Anon requested a Clexa soccer au, but I thought I’d go with an Aussie theme and have them playing AFL instead…
 The Polis City Commanders are 30 points down in the final quarter but captain Lexa Woods can’t focus properly thanks to that cute blonde playing center half-back for Arkadia…  Team coach Anya is yelling from the sidelines for her star player to stop flirting and get back to the fucking game.

Here’s a video explaining the basics of Aussie Rules if you’ve never heard of it

Captain's Quarters

Okay, we’re all snarking about the bright colors and knitted blankets and whatnot right, but in the show no one seemed to care all that much. Of course that’s only because no one who really cared saw them.


They would say everything we have been thinking - Charming especially would go for all the mocking pirate stuff. And then Hook would be like “shut up mate” and Charming would keep snarking and Hook would get irritated and Charming would feel bad eventually and then realize somehow wait is this where your brother - and then Davey Jones bonding would commence.

Or Emma would snark lighter but she’d still do it, and Killian would be kinda hurt but he’d try to cover it up with light banter but of course Emma would see through that and she’d apologize and then realize somehow wait this decor did Milah - and then feels and Captain Swan caring and sharing time begins.


We were playing the d20 Star Wars game, set in the Old Republic, and my character was a smuggler and the captain of the ship we were traveling on. I had decided that, for the sake of the interesting ways it could play out, my character would be a Force Adept who didn’t actually believe the Force existed. He maintained that it was political-religious nonsense the Jedi Council used to keep people in line. As such, the GM and I had limited his power choices to things he could explain normally - he didn’t believe in the Jedi Mind Trick, he was just very charismatic; he didn’t believe in Force Flight but he was very skilled at jumping because he came from a high-gravity world. Things like that. This led to a number of disputes between him and a Jedi who had booked passage to covertly investigate some things in the outer worlds, who clearly saw him using the Force and then denying its existence. In one such meeting, they went to the captain’s quarters, and the Jedi noticed a lightsaber on a shelf and asked about it.

“Oh, that’s my "don’t” stick. I got it from another robed idiot who died traveling with us.“ The Jedi stared at it, confused.

"Your…don’t stick?”

“Yeah, you’ll see.”

A few sessions later, the Jedi had asked to come on a shipment negotiation to check out the guy looking to hire the ship. While they were there, things got heated, and the guy’s bodyguard started to move toward us menacingly. My smuggler pulled back his jacket just enough to reveal the lightsaber. “Don’t,” he said, as I rolled intimiate. The bodyguard paused, then sat down.



She could tell he was nervous, by the way he was rambling as he tidied up the Captain’s Quarters as she lingered by the ladder they just descended.  She wasn’t quite sure how he managed to find ways to make it tidier, the pirate was as neat as a pin…years in the navy must have stuck with him, she supposed as she watched him opening cabinets as if he was looking for something.

He was thinking about the last time they were alone on the Jolly, as was she, but so far they were both doing a pretty pathetic job of ignoring it.  She wasn’t sure if she should bring it up, the last thing she wanted to do was make him even more uncomfortable, especially after everything he was doing for her.

When she first approached him about wanting to hide from Rumple, he didn’t even hesitate to offer his ship…she had planned to lead up to it, because the Jolly Roger would be the last place Rumple would expect to find her, but before she could even get the words out he quickly eased her mind.

“It won’t be for long,” she had said that morning at Granny’s.  “Just for a few days….”

“Don’t worry about that, love,” he said as he casually slipped an arm around Emma’s waist.  “You stay as long as you like.”

And she knew he truly meant it too, and that meant everything to her.

“I have books,” he said now as he opened another cabinet.  “A decent collection, ranging from a matter of realms…anyway, help yourself to any…I know you love to read and…um…”  He cleared his throat as he glanced around the room.  “I know it’s not that spacious, but…”

“Its fine, Killian,” she assured him as she stepped forward.  “This place is like a sanctuary to me…I can’t thank you enough.”

“No need,” he said as he scratched behind his ear.  “It’s the least I can do.”  He cleared his throat again as he shuffled his feet a bit.  “Well…I suppose I’ll leave you to get settled…unless there’s anything else you require from me?”

She shook her head, smiled a bit.  “No…I’m good.”

He gave her a firm nod and headed to the ladder, but paused on the second rung when she placed a hand on his brace.  “I was wrong.”

He glanced down at her, brows furrowed as he slowly stepped back down.  “About what?”

“About what I said to you….the last time we were on your ship together…when I said your heart was rotten.”

He shook his head in defiance.  “No, Belle…you weren’t wrong…back then you were exactly right.”

“No…broken and shattered, yes….but not rotten.”

He let out a harsh laugh. “I had a bloody gun pointed at your head, Belle….I shot you…I could have killed you, so please…please don’t stand there looking up at me like that, with regret and sorrow, because I don’t deserve it…I was horrible…I was a villain and I hurt you.”

“Yes,” she said quietly, almost at a whisper.  “Yes, Killian, you hurt me…but you know who else has hurt me?  Rumple…not in the same way you did,” she added quickly when he was about to interrupt.  “But emotionally?  Oh, that man has hurt my heart so many times…if it wasn’t for my son, for the love I have for him…I’m not sure I would have the strength to go on, Killian…and that terrifies me.”

He swallowed hard, emotion clogging in his throat as he looked at his friend.  “Belle, you’re not alone, love…you realize that, right?  You and your son are not alone….you have so many people in this town that care about you.”

“Including you.”

He smiled, because he knew it wasn’t a question.  “Aye…the man that once tried to kill you, now cares about you very much.”

She let out a watery laugh, sniffing back the tears.  “Oh please….I know a pirate who has lived over a hundred years knows how to aim a gun, Killian…if you wanted to kill me, you would have.”  When he simply narrowed his eyes at her, she snorted and poked at his chest.  “Don’t look so surprised, I’m not an idiot…was I hurt and scared that night?  Yes…but I walked into that hospital…unlike someone who was passed out on a gurney because he was too stupid to get out of the way of a speeding car.”

Killian slowly grinned. “Aye…wasn’t my finest moment.”

“Maybe not,” she said, sharing his smile.  “But you’ve since made up for it many of times.”

His smile faltered a bit. “It doesn’t make it right…the things I’ve done, Belle….”

“I don’t care about that, Killian….that person doesn’t exist anymore…you let go of him the moment you turned this very ship back around and headed back to Storybrooke.  So…believe me when I say, that I was wrong…a person with a rotten heart would have kept on sailing.”

“Thank you,” he said after a moment, then let out a shaky sigh.  “I guess this talk was long overdue.”

She smiled.  “Better late than ever…I’m going to hug you now.”

“Oh, bloody hell…”

“Take it like a pirate,” she said and simply stepped into him, circling her arms around his waist.

He stiffened a bit, but then gave in and held her close.  “You’re a hell of a woman, Belle…you’re gonna make a hell of a mother.”

She leaned back and grinned up at him.  “That’s the nicest thing you could ever say to me.”

“It’s the bloody truth,” he said as he gave her back a brotherly rub before stepping back.  “I better get going, Emma’s waiting for me at home.”

“She’s lucky to have you.”

“We are lucky to have each other,” he corrected as he started to make his way up the ladder, but paused and looked down at her.  “You have me too, Belle.”

She smiled, but this time the smile reached her eyes.  “I know….ditto.”

He gave her a grin and a wink and climbed up the ladder.  “Call me on the talking phone if you require anything.”

“It’s just called a phone!” she yelled up.

“Whatever, you bloody know what I mean!” he yelled moments before closing the hatch.

Belle chuckled to herself and then leaned against the ladder, rubbing her belly as let out a happy sigh.  “We’re going to be just fine, baby…just fine.

SpockFact #25

Spock and Lt. Sulu maintain a quiet friendship, enjoying discussions of astrosciences and botanical physiology. Spock finds Sulu’s relaxed demeanour a refreshing change from the loud emotional states of the rest of the crew and occasionally spends time with the helmsman in the ship’s arboretum. When on away missions, Spock will sometimes come across a new plant species and obtain a sample for Sulu considering it a gift from one scientific mind to another. In exchange, Sulu will provide Spock with clippings from some of his flowering plants, clippings that often wind up in a vase in Captain Kirk’s quarters.

The date is July 23rd, 3009 and a slightly dunk Captain Jack Harkness boards his spaceship, nodding and winking at all the crew members. He makes his way to his captain’s quarters. Laying down on his bed, he pulls a photo out from his wallet. After a few minutes of staring at it, a single tear falls down his face and he brings the photo lightly to his lips. He whispers in a hoarse voice, “I will never forget you Jones, Ianto Jones. I love you.”