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sleepy-strategist  asked:

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my opinion on;

character in general:  To be honest I never really cared about Hanbei a whole lot in the game series. I really wasn’t into the strategy types much but one thing Hanbei had that I liked was his cool helicopter hat shield thingy. I want one. 
how they play them: Well this is why my last statement has crumbled a bit. Every time I read a thread with this Hanbei it’s like watching the real one in some kind of play. He is written so well and certainly can make you believe he’s still alive. You’re not secretly Hanbei are you…? O.o

the mun: The mun is very friendly, very chill, and you can trust them to help you out with any problem! That’s about all I know though sadly 

do i;

follow them: Yes
rp with them: Yes
want to rp with them: Of course! (Currently am)
ship their character with mine: No

what is my;

overall opinion: You’re Hanbei is too good. I will take that helicopter thing and fly away one day. 

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.