captain america civil war imagine

“how did you take down Captain America?

We shot him in ze legs because his shield is ze size of a dinner plate and he’s an idiot" 

Peter, an internet intellectual:

Peter, crawling to the kitchen of the compound at 3 AM: WHERE is the appley juice

Sam, hitting him with a broom: WHAT *smack* THE *smack* FUCK *smack smack smack*

Sam and Bucky trying to get along
  • Bucky: Sam and I are good friends, he understands me so much that-
  • Sam: we finish each other's sentences
  • Bucky: don't fucking interrupt me

Okay, idk who made this or idk if it’s new, I just saw it; I love Chris to death but this is something else. I cannot feel my senses ty.

i need the real, awkward moments in marvel fights. like, civil war, wanda’s throwing cars n shit, and dust is going everywhere, and clint sneezes so rhodey out of habit is just like “bless you” and everyone stops fighting to chorus “bless you” and clint is like, wiping his nose and nat’s like “i gotchu fam” and pulls out one of those mom packs of tissues from wherever. so they’re all just standing there for a second and clint’s holding the tissue and he shoves it into his pocket and t’challa is like “you good” and then they start fighting again


Tom talks about his little injury during the Lip Sync Battle rehearsal.

p.s: Still waiting for Mr. Harrison Osterfield to post the rehearsal video.