(We have just finished a fight with some pirates on a ship, and only the two players on the ship, the captain, and one other shipmate are alive. The other shipmate is unconscious, and the wizard goes to drag him above-decks, while the captain and the monk start putting the ship back together. As the wizard dumps the guy on deck, the captain pauses on his way to make sure there are no pirates hiding in his quarters)

Captain: Go get the piss bucket and rouse him.

Wizard (OOC): Did he say piss bucket?

GM: He said the piss bucket

Wizard (OOC, about their character): I AM EXCITED

Wizard: I grab the piss bucket, bring it back up and piss bucket this guy.

Captain Black

Request: “Can you do a Pirate AU with Sirius Black where you’re on a ship and it sinks and he saves you?? Or something else if that idea was horrid.”

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: violence n stuff


Originally posted by pioggiadiricordi

Life on the open waters was rough. Literally and emotionally. Being an explorer of the new world required many months at sea, and currently you were sailing along the Western coast of Africa; prime pirate territory. You had warned the captain of your ship that these waters were too treacherous, that cargo ships taking the shortcut back to England were excellent targets for those vile creatures called pirates. But he had waved you off, muttering something about how you were lucky to be on board because you’re a “disrespectful woman who had no business being on his ship”.

So you had bunkered down, a permanent scowl on your face as the other shipmates gave you hungry looks. At least if you survived taking this shorter route you would be home sooner, meaning no more sleeping while clutching a knife under you pillow. You had no other choice but to accept your companions, since no other ships would accept a female adventurer. You wished that the Kraken would come up and swallow them all whole.

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Humans are Weird - Part 3

~Yo my last two parts gained me 41 followers…holy shit. I guess you guys really like this…Anyways, here’s part three. Hope you enjoy it!~

Xylion sighed as he walked towards the Captain’s quarters. Zellnor had requested he go to his office so he could talk to him. Xylion knew it would be about the humans, and he was already making a list of all the things he would say about them.

He sighed as he stood in front of the door. The keypad beeped as he touched each individual key. The sound of multiple pings sounded once the door began to open. He trudged in, his whole body heavy. Xylion was dreading this already.

Captain Zellnor looked up at him. “Ah, Xylion! You’re here! Have a seat.”

Xylion did what his Captain told him too. He sat in the chair in front of his desk, and heard the door close shut behind him. Xylion stared at his boss, waiting for him to speak.

“So, how are the humans doing?” Zellnor asked, his sharp teeth glinting in the light around them.

Xylion sighed. “Captain, if I may be honest, they are…eccentric, to say the least.”

Zellnor frowned. “What do you mean, Xylion?”

“Well, for one, they have strange…activities.”

“Like what?”

Xylion sighed as he thought of one specific event.

Xylion walked down the hall, when he heard muffled voices. He frowned as he looked towards one of the doors. Xylion moved towards it and was about to open the door when he heard loud cries in the room. He immediately thought that perhaps one of the humans was in trouble! Why else would they be screaming?

He frantically typed the code into the keypad, his tentacles slipping every so often. Curse his species! Why should they, when scared or nervous, start secreting mucus? It was disgusting and not useful whatsoever!

The door beeped open and he pushed into it, his breathing erratic and quick. Sitting on the floor was the humans, with Human Isaac standing up, a bunch of colorful cards lying all around him and his face red with rage.

“How dare you play that card, Fredrick!” Human Isaac screamed, looking down at his fellow human.

Human Fredrick, however, simply grinned. “Hey, it’s not my fault that everyone else had draw two cards, and I had a draw four one.” Human Fredrick moved his shoulders up slightly at the end of his sentence. Why Xylion had no idea.

Human jenny sighed as she looked at them. “Honestly, Isaac, it’s just a stupid game.”

Human Isaac seemed to break when Human Jenny said this. HIs head slowly turned to look at her, and his right eye was twitching. Xylion felt his spines stand on end when he saw the expression of anger, disbelief, and other odd emotions. Even Human Jenny seemed shocked at the look. “Just…a stupid…game?” Human Isaac said, his voice an octave higher than normal.

Human Jenny glanced worryingly at Human Mason, who was merely staring at Human Isaac. “It is not a stupid game, Jenny! This game…this game is the only thing that keeps me going at night! How can I live knowing that I shall not be the sole winner of Uno?” He cried out, throwing his hands into the air. Human Isaac then proceeded to laugh, though something about this laugh made Xylion think it was not a funny laugh. No, it sounded more…crazed.

Human Mason sighed as he stood up. “Isaac, you need to calm down.” He said, his dark eyes looking at Human Isaac with what Xylion could only see as annoyance.

“’Calm down’? Calm down! How dare you tell me to calm down, you oversized-!”

Human Isaac stopped talking once Human Mason punched him in the cheek. Xylion’s jaw dropped as he watched the action. Why would he punch his friend? Human Fredrick sighed. “How did he even get this job?” He asked, leaning his face on his fist.

Human jenny shrugged. “I don’t know, but he sure has some issues.”

Xylion had no words for this event.

Zellnor blinked at him. “That’s…”


“that’s certainly one way of describing it.”

“Oh trust me, you haven’t even heard the worst yet.” Xylion said, staring his boss dead in the eyes.

“What could be worse than that?” Zellnor cried, his red eyes widening and his scales turning a dark shade of brown mixed with some spots of black. He was shocked, yet also fearful. A good combination for what he learned next about humans.

“Oh trust me, this next story is far worse…”

Hope you enjoyed this part. On the shorter side, I think, but I hope you enjoyed it all the same. The next part is coming out tomorrow, so keep a look out if you want to see it.

anonymous asked:

You tagged the pirates idea in Shinee gets the treasure! 💖💖💖

you are a treasure, darling ❤️


  • captain of the sky blue pearl 
  • wearing a large hat with a skull and crossbones that contrasts starkly with his always smiley face 
  • people don’t know if they should be terrified or happy to see him 
  • looking at the very large and detailed map that he has in his captain’s quarters and is like “yup that’s a lot of water” 
  • but in all honesty he knows exactly where the boat is at all times 
  • fishing off the plank 
  • has fallen off the ship multiple times when they went over a wave so sometimes ot4 fishes for him instead with a giant net (minho: another onew fish / taemin: throw it back!!!!!!) 
  • refuses to stop tho so they tie a rope around his waist and someone has to hold on at all times like an onew leash 


  • insisted on getting a parrot 
  • it hates him and pooped on his head more than once which is not the reality he wanted 
  • claimed he stole it but the storekeeper saw him admire and coo at the pretty birdy with literal heart eyes so he gave it to him 
  • helps navigate despite his horrible internal compass bc he knows all the stars 
  • sleeps on a hammock on deck when it’s warm enough bc the sound of the ocean helps him sleep and if he can’t there is always that A+ view of the night sky  
  • billowy white shirt that he keeps open most of the time bC THAT’S WHAT PIRATES WEAR you’re just jealous minho  


  • eye-patch 
  • at villages sometimes he’ll tell stories to locals and crafts an elaborate tale about the horrors of his left eye and whispers “want to see it???”
  • flips it up and 
  • he has both eyes
  • just has a sty 
  • onew: are you wearing eyeliner again / key: nO / onew: you have your eye-patch on / key: … perhaps
  • ridiculously good at knots and will tie ot4 to the main mast if they irk him too much (tae: *wiggles out* / key: damn you taemin) 


  • bought a white shirt of his own when they docked to prove jonghyun wrong (jong: well we both can’t be wearing the same shirt) 
  • played rock, scissor, paper to see who got to wear it
  • he won
  • haha (jong: you CHEATED / minho: the game is if you don’t draw, you lose) 
  • making sure everyone doesn’t get scurvy (ot4: we really don’t need to be eating 7 oranges a day / onew: i think it’s giving me heartburn)
  • baby gold hoop earrings
  • at the helm doing KING OF THE WORLD 


  • will occasionally, both randomly and violently, get v seasick 
  • the lookout 
  • jong’s parrot helps him spot land too
  • keeps losing his frikkin telescope 
  • can climb up to the crow’s nest in an impressive speed that makes key a little ill to watch (key: omg be CAREFUL srsly that boy will be the death of me, one wrong move and he’ll FALL) 
  • his boots were made for walking 
  • also not allowed to have a pistol anymore bc “if you can’t keep it in its holster taemin you’ll probably end up shooting one of us one day” 
  • whatever, he’s better with a sword anyway 
  • occasionally likes to visit the treasure room below deck and just lays on the gold like a dragon 

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Share some GOTG headcannons?


jeez okay uh,,, im That Guy most definitely so here goes

i have one (1) – that Mentioned Scene which infused me with life eternally where peter told gamora the david hasslehoff story whilst drunk (iconic, i love them, i would die for them, they are so bad at feelings but theyre in love okay u guys) also involved:

- peter lying down on the floor at some point and refusing to move (”my bed is r’ly hard g’mora” “that’s the floor” “huh …. ‘kay, i l’v here now i guess”)

- gamora gently but awkwardly draping a blanket over him and then happily taking his bed, bc captain’s quarters obviously has the biggest bed, lit

- at some point (probably before he lies face down on the floor) peter gives gamora a hug, bc he is super duper drunk, and she nearly misses the fact that he mutters “you smell real pretty” bc she’s mentally going through a list of reasons why his hug most certainly does not make her feel safe

- that’s ridiculous. he smells a little weird. he’s drunk. that’s ridiculous. shut up, gamora, you’re a highly trained assassin. you’re not going all warm and fuzzy because a drunk idiot is hugging you. you’re not

- (i mean objectively peter gives great hugs but thats just my opinion. im sure gamora agrees)

- peter also probably says something like “you’re like my bestest friend in the universe” in a slurred voice from the floor, Post-David Hasslehoff Story (bc gamora had listened so intently and seriously and told him in a very genuine voice that she would like to hear more of his stories later, and fiercely squeezed his arm to prove her point – the squeeze was a little bit hard and may or may not be a little sore the next morning but peter doesn’t care, it’s the sentiment of the thing) – to which gamora finally eases up a bit and says “you’re mine as well” in a v soft voice

- ????? idk?????? peter probably tries to teach gamora the lyrics to hooked on a feeling after waking up at two in the morning that same night. it turns into an annoying sleepover (hes that kid who;s like “do pigeons have feelings?” in the middle of the night u feel) and she throws the comforter from the bed over his head on the floor to muffle his voice bc the room is warm anyway and it’s bad for her health to have to keep telling herself that his idiot half-incoherent ramblings are not in any way endearing

- who even came up with that word anyway, it’s useless and horrible

- (gamora falls asleep again smiling anyway)

Time After Time

Lieutenant Duckling - Rated T - Complete - 3330 Words

This is a short tale dedicated to my most wonderful @ofshipsandswans, who will graduate from school shortly! <3 I hope you enjoy it, my love!

The first time he saw her, he had no idea who she was, but he was instantly drawn. Trudging his way up the dock, Lieutenant Killian Jones unloaded a sack of grain from his shoulder, coughing as dust rose from the goods upon hitting the ground. He waved away the small cloud and glanced up toward the palace, where the Jewel’s haul was bound. A number of courtiers were milling about the grounds, dressed in yards of finery. He was ready to turn back for the next load when he heard a low humming. With a pause, he directed his gaze toward the sound.

Sitting upon a swing beneath a tree sat a vision, dressed in the color of the sun. Her long blonde hair was braided in a thick pleat, curled up into a loose chignon at the base of her neck. She picked at flowers in her hand, snowbells as he recognized them to be, as she idly swung back and forth in the afternoon shade. Dusting his hands off on his trousers and grabbing his coat from the railing, he made his way slowly toward the young woman. There was a pink blush of youth in her high cheekbones, and long, luxurious eyelashes told tales of the beauty she beheld. Clearing his throat, Lieutenant Jones offered a hand and stood just far enough away from the lady to remain as unthreatening as possible.

“May I give you a push, my lady?” He gestured to the swing upon which she sat.

Glancing up, the girl flashed bright green eyes and a slowly-growing smile. She took in the sight of his white sailor’s trousers and blue coat with very little insignia. “I suppose you may,” she replied, dropping the snowbells to her side. She wrapped long, thin fingers around the ropes of the swing and finally grinned. “It’s been ages since I had a proper go on this.”

“Allow me, then,” he replied, pink rising up his neck and into his cheeks. Stepping up behind her, he grasped the ropes and pulled them back slightly before releasing them to start a bit of momentum.

The girl in the yellow gown swung slowly upon his release, but as she felt herself moving back toward him once more, he gave a soft push at her shoulders that allowed the breeze to hit her face and her feet to completely leave the ground. Crossing her legs at the ankles, she giggled and bit down upon her lower lip. “Higher!” she cheered.

“Hold on tightly!” He replied and gave more of a push. The old rope swing was firm as it allowed her to soar up higher, higher over the lush green landscape below. Tendrils of her golden blonde hair escaped, framing her face as she laughed.

Her laughter stuck deep into his soul, and he knew he had never heard a sweeter sound. Stepping slightly aside, he allowed himself a moment to admire her beauty as she swung under her own power beneath the thick branch of the ancient oak. Her smile was the vision of youth and happiness itself, and it warmed his heart.

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Black (Yondu x Reader)

“I love you.” it was the three words that your race depended on hearing. You were one of a very small race from the far part of the Galaxy. Most never left your home planet and for good reason, you were hunted if anyone found out what you were, your hair more valuable than any gems or silks while your blood was said to be used in many expensive concoctions. The long fine hair flowed down your back stopping at your hips. It never was one set color, it would change with whatever emotion you felt at that time. Currently it changed to a shade of purple, fear. “Did you hear me?” Yondu asked and you gave a slow nod, looking back up to his red eyes you searched for any lie. “Please don’t joke about something like that Yondu.” you said in a soft whisper. Seeing him knot his brows he shook his head and cupped your cheeks. “I ain’t joking y/n, I love you girl.” Smiling you saw out of the corner of your eye as your hair turned from purple to a bright gold, happiness. “I love you too Yondu.” you said with a smile. Seeing him smile he leaned down to capture your lips into a soft kiss. Feeling his hand cup your cheek you shivered when he deepened the kiss. When his other hand moved to the front of you shirt where the zipper was you pulled away from his mouth and looked down. Knowing he could see your now pink hair with purple streaks you became even more embarrassed. Kissing your jaw you felt his hot breath by your ear, “Do ya trust me?” he mumbled. Closing your eyes you took a deep breath to steady yourself and nodded. When he pulled down on the zipper of your black leather jumper he felt the cool air touch your breasts. Hearing a growl escape the Centuarian’s mouth a unfamiliar feeling bubbled in your lower belly. Seeing him shrug off his coat and pull his shirt over his head you looked away and heard him chuckle. Moving to hold your chin with his fingers he slowly tilted your head back to look at him. Staring at his lower belly you saw the ‘V’ leading to his manhood and had to force yourself to scan your eyes up his abs to his chest and then face. Seeing him smirking he quickly leaned forward to capture your lips once again. You gasped when his tongue rolled into your mouth and felt as his hands moved to your shoulders. Pushing under the leather he slowly pushed the top off your body. 

Soon the both of you layed naked together on his bed. He took his time, paying attention to the sounds you made when he did certain things. Closing your eyes you moaned softly when he kissed back up your body. Licking at your throat he lined himself up with your sex and leaned back to look at you. He stayed there for sometime not moving until he gave a soft smile and leaned down to place a gentle kiss on your lips. When his hips moved forward you let out a small cry and flinched at the pain. Letting your eyes slip close you felt as he kissed away your tears. “It’s alright sweetheart, I got ya.” he said in a deep voice that sent shivers down your spine. Moving your hand to his upper arm you looked down to see where his blue body connected with your silver one. “Breath baby.” he purred into your neck, placing light kisses along the thin skin. Doing as he said you felt as he slid out of you before pushing back in. He was slow at first making sure you were adjusting with as little pain as possible. After a little while when you began letting out small moans and gasps he picked up speed. Thrusting in and out of you you kept your legs against his sides but felt a pressure in your belly. As if he knew Yondu bit down lightly on your shoulder and without warning the cord in your abdomen snapped. A blinding white light consumed you as your back arched off the bed and you clung to his shoulder and arm. Hearing him grunt and groan he pushed in deep and held your hip with one hand. Your insides became overwhelmed with a warm feeling and he held you still under him. You tried to hold back the small cry of pain as his grip became to tight, not wanting to ruin the moment. Loosening his grip on your hip and forearm he pulled back to look down at you. Forcing your tired eyes to stay open you gave him a small smile silently telling him you were okay. Feeling him pull out of you slowly you gasped. Rolling to lay beside you he leaned down to pull the fur on his bed over the both of you before pulling you to lay on his chest. “Get some sleep beautiful.” he said, kissing at your temple.

Waking up you were not surprised to see Yondu already gone. Today was going to be a busy day everyone had to get the new goods you had aquired ready for when you landed on Contraxia. Getting up out of bed you quickly dressed back in your clothes, giving a wince at the soreness in your body. You took notice to the two hand prints on your hip and forearm but smiled knowing they were made during passion. Leaving the room you decided to go straight to your work, you would go find Yondu later. You didn’t want to seem too clingy. Walking down the hall you missed the few members of the crew that saw you leaving the captains quarters. 

Humming as you worked you packed the items away into the wooden crates before stacking them by the door. It would only be another hour or less before the ship would land and so you made yourself busy by checking of the items for Yondu. It made you sad that you had only been able to see him once today when he stopped by to bring you something to eat and drink. It was something you had grown accustomed to during the day even before last night. Everyday you would have lunch together and later on you would go find him for supper. When the list was done you signed off on it and made your way to the pilot’s cabin to see if her was there. With a little skip in your step you tried to keep your heart from racing. Going to round the corner you heard his voice but stopped when you heard him and some others yelling.  "The rules go for you the same as the rest Yondu, Ravengers don’t fall in love.“ one of the members said. Hearing a few others agree you furrowed your brows. "Now now boys what are ya talkin…” Yondu started but was quickly interrupted. “Don’t try denying it, we saw her leaving your room this morning.” a deep voice growled and you shrunk inward, your hair turning blue with the thought of getting Yondu in trouble. The room was quickly filled with a laugh, Yondu’s laugh. “I don’t love her… she just something to help keep me warm at night…” he said and you felt your heart break. Looking down you quickly covered your mouth when a sob formed in your throat. Feeling tears roll down your cheeks you saw as your hair turned black. When your legs began to shake you made a dash for your room. Closing the door behind you you locked it before sliding down the cold metal when you could no longer hold yourself up. Bringing your knees to your chest you laid your face in your palms and cried. 

Knock had came to your door but you just ignored them until they went away. You had stayed laying on the floor by your door. When the ship landed you forced yourself to pack a small bag with a change of clothes, a knife and a lighter. Pulling the leather jumpsuit from your body you now looked down on the marks Yondu had left and felt only disgust. He had used you, lied to you…He never loved you, why were you so stupid to think he ever would. Puling on a pair of thick black pants and a long sleeve red shirt you pushed you arms through the fur lined coat and grabbed your bag. Placing the letter you had written to Yondu on your table before heading out. Kraglin was the only one to stop you when you got to the door. “Y/n hey Cap’s been looking for you…you okay?” he asked when he saw the hair on her head black. “Doesn’t matter…” was all she said before going out into the snow covered land. Looking towards the lights and loud music of the town you felt your lip tremble before turning on heel and walking towards the empty horizon. 

(Yondu’s POV)

He had searched everywhere for y/n and nothing. He saw her name on the check off when they landed and went to search for her so they could go get a drink together. Knocking on her door she didn’t answer so he assumed she had already headed for the bar. He tried three different bars and she wasn’t in any of them. Was she avoiding him? Maybe he had done something wrong last night… maybe he had hurt her. Shaking his head he rubbed the back of his neck as he looked around at the rest of his partying crew. She had seemed fine when he had lunch with her today. Hell she even gave him a kiss on the cheek when he had to go back to work. Deciding to go back to the ship he saw Kraglin standing there and was confused when the man went to follow him, “Not now Kraglin.” he said as he headed to Y/n"s room. “It’s about y/n.” he said and Yondu stopped mid step. Turning he looked at the man and nodded telling him to go on. “Well earlier tonight she was making her way out of the ship and she looked upset…” What do you mean upset? Was she hurt?“ he asked feeling his eyes grow brighter at the thought of someone hurting her. "I don’t know sir. I asked her if she was okay but all she said was it didn’t matter.” knotting his brows. Turning he quickly went towards her room. With it now unlocked he looked around to see the room clean as usual. Her leather outfit from the night before was thrown in a trash can along with the rest of her things. The only thing left in the room was a piece of paper folded up on the nightstand. Making his way over he saw his name written on the top and opened it. 

Thank you for giving me the chance to prove I was worth hiring but you’ll have to find another to help “keep you warm at night”.

Love y/n. 

Feeling his heart drop Yondu balled the paper up in his hand before shoving it in his pocket. Turning he saw Kraglin standing in the door with a worried expression on his face. “Where’d she go?” he asked in a deep voice. “She went towards the no lands.” he said and Yondu made his way out of the ship. Hearing his name being called he turned to see Kraglin following him. “Sir her hair… it was black sir.” he said making the Centaurian knot his brows in confusion. “Black?” he asked making the man nod. Yondu had seen her hair many colors before but never black. “If I may cap… I personally don’t care if you two love each other, hell i’d be happy for ya but love with her race ain’t nothing to take lightly.” “What do you mean?” he asked and saw Kraglin lick his lips. “I did some research when she first crewed up with us.. her race… they only fall in love once in their whole life. They call it their true mate. If her hair was black it worries me cuz it’s said they can die of heartbreak.” Hearing this Yondu took a deep breath and nodded his head, “Keep the ship grounded until I get back, You have any problems with any of the crew kill em’.” with a firm nod Yondu went in search of y/n praying her wasn’t too late.

(Your POV)

Shivering you pulled your coat tighter around your body to help fight against the cold. Holding your shaking hands out over the small fire you had built you heard a snap and looked around you. Hearing another you stood and backed away from the noise some. “Who’s there?” you asked in a soft voice. “Please I don’t want any trouble.” you said. When a sharp sting hit your throat you moved your hand up and pulled out a small dart. Looking up your vision became blurry and you fell to your knees just as a dark figure came from out of the trees. 

Waking up you felt your hands tied behind your back and gave a pull only for them to become tighter. “Ah ah ah. Best not move too much doll.” a voice said. Snapping your head in the direction you saw as a large male with huge tusks coming from his mouth with grey skin came from the shadows. You shrunk inward at the imposing form and he laughed. “You know I have heard a lot about your race little one and I was surprised when I saw you sitting out there in the forest all alone. A female at that, don’t most of you stay by your men folk.” he asked and you felt your heart ache. Looking down you gave a sigh, “I don’t have a mate.” she whispered. “Well that’s good news ain’t it, That just means I ain’t got ta worry about nobody looking for ya.” he smirked as he pulled a knife form his holster. Becoming afraid you tried to pull out of your restraints again. “Please just let me go.” you begged but he just chuckled, “Oh no my dear. You see I also heard how much that pretty hair goes for on the market and people like me don’t pass an opportunity like that up.” he said as he grabbed a fist full of your hair and pulled his blade through it. “NO, PLEASE!” you screamed but to no avail. Soon the man pulled back his hand and you saw your once long locks hanging from his hand. You watched as the strands turned a bluish color that reflected the light of the cave. Looking down in defeat you felt as tears rolled down your cheeks. “Don’t cry yet doll i ain’t to the worst part yet.” He said. Lifting your head you saw as he walked back over to you with a long clear tube in his hand that had a needle on one end. Thrashing he grabbed your arm so hard you heard a snap and let out a ear piercing scream. A hard pain was felt on your cheek as he slapped you and yelled for you to get quiet. When he ripped the sleeve of your shirt he pressed the needle to your skin and he gave a growl before tying the material from your sleeve around your mouth. You bit down on the fabric and threw your head back with a muffled scream as he pushed the needle into your vein. Tears blurred your vision of the ice ceiling and you heard as he placed the other end of the tube in a bottle and your blood began to drip into the glass bottle. This was how you were died, alone and unloved.

(Yondu’s POV)

He had been walking through the thick snow for a few hours now and was sure if it wasn’t for the fact his skin was already blur it would be by now. Hearing a loud scream he turned his head in the direction and quickly made his way to his love’s cry. Seeing a large cave made of ice up ahead he quietly made his away over so as to not alert the inhabitants. Peeking inside he saw a large figure facing away from him, “Too bad you said you ain’t got no mate doll. Would have loved to double the profit.” the deep voice mocked before standing and making his way towards the mouth of the cave. Hiding behind a rock Yondu waited until the male was out of sight before going inside the cave. Looking in he felt the breath get knocked out of him when he saw y/n tied to a post in the middle of the cave. Her head was hung low showing her now choppy hair that was black as night. He heard her crying softly and watched as tears fell to the rock floor. A large tube was hooked to her arm, draining the blood from her body into a large glass bottle. Going to her side he cupped her cheek and saw as her defeated eyes met his. She looked shocked at first and flinched when he pulled the gag from her mouth. “Oh sweetheart what he do ta ya?” he asked and saw as more tears rolled down her cheeks, “What are you doing here?” she whispered and he knotted his brows. “I’m here to get ya baby..” he started but saw her lip tremble. “Why? You don’t love me… You just used me.” she whimpered before her head dropped back down. Swallowing the lump in his throat he gripped her chin and lifted her weakening gaze to his, “I do love ya y/n an’ I am so sorry for what I said.” he told her and she shook her head. “I don’t believe you… Please just let me die.” she said in a weak sob that broke his heart. “I’m goin’ ta make ya believe. If it’s the last thing I do girl Ima show ya I Love ya but first i gotta get ya out of here.” he said. Moving his hands to her arm he slowly pulled out the long needle in her arm, ripping part of his shirt to tie around her arm to stop the bleeding. Screwing the top on the bottle he pulled out his communicator and told Kraglin his coordinates so he could come pick them up. “Hurry.” he told him as y/n leaned against his form. Moving to untie her hands he had to catch her when she fell against his form, she was dying. “Hold on baby.” he told her as he went to lift her into his arms. “Oi, What the fuck are you doing?!” a deep growl yelled and Yondu turned to see the hairy grey male standing in the entrance of the cave. 

Staring down the man Yondu raised his lip in a snarl. “Put the bitch back down an’ I might let ya walk away with only one missin’ limb.” the man growled moving forward. When he didn’t do as the man said he went to attack. Yondu was quick to let out a loud whistle making his arrow com out from his side pocket and fly through the air. “What is tha…” was all the man got out before Yondu gave many quick high pitch whistles making the arrow go in and out of different parts of his body. The Centaurian wanted to make his death as slow as possible but when he heard his ship he gave a last whistle and sent the arrow through his head. Grabbing the arrow he tucked it away before bending down and grabbing the bottle of y/n’s blood. Stepping over the dead man Yondu made his way to his ship with his love in his arms. 

(Your POV)

Letting out a small whine you went to sit up but felt a hand pushing your chest back down. “Lay still darlin’.” came a familiar voice and you opened your eyes to see Yondu sitting on the bed beside you. Looking around the room you noticed you were in his chambers and felt your lip tremble when you remembered everything. Feeling him cup you cheeks he looked down, “please don’t cry sweetheart.” he begged. “Why? Why would you do that to me? I never did anything to you.” you sobbed and saw something you never thought you would see, Yondu Udonta was crying. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry y/n. I thought I was going to loose ya. I never meant what I said ta those men. I do love ya y/n, I love ya so much and I ain’t never loved anyone before. Ravagers ain’t supposed to fall in love, it’s one of the vows you take when you become one but I fell in love with you. I broke my vows. But I don’t care anymore so long as I can be with ya. I don’t care if the crew knows, I’ll kill any man that tried to stop me from being wit ya.” he said now on his knees beside the bed. Looking into his eyes you saw no lie and leaned forward to kiss his lips. “One more chance.” was all you said as your hair turned from black to a light blue. Looking at your hair Yondu knew that you were still sad but no longer heartbroken and it was a start.

Home, Part Three

Pairings: Peter Quill x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: mild language, angst 

A/N: This was only suppose to be a very long one shot. No beta this time.

Summary: Your best friend in the whole galaxy is coming to visit to help out with Thanos. When he arrives, Steve finds himself jealous of the close relationship Peter and you have. Will this stop the man from telling you how he feels? Will old feelings be brought up once Peter arrives? Does first love truly fade?    Part One   Part Two

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She's mine

Anon request: Can you do an imagine where y/n is Hook’s daughter and Pan kidnaps her to get to Hook. Pan said he’d trade her back to him for info about the heart of the truest believer. Hook swears to Pan he doesn’t know about it and begs for y/n back. Can you make it where Pan goes back to the camp very frustrated and he makes y/n cum several times and she ends up having to stay with him forever.

Kinda short, sorry, don’t have much time.

Warnings: Smut, bit rapey at first?

Y/N’s outfit:

I stayed hidden away, locked in the Captain’s quarters. My father, Hook and his men were on deck battling it out with the lost boys once again.

This is a monthly occurrence ever since my father helped a boy, Baelfire, escape the island. That was years ago.

Baelfire was the first contact I’d had with someone my age for a long time but he had to leave and I was lonely again. Father doesn’t let me on the island we’ve been living next to for the past God-knows-how-long when he goes with his men because he says I can’t defend myself against the lost boys and their leader: Peter Pan.

And He’s probably right. My sword wielding skills are clumsy to say the least and I have to respect my father’s decision. He knows Neverland’s dangers better than I do. But I do get quite bored with only the company of a few dozen (usually drunk) pirates.

I picked at my nails waiting for the fighting to stop. Eventually it quietened down outside and I stood from the bed I’d been lying on and unlocked the door.

I turned the handle and pushed it open, expecting to see maybe one or two casualties. But that was not what I found.

The crew were tied up and gagged on the far side of the ship and my father was tied to the mast behind a teenaged boy dressed all in green. It didn’t take long for me to work out who this was.

“I’ll never tell you anything about the boy,” father declared.

Then when Pan moved, he locked eyes on me.

“Y/N!” he shouted. “Get back inside!”

Pan turned around to face me with a malicious smile.

I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t leave my father stuck there. What would be the point of running back inside? They’ll just force the door anyway.

But I am a coward, and I did consider stepping backwards towards the door when someone behind me jumped down from the quarter deck and wrapped an arm around my neck, choking me.

“Well, well, well,” Pan gloated, walking up to me. “What do we have here?”

“Leave her alone!” father yelled.

“You never told me you had a daughter, Hook,” he chided, stroking a lock of my H/C hair. “And a rather fetching one at that,” he added, looking me up and down.

“She has nothing to do with this. Get your filthy hands off her,” father snarled.

“The spitting image of her mother, isn’t she? Although, I’m not so fussed about the leather obsession. Real daddy’s girl aren’t you?”

I spat in his face.

The person who had me in the chokehold tightened his grip.

Pan just chuckled. “There’s your mother’s spirit… relax, Felix; she’ll turn purple at this rate.”

‘Felix’ loosened his hold, allowing me to gasp some air back into my oxygen-starved lungs.

“I think”, Pan said, tapping his chin in mock thought. “I’ll hold onto her for a while.”

He rounded on Hook. “Until you’re willing to tell me the truth about the heart.”

“No!” father yelled, pulling at the ropes binding him. “I don’t know anything! I knew Baelfire, just Baelfire. I don’t know where he is now. He was still a boy when I last saw him. I didn’t even know he has a son, I swear.”

“A likely story, I’m sure,” Pan said in a bored voice.

“It’s the truth!” roared Hook. The crew at the back of the ship nodded their heads in agreement, their voices muffled by their gags.

“Please,” Hook said, his voice breaking. “You can’t take Y/N away from me. She’s all I have.”

I took this moment to kick Felix’s knee in and duck out of his arms but Pan flicked his wrist and he, Felix and I disappeared in a cloud of green smoke.

We appeared in what must be Pan’s camp.

Felix stumbled back, wincing at his messed up knee.

You’re welcome. My mother taught me that.

Pan clicked his fingers and my arms snapped behind my back. My wrists bound together with vine.

“Why are you doing this?” I hissed venomously.

“You may not realise but it’s of the utmost importance, actually.”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m not important.”

“No,” he agreed, “you’re not but the information you’re hiding in that pretty head of yours is.”

“I’m not hiding anything,” I said defiantly, jutting out my chin.

“We’ll see about that.”

He grabbed my forearm and marched me into a large tent where he threw me to the floor.

“Ow!” I moaned quietly, trying not to show weakness even as I landed on my arm.

Pan towered over me and stabbed his hand into my chest, taking out my glowing red heart.

“Now,” he said in that sickening voice, “I am going to ask you some questions and you are going to answer them correctly. Understand?”

I said nothing, looking away from him.

He grabbed my chin forcing me to look up at him before squeezing my heart. Unbearable agony shot through my whole body like nothing I’d ever experienced before.

“I said, do you understand?”

Yes, Pan.”

“Good girl.”

“Good girl? I am not your pet d-”

“Shut up!” Pan commanded and I found that I couldn’t finish my sentence even through I tried.

“That’s better.”

I shifted on the floor into a slightly more comfortable position… for grabbing a knife I keep sheathed in my boot to cut the vines around my wrists and lunged at him but he grabbed my wrist, nonchalantly, disarming me and throwing the knife to the other side of the room.

He carried on like it didn’t even happen. “Tell me, how well did you know Baelfire?”

“Quite well,” I blurted out before I could stop myself.

I clapped my hand over my mouth in shock. Pan smiled and I heard his voice in my head telling me to take my hand away and I had no choice but to obey.

“You’ve been hiding away on daddy’s ship the whole time he’s been here, correct?”

“Yes.” God damn it, this was terrible.

“And during this time, you became friends with Baelfire, while daddy tried to help him escape?”

“We were more than friends.” Oh God, Y/N. God. You need to stop this.

Lovers?” Pan said, incredulously.


Great, now he probably thinks I’m a slut considering I only knew Bae for a short while. We weren’t really lovers but yeah, we were definitely more than ‘just friends’, you know.

Pan suddenly looked like he had a thought.

“He didn’t?… no… he didn’t get you pregnant did he?”

“No!” I exclaimed. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

“Ok, so where did Baelfire go? The Enchanted Forest?”

“I don’t know.”

“Tell me the truth, Y/N,” he started to squeeze my heart.

“I’m telling the truth,” I choked. “I don’t know what happened to Bae.”

There was a long pause.

“So you are. But you must know something about Henry.”

“I don’t! I don’t know anyone called Henry! I’ve been living on father’s ship for years with no contact besides Baelfire, I swear. I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!”

Tears were streaming down my face in pure frustration.

“Then I suppose you’re useless to me!” Pan yelled back, starting to crush my heart.

I writhed on the ground in pain. “Please… please…” I whimpered pitifully.

I felt the grip he had on my heart release as he stopped and put it into a box, closing the lid and casting a spell over it.

“I’m going to see that father of yours. There are boys guarding the tent. If you try to escape, they have all orders to kill you.”

I stayed where I was on the ground, sobbing.

When Pan returned, he threw open the cover to the doorway and walked right up to me, picking me up by the neck while I screamed in fear from the evil look in his green eyes.

He held me off the floor with only one hand.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week.”

He threw me onto his bed and straddled me so I couldn’t move. He ripped off my hat but it was pinned into my hair and he ended up pulling my hair with it. I screamed out but he slapped my face hard.

“Quiet bitch!”

He continued his assault, ripping off and tearing my clothes, tutting as he found all the concealed weapons in them until I was left in only a frilly slip.

He had lust in his eyes as he ripped this last item off and gave me a look when he found the tiny sheathed dagger I kept in my cleavage. He threw it onto the pile with the rest of them.

I was now naked beneath him, completely at his mercy. I tried to push him away but he was too heavy. He caught both of my hands in one of his and used the fabric from my slip to tie them to the headboard.

“Please, I’m a virgin,”

“Stop whining, whore. You don’t know what you’re saying. You don’t realise how good I can make you feel. I don’t usually go for pirate girl sluts, but you’ll have to do.”

He unbuttoned his pants and I looked away, tears leaking from the corners of my eyes. With no foreplay and no warning, he spread my legs thrusted in causing me to cry out in pain.

Before I even had time to adjust, he started to pump in and out of me at a pace that was hardly human. I could feel a knot building in my stomach as the pain melted away to what I hate to admit was pleasure. I fisted my hands in the sheets as my back arched off the bed and I had to stop myself from moaning out.

“I want to hear you,” Pan commanded as he increased his speed, driving even deeper inside me.

The knot inside me unravelled as I orgasmed, screaming in pleasure.

I breathed hard, laboured breaths before he flipped me over and pulled my ass into the air so I was leaning on my elbows and he was fucking me again, doggy style.

“We aren’t going to stop until you moan my name,” he declared, rocking my body back and forth as he thrusted inside me.

“Never,” I said breathily.

I found myself not hating this as I was before but rather enjoying it and noticed that I had subconsciously started to meet Pan’s thrusts and I wasn’t holding back my moans as much.

But God, moaning his name was tempting.

I buried my face into the pillow to stop myself. He made me cum this way.

Then he made me cum using just his tongue to tease my clit.

Finally, when he had my legs wrapped around his waist and was pressing my back against the wall of the tent to fuck me upright, with my breasts bouncing in his face, I couldn’t stop myself.

“Pan! Oh Peter! FUCK!”

Pan smirked in victory as he finished me off.

“See what you’ve been missing out on all these years, love? And now you’re mine. You’ll never leave this island again.”


“Yes, Y/N your sole purpose from this day forth is to please me. You are mine.”

anonymous asked:

How do you think the assassins/templars would react if they find their SO sleeping in their coats?


Originally posted by competitiveeatingfortheelderly


I hope you don’t mind, dear anon, but I didn’t stay strictly to your prompt. Satisfaction is key, and if I failed to write something how you wanted it, please let me know!

Thanks to a dear page supporter, I’ll now be adding Mary Read/James Kidd to the list of assassins. Let me know what you think!

Altair: He’d been searching everywhere- he could not find his coat, which was necessary for his day. Unaware of where else to look, he decides to go to your quarters, hoping you’d know where the coat was. Without knocking, he barged into your home, but halted abruptly where he stood. There you were, peacefully sleeping, however not in your normal robes, but in his own coat. Still frozen in your doorway, he slowly and silently backs up and leaves. He would just steal one of Malik’s for the day.

Ezio: Your moment of silence had been disrupted by short, loud, and raspy chuckles. Slowly, groggily, and annoyed, you began to wake from your euphoric rest. Unsurprisingly, there was Ezio, lying by your side, laughing like an idiot. Not only were you tired and irritated, but now confused; that is until you figured out why he had been laughing. The night before, you’d been so lonely, knowing Ezio couldn’t be with you. To feel content and whole again, you reached for his coat… one he never wore, and the one he wanted you to keep. Unintentionally, you’d drifted asleep, the cloths contorted around your body. Ridged with realization, you hastily and unsuccessfully attempted to take the coat off; Ezio’s laughter subsided. He grabbed your hand, his eyes crinkled with delight. “You’re just too beautiful, mi amore.”

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TrekFest 2017

Word Count: 1221
Tags: @outside-the-government
Notes: When you click the link, skip forward to 2:36 and let it play for 15-20 seconds for the full experience. You’d think a musician would know how to describe a musical interlude, but… 

When you’d caught your boyfriend with the chief engineer, greased up, squealing like a pig and having his ass lashed with a riding crop, you realized your relationship was over. What you hadn’t realized was exactly how difficult it was going to be facing the rest of the crew on a daily basis. It wasn’t so much that anyone was kink-shaming him, and it wasn’t exactly that they were pitying you for the spectacular way that your relationship had exploded. It was more that there were knowing smirks and speculation about what exciting and curious pastimes you might also have. Which led to unsolicited inquiries of a needs-based-sexual nature. And you just wanted a fresh start.

It was highly unusual to request a transfer at the midpoint of a two-year-mission, but after three weeks of questioning glances in the commissary, lewd commentary in the locker room, and unbridled speculation during social time, you were done. You spoke to your captain, and she agreed to support your request for transfer. She must have said something powerful. Your request was not only granted within days, but you were being sent to the Enterprise, and receiving what basically equated to a promotion, from lab flunky to lab supervisor. 

There was no fanfare as you left the USS Deliverance, just a quiet walk to the transporter bay, and a nod to the transporter control that you and your single duffel bag were ready. And then the familiar bands of golden light surrounded you and you found yourself on the Enterprise. 

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Fake Deathes // Clone mini imagines


Rex knew the moment General Skywalker entered the room, that something was wrong. He was too tense, and the younger togrutan Jedi trailing behind him had abandoned her usual carefree smile for an uncertain look of hesitation.

Everyone in the room noticed, Rex could feel the tension rising in his brothers. The chatter of happy conversations slowly died down as clone heads turned to watch the Jedi walked closer to them. As the talking decreased, nervous fidgeting increased. That’s when Rex realized you, the resident special agent, his amazing girlfriend, wasn’t to be seen. He knew full and well that the rest of your team had arrived last night. Rex had assumed you were among the crowd that were immediately shuffled into debriefing rooms.

“Men, I have some bad news for you.” Skywalker paused, making eye contact with each soldier, but the Captain could feel Ahsoka’s eyes linger on him. “Agent (Y/L/N), was declared missing in action on her team’s arrival last night. After very extensive debriefs, I’m saddened to announce that our special tasks agent, (Y/N) (Y/L/N), has been killed in action.”

Rex felt his heart shatter, but he couldn’t let his men see him come undone. He tensed every muscle in his, stood rigidly straight, jaw clenched, with his eyes staring straight at the General. For once, the General wasn’t so easy to read. He didn’t look sad. He looked troubled and so did his Padawan. Both Jedi glanced to Rex, feeling the despair in his force signature.

That was the first night Rex had gotten blackout drunk. So drunk, Fives and Echo had to drag his ass back to the barracks when the bartender cut him off. Rex was one of five people who had ever been completely cut off.

Back at the barracks, Fives and Echo had pleaded Cody to help convince Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka to leave Rex alone for night. They couldn’t let the generals and commander see their respected Captain like this. Angry drunk, yelling at and cursing everything, punching and kicking walls.

The next morning, Kix had to bandage up bloody knuckles and administer pain meds. It wasn’t a good morning for the 501st. Most clones knew of the Captain’s relationship with the agent, but no one knew how to console the Captain. He lost the one thing that kept him fighting.

After a week and a half of this behavior, Anakin had enough. Ahsoka could swear up and down he muttered, “Fuck the Jedi council, this is just cruel.”

Marching into the clone barracks, Anakin ignored every trooper as they scrambled to attention. Ahsoka jogged after him, spouting “Attease.”es and “as you were.”eS.

Finally, the Jedi burst into his quarters. The Captain didn’t jump to attention, didn’t even seem to notice their arrival from his position, sitting on the edge of his bed- head held in his hands. Ahsoka had never seen any clone look so disheveled. Rex hadn’t shaved in a while and was a few days past a five o clock shadow. Creating a scraggly barely there beard. His normally well kept bleached, buzzed hair was looking worse for wear too. His natural black roots were coming through and the normally buzzed look was growing a little shaggy. And the worst were his eyes when he finally looked up. The usually golden tinted brown eyes, seemed dull. Dark shadows under both made the Jedi wonder if he actually slept in the past few days. The bags accentuated the shadows and added several years-decades- to his appearance.

“Rex, I need you to come with us. That’s an order.” Anakin commanded, trying to keep the sympathy out of his voice. As much as Rex wanted to say no, he knew he was still a soldier and had to follow orders.

“Yes, sir.” Was mumbled as the captain began to click armor into place and placed his helmet under his arm.

A very awkward and silent walk later, the 501st trio were in a dark comms room. “What’s this about, sirs?”

“It’s about (y/n). Rex we know you were…. close.. with her. We also know about the slump you’ve been in.” Anakin answered gingerly. Rex was stunned to silence, no idea what to say.

“And while I’m not supposed to tell you this, (Y/N) is not dead. She’s is deep cover in separatist controlled space. Which is why it was imperative that news spread that she died. I heavily disagreed with the council on their decision to announce her death to the public like they did, but nevertheless. I’m sorry we put you through that pain.” Anakin explained, but ended lamely with Rex still looking as sad as before with a twinge of anger. Ahsoka quickly interjected.

“Which is why we set up a comms transmission so you could talk to her!” The commander added, covering her anxious tone with a forced happy one.

The comm’s machine beeped, Anakin pressed a few buttons before speaking, “That’ll be her now. We’ll leave you to it. C’mon, Snips.”

A moment later, a hologram sprung up showing you. He was speechless as he looked at the blue colored hologram. Regardless of the blue tones, he could see your disguise. Your hair was cut differently and definitely a different color, or maybe it was a wig, behind thick glasses you were wearing some kind of colored contacts, and you’re makeup was done differently.

But you were still you, and you were giving him a weird look, “Rex? What are you- how did- Rex, honey, you look awful.”

Rex swallowed thickly, watching as you periodically check over your shoulder, “I thought you were dead, no reason to look good anymore.”

“Rex, I’m sorry, the chancellor himself put me on the assignment and swore me to secrecy. I couldn’t disobey direct orders, you know that.” You explained softly.

“I would have done the same thing, but dear god, what I felt when I thought I lost you… I felt like I was dying- getting ripped apart.” He confessed. His fingers were twitching; he wanted to touch you, hold you, tangle his hands in your hair-anything to prove you were real.

“I’m so sorry, Rex. I really am. That’s not what I wanted.” You choked out, on the verge of tears. That’s the last thing Rex wanted. You were checking over your shoulder more often now and Rex knew it was risky for you to stay in communications that long.

“I know, just be careful. When can I see you again?” He asked hopefully. You gave a sympathetic smile.

“I check in every three weeks so you’ll have to talk to Anakin. I’m using throw away comms.” You explained. “I don’t want to, but I need to go.”

Rex didn’t want to see you go again. “I know. I don’t want to either. But please be careful, don’t do anything I wouldn’t let you do.”

“I wouldn’t get anything done, baby.” You laughed through the tears. “I love you. This will turn the tide, I promise.”

“Go be amazing. I’ll see you on the other side of the war.” He smiled, reaching a hand up to your hologram, as if he could touch his hand to yours.

“I’ll see you on the other side of the war.” You nodded, placing your hand up.

His hand slipped through yours like water; then you were gone.

He rewinded the transmission footage again.

“For the republic!” You cried. Wolffe cringed. He knew you wouldn’t say shit like that. Because as much as you supported the war effort you had told him many times about:

How you “despised this intergalactic pissing contest that really only boils down to money problems and hurt pride.”

Your words not his. Another reason is that whenever you did something overly stupid you always said, “Be careful, boys.”

Followed by a wink, smirk, and whatever stupid, reckless thing you were doing to give Wolffe a heart attack. But in the video, you’re movements were choppy, you weren’t smiling, and you weren’t sassing off as usual.

“Commander, I hate to give up, but there’s no way Agent (Y/L/N) could have survived that blast.” There was even something off about the way the General spoke to him. It was forced and it sounded like he didn’t actually believe what he was saying.

“General. (Y/N)… she’d never say something like that. And watch the way she moves, she’s choppy almost robotic in her movements. Sir, you know (Y/N) is too quick and graceful for that to catch her.” Wolffe analyzed, not once taking his eyes off the hologram video.

“Wolffe, I want her to be alive as much as you do, but she was already injured and then caught in an extremely violent explosion.” Plo responded, placing a hand of the clone in denial. Wolffe shook his head.

“We never found a body.” Wolffe tried again, holding on to any evidence you were alive. His hands gripped the table so hard his knuckles turned white.

“Wolffe, there wouldn’t be a body. The blast would have disintegrated everything.” The general told him. Wolffe hardened his jaw and stood up straight.

“You’re right sir. It’s still a shame.” He sighed, defeated. He desperately hoped the general couldn’t pick up the shattered pieces of his heart as he turned and exited the room.

Upon entering his private quarters, he unleashed all the emotions he hid from the general. He punched and kicked the wall all while letting out a sub primal yell. He was angry and sad. He wanted to blame someone. He wanted to do badly put blame on someone else so he could go out and hurt them for taking you. But the only person to blame was you, and it was rude to blame the dead. Besides, Wolffe never could stay mad at you.

Once the wall had taken its beating, he moved to his bed and wailed on his pillow. Between hits, he almost missed a small holo-transmitter. The incoming and outgoing call buttons were taped over, only leave the play-existing message button. He looked at the transmitter quizzically and then picked up his pillow. Lo and Behold, a note laid pristinely folded underneath. He unfolded it and read it, mumbling the contents as he did.

“Dear Wolffe,
I know you’re probably really angry right now. Just, press play.
Love, (Y/N)”

So he pressed play, a hologram of you popped up and began talking.

“Hey Wolffe, if your watching this, it’s because the chancellor has decided to send me into a deep cover mission. For that to happen, special agent: (y/n) (y/l/n,” she paused to glance up at the camera, “has to die. I have to die so…” another pause for her to squint at a datapad- probably a briefing file, “Anatovi Crastillia from Garen llV can become a separatist citizen. They’re gonna tell you I’m dead, but I can’t bear the guilt of lying to you and making you feel that pain. I feel silly even recording this, but you deserved to know. I don’t know how long this mission will take, but I’ll think of you every minute. Wolffe, I love you so much.”

You had to pause for another few minutes to breathe and get you composure. “Please don’t hate me, I didn’t want to trick you. Please be careful. Tell the boys I said to be careful.” With that she reached to turn off the camera, but hesitated.

“I love you. So, so, much.” With that, she turned off the recording. When the hologram fizzled out, the holo-transmitter popped up a stationary image. A photograph of the two of you. Wolffe was grimacing to the camera while you smiled broadly beside him. He was supporting most of your weight, your uniform ripped and had definitely seen better days. Your face was smudged with ash and a little bit of blood, but you couldn’t of looked happier. It was the day Wolffe told you he loved you after you almost got killed. The commander shook his head at the photograph but saved it to his own Holopad. He’d miss you, but that didn’t mean he’d stop fighting for you.

Unlike the above, you weren’t some special agent with an important mission to save the galaxy. You were an engineer with 108th legion who heard the wrong thing at the right time.

When you were with the 108th, you happened upon secrets that neither the republic or confederacy knew. You only told the Jedi council for them to decide what to do with it. They decided it was best to keep it within the council, but that didn’t stop the separatists from wanting the information at any cost.

So to keep you safe and still make use of your engineering skills, they relocated you to the Rishi moon outpost. You’d seen many troopers come and go, but you and the sergeant stayed constant. And then domino squad came along.

You made no pretenses from the beginning. You told them that you were only good at fixing things and the only reason you were important to the Republic was because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Fives liked that. It made him feel more secure that he didn’t have to worry about you running into battle and getting killed. It was easy for the two of you to fall in love on the Rishi moon. You were together all the time. Then the separatists caught wind of your location.

Conveniently located on a base they were already planning on invading. All the more reason to come. So they came, killed several troopers, and put you, the domino squadron, Rex, and Cody through hell.

But you had long standing orders, from the very first day you had the information. If you were found, fake your death and when it was safe, hightail it out of there.

So when the base exploded, you ‘accidentally’ separated yourself from the group and cried as you ran as far as possible from the republic outpost. You knew Fives and Echo thought you dead, and the guilt was crushing you. But nevertheless, you kept running to the only other form of civilization on the Rishi moon: a refueling depot.

From there, you stowed away on a ship and repeated the process from planet to planet. It took roughly two months to get to Coruscant with out blowing cover and without stumbling into a war zone.

Once on Coruscant, all you had to do was make it to the Jedi temple. Sadly, you efforts were hopeless.

As you rushed through the busy streets of the planet, you kept your head down- flinching anytime you saw any kind of droid. Finally you breezed by the clone barracks. Six more blocks. Then, it fell apart. You ran face first into a troopers chest.

You literally just bounced off of him, falling on your butt in the process, but he didn’t even stumble. You still tried to hide your face, “I’m really sorry, sir, just late for a meeting.”

He watched you as you stuttered out the excuse. You finally looked up to him and realized it was an arc trooper…. with a rather familiar handprint on the chest of his armor.

“Echo, what’s the hold- holy kriff is that who I think it is?” Another Arc trooper approached, your heart fluttered at the possibility that it was Fives. The brothers popped off their helmets.

It was him, no mistaking that tattoo on his temple.

“(y/n)?” Fives gasped. Kneeling down in front of you, he offered you his hand, “I thought you were dead… everyone thinks you’re dead. How… how are you here? We thought you died with Hevy.”

“I’m sorry. I had orders.” You answered lamely. The arc trooper armor had your focus. Then you realized you were doing more staring than answering, “I’m so, so sorry Fives. The day I got the god forsaken information, I was given orders to ‘appear dead’ if ever found.”

“I understand, but, god, I missed you so much.” He whispered pulling you up and into a warm embrace- well, warm and stiff, clone armor was never good for hugs.

“Can you take me too the Jedi temple? I’m like two months late. Also, I’d like to hear how you got these.” You said, motioning to the specific ARC armor pieces and then tugging on his kama.

He bent over slightly to whisper, “I’ll tell you. Then, I’ll show you just how fast we can get it off.”

“I should have come back sooner.” You gulped, blushing and giggling- it was as though you had never left. Echo had breezed off moments ago, shaking his head.

“Yeah, you should have.” Fives agreed, pressing a kiss to your temple.


Guess who is terrible at following prompts.

What’s Left Unsaid

Rating: M

Summary: It was a mistake, a lapse in judgement on her part, but as she found herself gazing up at him in the candle light, she couldn’t help but wonder what consequences she will truly face. 

Pairing: Rivetra

It had been after a particularly daunting expedition outside of Rose.

They had been separated from the rest of the Special Operations Squad, they referring to her and the captain.

It was one of those rare moments when the captain had been taken off guard, and with good reason too.

Aberrants, lots of them.

They crossed between the Squad, damaging Captain Levi’s maneuver gear and knocking him into Petra in a matter of moments. She had barely gotten them out of harms way in time.

Hunkering down in an abandoned farmhouse, freezing rain pouring outside, the threat of titans and death looming over them, Petra found herself in a position she would have never imagined.

Levi’s head rested on her lap, the concussion he received earlier rendering him unconscious. Not even the most stubborn of soldiers can resist injury enforced blackouts.

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