader

A Strange Kind of Home by @iavengesuperwholock

A Hard Love by @sebbys-girl

Ghostly Visions by @sebbys-girl

A Love Across Time by @sebbys-girl

Your Kind of Lover by @writingbarnes

Do Me a Favor by @bovaria 

You and Mr. Barnes by takethethirdoption

Steve Rogers x Reader

A Night to Forget by @sebbys-girl

Colors by @sebbys-girl

I Thought You Were Different by @imagine-assembling-the-avengers

Disconnected by starlordandsavior

The Cost of Being a Good Samaritan by Beautiful_Aravis

Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes

The Broken Musketeers  by @iavengesuperwholock

To Love a Soldier by @fvckingavengers

The Troublesome Trio by @spoonfulofsexy

Coming Home by ambyliz

Only Forever by @redgillan

Where the Line Blurs by @theirresitibleones

Loki x Reader

A Pearl in the Rocks by @iavengesuperwholock

Kneel Before Me by @imagine-assembling-the-avengers

The Light in the Dark by wolfpawn

Please Remember by wolfpawn

Strength or Finesse by ThymeSprite

Forgive and Forget by wolfpawn


Coriolanus x Reader

Enslaved by Wolfscub

Ad Vincula by tartanroyaltea (OFC)

Crimson Peak

Thomas Sharpe x Reader/OFC

Moulded from Clay by Lady san pitie

Widow’s Peak by Sinistretoile

Death and the Maiden by oxford_romantic

Ruination Without Desire by Sharpey

Another Insanity by Molly_Ann

Are You Afraid of the Darkness by gutterfortunecookie

From Dusk till Dawn: The Series

Kate x Seth x Richie

Eat on It by Blue10spades

Blood & Cigarettes by luckynik

Touché, Katie-cakes by Queen_haQ

Kate x Richie 

Into the Darkness by writerlily 

Monsters by gaslight_skellington

El Rey by the Dashboard Light by sharkygal

Star Trek (AOS)

Jim Kirk x Reader

The One by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

The Anatomy Game by @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse

Prisoner by @enterprisewriting

Baby Blues by @enterprisewriting

Loot by @enterprisewriting

Return by @enterprisewriting (Sequel to Loot)

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Blinded by @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse

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Bones Trekfest Week: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Epilogue by @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse

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Divided by @medicatemedrmccoy

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Shore Leave Series (Bones x Reader x Kirk) by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

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Good Enough by @imoutofmyvulcanmind

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New Horizons by @musingsongbird

Darlin’ by @musingsongbird

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I Told You So by @trade-baby-blues

Floating by @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse (Kirk x Reader in the beginning)

A Night on The Town by @all-sortsa-stuff

Almost Human

John Kennex x Reader

I Got You by @imoutofmyvulcanmind

Full of Surprises by @imoutofmyvulcanmind

Apologies by @imoutofmyvulcanmind 

Run with it - Steve Rogers x Reader

Avengers: Infinity War SPOILERS BELOW read with caution

Title: Run with it

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Captain America: Civil War spoilers, Avengers: Infinity War spoilers

Word Count: 3,913

Summary: Years have passed since he last time you saw the one and only Captain America. When chosing a different side concerning the Accords you never thought you’d end up having to say goodbye to the man you loved more than your life in such a way. He was your best friend, but Steve Rogers had won your heart without even trying, and when he returns to help you face the iminent threat, feelings resurface from both sides.

To say your day had started good and was looking better would be the epitome of lie. Not only had you been woken up by a terrible nightmare which had scared the life out of you – because sadly your dreams more often than not leaned towards the visions side than regular ones – but also you’d found out Tony had gone missing all the while alien spaceships were invading Earth from all sides of the globe. And as if that wasn’t enough you had all sorts of governmentrepresentatives over your shoulder telling you to do something about all of it.

Moments like that you just wished you had not signed those accords all that time ago but even more that you could tell them to fuck off and try to find another real life angel to save them from what was coming for them, not to mention one born by the infinity stones themselves. Good luck with that, as if they could even arrest you if they wanted to.

You had given up so much for their sake and for those accords and they still seemed ready to put more weight on your shoulders. You had given up every chance you had with the only man you loved more than your own life, for their sake and for doing what you considered right and yet it all seemed to go to hell. You had lost the man that mattered the world to you, before you could even tell him how you felt, and now? You doubted he even wanted to face you. Not that you were in a better place. You’d learned he come in contact with some of the rest of your teammates yet Steve Rogers had given up on you pretty easily and so, no, you weren’t ready to forgive that. So maybe, you were both very guilty after all.

With another sigh you skipped over the data FRIDAY kept sending you concerning Tony’s whereabouts, or at least the ones she could extract so far because she had no contact with him either and it was even more worrying. Your heels clicking on the light grey floor over the Avengers facilities were the only thing that you could hear at least until-

“Hey, Bruce.” the voice was almost muffled but you could recognize it, if you paid attention.

“Nat” came after a long pause.

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Admit It
I Only Bought This Dress So You Can Take It Off


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Don’t Tell Me You Love Me
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What Did You Just Call Me?
Being In Love With Bucky Barnes Would Include


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Loki Laufeyson / Tom Hiddleston Smut 
Loki Laufeyson / Tom Hiddleston Fluff
Bucky Barnes / Sebastian Stan Smut
Bucky Barnes / Sebastian Stan Fluff 
Kylo Ren / Ben Solo Smut 
Steve Rogers / Chris Evans Smut 
Steve Rogers / Chris Evans Fluff 
Marvel Smut Writing Challenge 


IMAGINE: Years ago (Y/N) and Steve were in a relationship, however something happened that made him cruelly break up with her. Now that the Avengers need her help, what will happen between the two of them? 

[gif is not mine. tell me what you think.] 

warnings: swearing, violence, angst. 

word count: 2 k+ 

(Y/N) fiddled with her pen as she stared at Fury and Tony sitting down opposite of her desk. She leaned back into the comfortable leather seat and smiled at them.

“Do we have an agreement?” Fury asked as he briefly looked at the contract.

Her smile became more predatory, “Fury,” she started, his last name coming off smoothly from her tongue. “You and I both know that my people look at every contract before I sign them.” 

“Get one of them here then.”

“Fury, if this is how you save the world then I really fear for the human existence,” she chastised. 

“(Y/N),” Tony waned.

She smiled, this time more friendly and happy, “Just having a laugh, Stark.” (Y/N), with her left hand pressed a button on her desk. A few moments later the door opened and walked in a well dressed man. 

“Timothy, look over this for me.”

(Y/N) looked at the Seattle skyline, enjoying the beautiful view. She paid no attention to the three men behind her, paid no attention as they debated the terms inside the contract.

“Miss (Y/L/N)? The contract is ready to sign.”

“So quickly?” She asked, not turning around.

“The terms are stated clearly, and obviously they learnt from last time.”

(Y/N) smiled as she remembered what happened the last time. Finally, she turned around and walked to them. Pen in hand, she grasped the contract and signed wherever it needed her signature.

She looked up at Tony and Fury, “Guess I’m working for the Avengers.”

Steve gawked as he watched (Y/N) strut into the conference room like she owned the place. He looked at Fury who refused to meet Steve’s gaze knowing that the super soldier was glaring at him. “What is she doing here?” He spoke loudly as she sat down.

(Y/N) smiled smugly at him, “They needed my expertise on something.”

“Like what? Killing people?” Steve tilted his head, “Or hacking into the government system illegally?” He tilted his head to the other side, his tone mocking her. 

Before (Y/N) could retort, Tony stood up, “Nope, nothing should come out of your mouth unless it’s something pleasant. Wait, no scratch that, just don’t talk to Rogers. Go to the other side of the room.” 

(Y/N) licked her lips and grinned at the two men. She pretended to zip her mouth with her finger, then flipped them off. Turning around she walked towards Nat who greeted her with a smile.

“Who’s the girl and why does Steve hate her?” Bucky asked as he and Sam watched from the other side.

“You ever heard of (Y/L/N) Enterprises?” Sam watched as Bucky nodded. “That’s her family’s company, she inherited it from her grandfather. She’s one of the most powerful people on the planet right now. In terms of money,” Sam moved his lips around. “And other things.”

“She’s a dirty criminal that’s what she is,” Steve grumbled as he narrowed his eyes at (Y/N), who was watching him intently. “She’s a stuck up criminal who plays with people’s lives for fun.” Steve turned to Bucky who was furrowing his brows. “Don’t trust her.”

“Steve and (Y/N) have a bit of history together.” Sam explained and Steve scoffed. 

Their conversation was ended as Fury called the meeting. Bucky, Sam and Steve sat directly opposite of their leader and listened intently to their new mission. Bucky, however couldn’t help but watch (Y/N). The way that she spoke when Fury asked her to, her confidence. He knew that he was looking too intently at her when she turned in her seat to face him, giving him a curious look. Bucky wanted to look away, to turn to the side, to shy away from her. But something deep inside of him urged him to look at her. It wasn’t until Sam nudged him that he looked away from her.

(Y/N) punched the bag harder, watching as the dust fall from the ceiling, she knew that one more punch and it would be hurdled across the room.

“What are you doing here?” A voice interrupted her. 

She paused in her movements, her arm in the middle of swinging. (Y/N) cocked her head to the side. Before she could turn around she was thrown against the wall, a hand enclosing her throat. She was faced with Steve, anger in his eyes. 

(Y/N) gave him a small smile. “Darling, didn’t you miss me?” The hand around her throat became tighter, “I guess that’s a no.”

“(Y/N),” Steve started. “What are you doing here?”

She gave him another smile, and with a kick to the stomach he landed on his stomach, she quickly straddled him -pinning him to the ground. “I got a contract Rogers. Your team needs me for that HYDRA mission you received.” 

“We don’t need your help,” Steve spat.

(Y/N) wrapped her hand around Steve’s shirt collar, pulled him up and slammed him down again. “Trust me, I wouldn’t be here if they didn’t need me so much.”

“You’re a fucking traitor (Y/N), just because the team is so enamored with you and can’t see you’re just here to fuck with us again, doesn’t mean I’m blind.”

She swallowed and let go of Steve’s shirt, (Y/N) quickly stood up. “If you really think that I betrayed you Rogers…”

“You were working with HYDRA!” Steve yelled. “I saw you! I followed you and I saw you go into their compound!”

“BECAUSE BUCKY WAS THERE!” She snapped. Steve looked at her, his anger now mixed confusion.

“Bucky wasn’t in that facility. Don’t lie to me.” Steve gritted out through his teeth.  

“They transferred him.” (Y/N) sighed frustratedly, she ran a hand through her hair, then exhaled loudly, “After the events of Washington, you told me that Bucky helped you. That he was the Winter Soldier.” (Y/N) paused and licked her lips. “You told me everything about Bucky, Steve. You were, you are his best friend, and he was yours. He was the reason why you couldn’t sleep at night, the reason why you still cried when I shared your bed. You were unhappy because there was a massive part of your life missing.”

“When you told me that, I knew that I could help in some way. Help you. So yeah, I used my fucking sketchy contacts and tailed Bucky and where he was kept. I fucking went there, I negotiated with those scum, pretended that I was one of them, that I was betraying the team so I could try and speak to Bucky, for you.” She stepped forward, hands now clenched by her side. “I was there for three months, I made progress with Bucky, little but it was there. He could still remember me from the previous times I snuck to see him. Remembered bits of you.” (Y/N) pushed him, Steve being too shocked again landed on the floor.

“Then you came at me that night, yelling at me. Accusing me of betraying the team, betraying you, betraying us! You humiliated me Rogers, the person that I loved and trusted humiliated me in the worse way possible.” She clicked her jaw in annoyance, “You fucking threw me from the compound. Banned me from ever seeing anyone, you sprouted lies about me!”

“How the hell was I supposed to know? I thought you were betraying us!” Steve fired back. 



“(Y/N),” Steve whispered brokenly. Tears threatening to spill down his face.  

She inhaled and looked at him coldly, “Just don’t. This is my last mission for the Avengers indefinitely. I made sure of that.” (Y/N) began walking away, only stopping to pick up her water bottle. “After this mission Rogers, you’re going to officially be dead to me.”

Steve gripped the rails tighter as he looked out at the New York skyline. Could it be true? He knew that it was. If there was one thing (Y/N) never did while they were in a relationship was she never lied to him. But some inane part of him wanted to tell the rest of him that she was lying, in order to get the guilt feeling of his chest.

“Fuck,” he muttered.

“Rough night?”

He looked to his right and watched as Bucky walked towards the railing, a small smile on his face.

“Buck,” the other super soldier looked at Steve. “I have a question.” Bucky nodded. “(Y/N),” Steve started. “(Y/N), she said that she met up with you, at the HYDRA compound. 

Bucky nodded slowly.“When she walked into the conference room today, I couldn’t help but stop looking at her. I knew her from somewhere, every night I fall asleep and dream about this woman speaking so softly to me, I can never see her, I can never make out her face. Fuck, when she spoke Steve, it was like everything came back. Bits of information that she fed me about myself back then, about you.” Bucky shook his head, a small smile appearing on his face.

“You’re in love with her,” Steve acknowledged.

“Well she practically brought me back, how can I not be in love with her?” Bucky laughed. “I’m not in love with her Steve, but she helped me. Without her it could have taken forever for me to come back, or maybe never. 

“She spoke about me, huh?”

“She did, a lot,” Bucky groaned good-naturedly. “You could hear it you know? The love in her voice whenever she spoke about you. I’ve never heard anyone speak about anyone like that.”

“I screwed it up Buck.”

Bucky shook his head and clasped a hand on Steve’s shoulder and squeezed for a moment and returned his arm back to his side. “The love that she had for you is the kind of love that can last forever.” Bucky pulled out his wallet and pulled out two pictures. “She gave me this when I started remembering her,” he passed the first picture.

Steve looked at the image and he felt his heart clench. It was him, pre-serum and Bucky standing with ice cream cones in his hand standing somewhere in New York. “Look at the back.” Steve flipped the photo and saw (Y/N)’s familiar handwriting. On the back of the photograph it said: ‘This is one of Steve’s favourite moments with you. Look at this Bucky, remember this. Come back to Steve. Come back to your best friend.’ 

“She’s a bit pushy,” Bucky commented. “Really bossy.”

Steve laughed heavily, his throat closing up with emotion. “What’s the other photo?” 

Bucky hesitantly passed it to him, “I got this during one of her last visits. A guard came to check on me, she was almost caught. While I helped her hide, I may or may not have picked it from her pocket.” 

Steve looked at the second photo, this time a more modern one. It was him and (Y/N). Specifically him and (Y/N) on the couch, his head laying on her lap. He was looking up at her with a smile on his face, while she looked down at him with an equally great smile. Steve flipped the photo over. This time his heart hurt more than ever, he couldn’t help the tears streaming down his face, nor did he do anything to wipe them away. 

Bucky watched as Steve traced the photo and the writing over and over again. He watched as his best friend cry at what he lost. He knew the feeling, he knew what lost felt like. But then, he also knew that if someone believes enough in you, you can come back. 

“You’ll get her back.”

“Thanks, Buck.” 

“Anytime, pal.”

As Steve laid down on his bed, he carefully looked at the photo again, tracing their faces, her face. He turned off his light and cradled the photograph to his chest. As he fell asleep, his heart and mind echoed the words etched on the back of the photo. ‘My heart. My equal. My soul. My love.’

Laundry Day

Title:  Laundry Day

Author:  Mimi - @captain-rogers-beard

Summary:  What if you were the neighbor Steve offered to let use his washing machine?

Characters:  Steve Rogers x female reader

Word Count:  1197

Warnings:  mild language, sexual tension

Author’s Notes: Thank you @star-spangled-man-with-a-plan for your help with this.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

You’d been surprised when Steve had offered to let you use his machine. You’d run into him on yet another trip down the stairs to the laundry room in the basement, the basket of clothes in your arms overflowing because you always waited until the last possible minute to do your laundry. Running up and down the stairs several times a day was just not appealing. He’d come around the corner, jogging up the stairs, effortlessly of course, sliding to a stop when he saw you.

You’d chatted, he’d flirted, you’d blushed, he’d offered the use of his machine, which you’d refused, sure he was just doing it to be polite. An hour later, he’d shown up at your door with a key in his hand, insisting you take it. You’d finally agreed, giggling at the grin it brought to his face.

“Thank you, Steve,” you’d said. “Really.”

“You’re welcome.” He’d winked and disappeared back into his apartment.

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The Color Red - Steve Rogers x Reader - Soulmate!AU

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Summary: Everyone is born colorblind, that meaning you live a black and white life. The main 6 colors in a persons life are the classics. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Each time you live a significant moment of your life, a new color comes into play.

Red: Your Soulmate
Orange: Worst Enemy
Yellow: First Heartbreak
Green: Biggest Role-Model
Blue- Best Friend
Purple: Self-Acceptance

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word count: 3.2k

Warning: Brock Rumlow is his typical asshole self in this one-shot, otherwise I think it’s fine besides cursing and such.

A/N: Requests are open and I absolutely am open to anything! I love speaking to you guys and receiving any type of feed back so please don’t hesitate to send an ask, message or comment (:

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Marvel Writing Masterlist

Infinity war imagines have Infinity war written next to them because spoilers!!!! - feedback always appreciated!! - Thanks for reading and hope everyone recovers from Infinity war even tho I don’t think I ever will.

Bucky Barnes

Temporary Bliss

Never caught a feeling this hard

Mornings with Bucky

i’m just a sucker for pain

Looking after him

NSFW alphabet

Only fools fall for you   Part 2

Your heartbeat of solid gold - Infinity war

Tell me you love me, even if you don’t

I’ll be waiting for you - Infinity war

Breaking me

I want to have control

Steve Rogers

The wedding guest

I can’t quit you (part 1)

I can’t quit you (part 2)

To the very last

Trust in you (Part 1)

Trust in you (Part 2)

Trust in you (Part 3)

Will you still love me when no one want’s me around

Somebody else



Too in love to let it show

When it feels like the worlds gone mad - Infinity war

I was always there (Part 1)  (Part 2)  - Infinity war

Peter Parker

Don’t give me space

Dr Strange

Lay me down - Infinity war

Loki Laufeyson

I fall apart - Infinity war

Thor Odinson

Weight of the Universe - Infinity war


My Star- Lord - Infinity war

It’s a [Tinder] Date!

Summary: Natasha convinces Steve to get Tinder. In Queens, Peter does the same to you. 

Word Count: 6,442

Warnings: None.

A/N: I’m re-posting this one because I love it and yeah, hope you guys enjoy it!

Originally posted by talkinboutmyimagination

Nat raised a brow, a mysterious curve to her smile. Steve was immediately suspicious. He felt his shoulders stiffen and his back straighten. He knew he looked like he had a stick up his ass, but he couldn’t help himself. Not when Natasha looked like the cat that had eaten the canary, and wanted to get caught.

“You left your phone on the coffee table,” she said. Her tone was relaxed, which made Steve more nervous.

His eyes narrowed. “What did you do, Romanoff?” he questioned, broad arms crossing over an equally-broad chest.

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