Captain's Quarters

Okay, we’re all snarking about the bright colors and knitted blankets and whatnot right, but in the show no one seemed to care all that much. Of course that’s only because no one who really cared saw them.


They would say everything we have been thinking - Charming especially would go for all the mocking pirate stuff. And then Hook would be like “shut up mate” and Charming would keep snarking and Hook would get irritated and Charming would feel bad eventually and then realize somehow wait is this where your brother - and then Davey Jones bonding would commence.

Or Emma would snark lighter but she’d still do it, and Killian would be kinda hurt but he’d try to cover it up with light banter but of course Emma would see through that and she’d apologize and then realize somehow wait this decor did Milah - and then feels and Captain Swan caring and sharing time begins.

Anon requested a Clexa soccer au, but I thought I’d go with an Aussie theme and have them playing AFL instead…
 The Polis City Commanders are 30 points down in the final quarter but captain Lexa Woods can’t focus properly thanks to that cute blonde playing center half-back for Arkadia…  Team coach Anya is yelling from the sidelines for her star player to stop flirting and get back to the fucking game.

Here’s a video explaining the basics of Aussie Rules if you’ve never heard of it


We were playing the d20 Star Wars game, set in the Old Republic, and my character was a smuggler and the captain of the ship we were traveling on. I had decided that, for the sake of the interesting ways it could play out, my character would be a Force Adept who didn’t actually believe the Force existed. He maintained that it was political-religious nonsense the Jedi Council used to keep people in line. As such, the GM and I had limited his power choices to things he could explain normally - he didn’t believe in the Jedi Mind Trick, he was just very charismatic; he didn’t believe in Force Flight but he was very skilled at jumping because he came from a high-gravity world. Things like that. This led to a number of disputes between him and a Jedi who had booked passage to covertly investigate some things in the outer worlds, who clearly saw him using the Force and then denying its existence. In one such meeting, they went to the captain’s quarters, and the Jedi noticed a lightsaber on a shelf and asked about it.

“Oh, that’s my "don’t” stick. I got it from another robed idiot who died traveling with us.“ The Jedi stared at it, confused.

"Your…don’t stick?”

“Yeah, you’ll see.”

A few sessions later, the Jedi had asked to come on a shipment negotiation to check out the guy looking to hire the ship. While they were there, things got heated, and the guy’s bodyguard started to move toward us menacingly. My smuggler pulled back his jacket just enough to reveal the lightsaber. “Don’t,” he said, as I rolled intimiate. The bodyguard paused, then sat down.