captain america civil war

Steve: y/n! Is that a hickey?!

You: no,it’s a mosquito bite!

Peter, walking in: hey guys!

Steve: oh, hello Mr.Mosquito


SUMMARY: Thanos had finally gotten what he desired, and two sixteen year olds are going to suffer the consequences.

WARNINGS: Peter Parker crying, infinity war spoilers and angst.


A/N: I cried whilst writing and just want to say that this may give you infinity war PTSD. So hope aboard the pain train kids.


When Y/N left the school bus, she didn’t think about the amount of danger she could’ve been putting herself in. She didn’t think that may have been the last time she kissed her mom on the cheek before leaving for school, or the last time she told Ned how awesome he was.

Thanos had left the heroes on Titan, and the group could only hope that the ones on earth were able to defeat him. Though, all hopes were cut short when Mantis’ worry laced voice spoke up.

“Somethings happening,” her words gained gasps as everyone watched her turn to dust, that was when Y/N truly knew they had lost. Fear drenched her bones as she watched the same thing happen with Peter Quill and Drax.

“Tony, there was no other way.” Strange admitted, disappearing into dust too. Y/N stumbled back, looking eyes with her boyfriend, Peter Parker.

“No, no! Y/N.” He called, catching her body before it could fall to the ground. “No Y/N, please don’t leave me.”

“I’m so sorry Peter.” She whispered with tears in her eyes, hand reaching up to his cheek. He placed his own atop of it. “I love you.” Peter felt tears slide down his cheeks as the warmth of her hand disappeared, and Y/N wasn’t there anymore. He choked on his own sobs as Tony watched the scene from afar, silently blaming himself for bringing the two teens into this. He blamed himself for causing them this pain.

“Mr Stark.” Peter called, dragging Tony out of his moment of self-hate. He saw Peter, struggling to stand on his own two feet. “I don’t feel so good.”

“You’re alright.” Tony reassured, for himself and peter.

“I- I don’t know what’s happening.” Peter cried as he clung to stark for dear life. “I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go. Mr stark, please.” He whimpered, them both falling to the floor. “Please I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go.” Peter didn’t want to leave Aunt May, he didn’t want to leave Ned or Michelle. Y/N would’ve wanted to stay, he wanted to do that for her. “I’m sorry.” He mumbled in a hush voice, head lulling to the side as he disintegrated.

“What just happened?!” Stark exclaimed, reeling in the thoughts of the two teenagers he just lost.

“He did it, Thanos got what he wanted.” Nebula told him, not being able to imagine how much pain Stark was going through after watching the two teenagers disappear. The teenagers he had looked at like they were his own children.

“They were only sixteen..”

“how did you take down Captain America?

We shot him in ze legs because his shield is ze size of a dinner plate and he’s an idiot" 

Peter, an internet intellectual:

Peter, crawling to the kitchen of the compound at 3 AM: WHERE is the appley juice

Sam, hitting him with a broom: WHAT *smack* THE *smack* FUCK *smack smack smack*

about Spider-man (no IW spoilers)

Okay so there’s always been one thing about Spider-man that has always bothered me, and it has nothing to do with the character.

It’s about his room.

In Captain America: Civil War, Peter’s room is not much to look at. It’s got a twin bed, a crappy desk and a computer that Peter had to scrounge out of a dumpster. He’s middle class, and his aunt has to pay New York rent, so it’s understandable.

But look at his room in Homecoming.

Look at all the stuff he has. The twin bed has been replaced by a nice bunk bed, the crappy desk is now new, and his computer went from a relic to top of the line. Not to mention all of the new stuff he has. His room used to just be blank walls, but now it’s a teenager’s dream.

There’s no way in a period of what is only a few months that his family would be able to have enough money to pay for even half of this.

I had always thought this was a continuity error, but then I had a revelation.

Who has enough money to pay for this? What man would buy a whole new room for a kid that he learns has been dumpster diving to get a decent computer?

Tony. Freaking. Stark.

He’s not the most emotional person. Tony’s own father was distant and strict, so Tony has no idea to show any kind of affection in the paternal sense.

But if he knows one thing, it’s money. He’s got it, a lot of it, and he’d be damned before he’d let a kid smart enough to design his own web slingers work on an Apple 2 computer left over from the 1970s.

If you think that Tony doesn’t care about Peter, then you would be dead wrong.


I love how MARVEL keeps presenting us with these dashing and powerful superheroes, but we go looking the other way for the lost souls, who are supposed to be the bad guys.


Marvel: Here is your beautiful, long blonde haired God of Thunder, the title character, who is the rightful ruler of Asgard.

Us: But. . But. . Let’s talk about how Loki must be dying on the inside. .


Marvel: No, you don’t understand. Loki is EVIL.

Us: No, he is just misunderstood.


Marvel: Did you see how he killed those innocent people on earth and tried to make everyone kneel before him? He is evil and needs to be put in prison.

Us: What he REALLY needs is a bit of love. Can’t you see it in his eyes???

He is dying on the inside. LOOK AT HIM!!!


Marvel: ALRIGHT! Stop complaining. Here you go.

Us: You guys have broken him so much that he can’t comprehend the love any more.

And that dumbass brother can’t even see how much pain he really is in.

Marvel: Alright, forget THOR. Let’s talk about CAPTAIN AMERICA, a very honest soldier. .


Marvel: No. EVIL. BAD GUY. Didn’t you see how he tried to attack Cap. .

Us: THAT WASN’T HIS FAULT! He wasn’t in control of his own mind. Bucky always stood by Steve in his right mind.

Marvel: Fine, we accept. Loki and Bucky are just misunderstood and deserved more. Satisfied?




All though that this is no surprise to anyone? Proof that Robert Downey jr is a literal child!! Part 2